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Looking for Le'Roleplay

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You said it, Me. I sure am looking for a good roleplay that can be wrapped up in the course of a few weeks and then move onto the second. A mission-based RP would be most desirable. A Magical Mystery who's only cure is kicking it's flank! Or... maybe just nullifying a Dark Magical presence in an area. Something occult but not terrible dark would do nicely!


Why I couldn't agree more, Me.


If only there were somepony out there who could direct such a short yet deliciously epic quest. ;3;


Oh do not feign yet, my friend! We sha'll see!


Yes! Let's. <3


Looking for Roleplayers with a preference to an average 1-3 descriptive paragraphs or more. Who can move a plot along rather quickly and efficiently and yet still leave it somewhat fun and open as to how we resolve said plot! <3 I've spent a lot of my time Dungeoneering quests and now... I could use a break T-T Needs somepony clever and capable, Fun and Ferocious! So come on come all! Lets discuss where this menagerie of Merriment shall take us!


I enjoy:

Adventure - whimsical and mysterious.

Action - No Wars would be nice xD


Character Development and Interaction(Personal or Professional)

Humor in good taste!

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