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Pinkie Pie's Party Thread


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OCTOBER 15, 2015


Hi there everybody! It's me, Pinkie Pie! I asked Smartbrony if I could use his account to talk to you guys, and he said YES! Can you believe that?! I'm so excited!
So, I'll be here to talk to you guys and gals as often as I can, and to let you guys know what's going on! Don't be afraid to stop on by and ask your Auntie Pinkie any questions you have!

Except for my secret cupcake formula. It's a secret.PinkiePie2.png



Pinkie-Pie-Vector-my-little-pony-friendsWait! I almost forgot to introduce myself!
For anyone that doesn't know, I'm Pinkamena Diane Pie! I help the cakes run Sugar Cube corner, and I represent the Element of Laughter! Talk about a fun day job, right!? I get to go on all kinds of cool adventures with my best friends! Like that time we had to take the Mmmm to Canterlot! I wish I could've saved you guys some, but it was hard enough getting it there in one piece!


Anyway Bronies, I've seen how creative you are, and I want you to help me build this thread! I want it to be the funnest, most fantastical, super duper party thread ever!

If you guys help me, I'll even send you each a cupcake! Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!




 OCTOBER 16, 2015
Psssst! I wanted to show you guys the super awesome character forms Rosewind and Corsair made about me! It's almost like they know more about me than I do! I really hope they're not escaped me clones. That'd be reeeeallly awkward.

Rosewind's World of Equestria Pinkie Pie Character Application

Corsair's Canterlot Chronicles Pinkie Pie Character Application

 144502655188116_by_smartbrony-d9db7xe.pn But uh, you didn't get 'em from me, got it?



OCTOBER 17, 2015

Haveanyofyouguyseverhadabigsecretthatwassuperhardtokeepinbutyouhadtokeepitfromeveryponyevenyourbestfriends?! Because I have, and IT. IS. HARD! Wait, I still have to keep that secret from you too because a lot of you probably haven't seen the new episode.

144502655188116__1__by_smartbrony-d9deo8I'm going to go lie down for a bit.



OCTOBER 18, 2015

This was such a great day! I got to answer TWO questions, and I figured out how I can talk about the new episode without ruining the surprise for anyone that hasn't seen it! Smartbrony told me about some kind of "spoiler" thing, and I was all like "why would you want something spoiled? They smell and taste terrible!", and then he told me about how it hides things and he showed me how to do it so

Shining Armor and Cadence are having a baby and it's so exciting! I wonder if they'll let me foal sit for them. I don't mean to brag, but I've got a lot of experience taking care of foals. I'm kind of a natural at it. I wonder if it's going to be a colt or a filly.

I mean, it's probably going to be a little filly that they're going to name Skyla, but who knows.

I bet a lot of you Bronies are upset with me for almost telling everypony too soon, especially when I was following Twilight so closely in episode 20 of the first season, but let's be clear that this was not the same situation. I was trying to make sure Twilight didn't break her Pinkie Promise, because NOPONY breaks a Pinkie Promise, and I didn't Pinkie Promise that I wouldn't tell the secret. So, there. Crisis avoided.



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Hi Pinkie! I have a question:

When did you first realize your "Pinkie Sense"?

144502655188116__2__by_smartbrony-d9djdlEeeeeeeeeee! My first question!

I guess I've kinda always had my Pinkie Sense, ever since I was a little filly. Buuuuuut, I'd say it was something I figured out about over time. I mean, really, when your tail twitches once when a rock falls, that's a coincidence, but it kept happening. I started to keep my own little journal, and every time I discovered a new sign I'd write it down! It got really hard when I started to find out about my combos! I think I still have my journal, somewhere, but I've learned so many of the signs that I don't use it as much anymore. Hey! Maybe you'd like to see it! Hold on a second!


Awwww. I think I left it at my parent's house. I'll find it next time I visit them, though!

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Oh my gosh! Pinkie Pie! I love how you can make anypony smile :) You brighten my day every time I see you!


Anyway, just gotta know: You are so good at making others smile, what's the best way of all time to make you smile?

Awwww! Thanks FireFoxx! It always makes me happy when I make others happy too! I even made a song about it!


But, I'd say the bestest way to make me smile is to make others smile too! I mean, I love being the pony that makes everyone happy, but I can't take care of everyone by myself!

I may be a super duper party pony, but even I have my limits. Heyyy, maybe you could become a super duper party pony too!144502655188116__4__by_smartbrony-d9dk7x

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Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting anything lately, but if you saw the new episode then you know why.

It's because the Apples and I went to my family's rock farm for Hearthswarming! Things were a little rocky at first, and in the middle, but by the end everything was A-Okay! Although, nopony seemed to like my idea of moving Holder's Boulder every year as a new tradition. Go figure. Oh, and Lyipheoryia, I'm sorry, but I couldn't find my old notebook. I think I might have hidden it as a present one year. Oops.

144540077238513_by_smartbrony-d9ebsiy.pn Hey, who here has a birthday coming up? I need to start my Canterlot party planning folder right away!

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