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[Suggestion] Character Logs


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Although I've only been here a short while, I've noticed it can be difficult to find the character log/app of a specific character played by a specific member, unless said member has posted a link to it in their signature, or in some cases, provided a link under their profile pic (Still not quite sure how to do this)

I've also noticed, that when viewing the profile of a member, there are links to things like their gallery, blog, files, etc...


May I suggest one more link?  One specifically used for storing their character info?  It may even suffice to make this automated, and it simply links to any topics they create in the the application areas. 


[EDIT] actually, I figured out how to post the link under the profile pic.  It just seems to remain unused by some.

I suppose, knowing this, that my suggestion is unnecessary now. 

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What I've done is added a link to my character log in my Profile area as well as my signature and under my Profile pic. I'd recommend if you want to link a character in a thread too by highlighting the name, clicking the link button, and then pasting the link. That way when someone clicks on the name, they can get to a certain character's application.


Hope this helps! :)

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