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Foreshadow in Friendship Games (Spoilers kinda)


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Okay so I watched Equestria Girls Friendship Games when it premiered in the US about two, three weeks ago and something caught me in particular. Twilight's last lines about some time travel loop so I have been wondering what it means. I have theorized three possible outcomes: A) Season 6 Premeir or B) Season 5 Finalle. Both are likely but the thrid is a little more far fetched and that is C) A normal MLP: FiM movie and the first FiM movie that I can think of not including Equestria Girls. Also it made me wonder about how this time travel would work. I figured since as a unicorn she could time travel for short periods of time whether it would be a new spell. Now that she is an Alicorn she has more magical power if I understood the Season 4 Finalle right. So here I am posting this topic to get some input from you guys. What do you think it all means? :geek:

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