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[Open] A hauntng past


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An ominous wind blows gently over Equestria for it is Nightmare Night and all through the land most have laid their heads to rest for the night. However some still stir and wander as the witching hour draws near and the moon of Princess Luna show full above illuminating the land in an erie glow. Among them is a unicorn by the name Lunar Relic. A wing spell active he flew threw the skies near supersonic speeds paniced. Behind him a vampire gave chace, Blood Fang was it's name as he flew through the air he recalled the conversation he held only moments earlier...


"Are you Lunar Relic?" The black vampire asks


"Who's asking?" Lunar responds turning to see the vampire and his look turned to fright "Y-you...I know that look...you're the one who"


"Killed your family...yes. It has been a long time Lunar Relic many years in fact. You know I don't like ponies getting away...nothing personal but..." The vampire chuckles leaping at the unicorn who quickly using his magic sprouted a pair of pegasus wings and flew off. Angered the vampire flew after him


And the brough him to where he was now. Flying with an alteration spell grating him pegasus wings or the time being and running for his life. However Lunar knew his time was short he wished there was some pony to help him...he was no match for a Vampire alone that was. "Oh Celestia...somepony helpe me" he preys


"It's all over Lunar! I am going to catch you eventually and then...silence you forever!" Blood Fang laughs sinsiterly as fear washes over Lunar's heart as he closes his eyes, tears of fear forming within them.

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Down below on the streets trotted a guard mare. Her name was jade and she was a unicorn. She wore the usual guard armor without the helmet. Her emerald green eyes contrasted her black coat, her green mane glew faintly in the moonlight. She had been ordered to patrol the streets during nightmare night to make sure everything was going well. With the princess moving in the public they had to be more watchful.

She had her how upon her back along with her arrows. The unicorn having not used them in over a week. She felt rusty.

She smiled at a few fillies and colts as they galloped by In costumes. She envies the fun they were having.

After a while of patrolling she swore she heard something up above. Sounds of cries for help! She needed to get up higher to pinpoint the noise. She used her magic and teleported to the top of a building. Getting her balance as she gazed around. She found it to be up higher and with a quick glance she saw fliers chasing eachother.

She drew her bow and armed a sleep projectile. She pulled the arrow back and began to aim. If she hit the pursuer should be knocked out cold and fall. It was the least lethal and she wasn't aiming to kill.

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Tehengu never was a fan of flying in the dark, but he hadn't found a place to rest yet, so onwards it was. He would have to stop soon, or he would be working on next to no sleep the next day. It was Nightmare Night, but he hadn't really celebrated that since he was a chick. Oh well, he was usually too busy for it anyways, so it wasn't like he was doing nothing.


Of course, the quiet night wasn't lasting for him, or the two flying towards him. The griffon gained altitude to get out of the way, stopping when he was safely above the two. Something made him pause though, the first one was flying away with clear fear on his face, using wings he probably used magic to get. The large griffon narrowed his one eye and folded his wings to his sides, making him drop either between the two or on top of the stallion's pursuer. If it was the former, he would spread his wings again to cover the unicorn's retreat, but either way his knife was coming out in preparation of a fight.

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Surprised by the sudden sound of another pair of wings Lunar stops and hovers in the air before Blood Fang grabs him and hurls him to the ground. The vampire lost his grip during the impact and Lunar got up. "No where left to run now Lunar...nopony to save you now. You have avoided me for all of these years and now... I will end what I started all those years ago." the vamipre laughs


Lunar was trying to process everything that was going on. Something tried to save him, missed and now he was here with Blood Fang...what was he going to do! "Enough of this!" he thinks "I have run from him my whole life!" he then looks at the vampire "So is that it? You give up?" the vampire taunts him "no..." Lunar answers making the vampire look at him "What? Who's going to save you? You're in the middle of nowhere!" The vampire laughs at him "I am tired of running from you Blood Fang..." Lunar says as his horn glows making Blood Fang looks at him in surprise by the answer "Let's settle this here and now... One of us walks away from here alive...the other will call this place his grave." he says "Well you will need more then a few spells to take me down...any friends you want to call or aliies? Not that it will matter"  Blood Fang laughs "Shut up..." Lunar says deep down hoping help would come. 'sure I have Solar magic and all but...can I really do this on my own or hold up enough for help to come?' Lunar thinks frightened

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