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Starlight Glimmer (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Starlight Glimmer

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: International klein blue that graduates into cornflower-columbia blue

Coat: Plum

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail colour scheme revolves around three shades: light orchid, periwinkle-dark purple, and celeste-aqua. Her mane is long, and is generally kept in a ponytail. Short blunt cut bangs drape over her forehead, her mane poufs up with a bit of volume before dangling to her left side. Both her mane and tail are straight, but curl inwards at the ends. Her tail is long, and hangs down her hind limbs.

Physique: She is average, neither particularly muscular nor wimpy. Her height is also average compared to most ponies, her bone structure and general proportions average as well. This serves as a bit of ironic reminder with her previous goal of equality (everypony is average) in mind.

Residence: Now Ponyville, formerly Our Town

Occupation: Now student to Princess Twilight Sparkle, formerly Leader of Our Town

Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark consists of two parts: a two-toned ribbon features, and a four-pointed star similar to a compass rose. The ribbon feature portrays a color scheme of tame teal and blue waltz-waterfall. It features two ribbons, one larger and above the other. Both ribbons curl at the ends; the larger one curling counter-clockwise, and the smaller one curling clockwise. The larger one is rotated 90 degrees; while the smaller one is kept at its vertical state. The curl of the smaller one fits lock-and-key with the invert of the curl for the larger one. The second part of her cutie mark, the compass rose, has a colour scheme of white and medium purple-medium orchid. The compass has four main purple points, the image rotated to point to the closest curl of the large ribbon. Four white points extend from the main compass rose, envisioning some form of white star layered behind a purple one.

Each ponies’ cutie mark is a vital part of their identity and uniqueness, something Starlight learned the hard way around. Their cutie mark story is a milestone; a beauty for themselves to tell, a harshwhinny for others to listen to. Especially with Starlight’s sensitive past on cutie marks, hers is definitely an important part of her existence. and role in Equestria. It is a powerful story, one that altered her forever. It is a story she is not yet ready to share...maybe someday, but not today.

History: Very little is known about Starlight, especially with her conservative and secretive nature. As a filly, she had a best friend by the name of Sunburst. They were very close, and often practiced magic with one another. They were playing one of such games (this one involving removing a book at the bottom of a tall stack without the pile falling), when Sunburst discovered his destiny and achieved his cutie mark. The two of them drifted apart, a painful tear to her heart as he left for Canterlot. She grew afraid, unwilling to make friends with the fear that they would someday leave her too. She studied magic, mastering spells that could challenge even the greatest and brightest unicorns of the day. Eventually, she came upon a small village-where she became the leader. This village was very special and near-to-heart with her, as it counterattacked the loss of friends from gaining cutie marks. This village became her home, the ponies there were all happy and pleased with their lives. Each and everyone of them excelled in their own arts-but no more than the other: for that was the catch to her utopia, the giving up of one’s cutie mark. She worked hard for her village, as a good leader and management system. She was proud of her “Little Corner of Equestria”, very proud indeed.

It was during one fateful week that the Bearers of Harmony came across her town. She convinced them to stay for a few days, hoping to assimilate them into her happy world of equality. She managed to perform her infamous “cutie mark removal spell” on them, allowing everyone to truly be equal in her village. It was all in avail, to her utmost horror, when Fluttershy revealed her true cutie mark to her beloved citizens. She tried to reason with them, explaining how hard she had worked for this utopia to come true. At last, she was chased off, once again shunned and hurt by the world-seemingly destined to hide from all that she feared. She began to track and stalk Twilight and her friends, keeping track of their movements and everyday enjoyments. As she saw them revel in their ridiculous cutie mark uniqueness, the bubbling anger within her began to spill. Her chance to take revenge came the day she found Starswirl the Bearded’s old Time Spell. With a little bit of modification and a lot of perseverance, she finally got it right. It was with this spell that she sent Twilight back in time. It was with this spell that she would stop the Rainboom. It would be with this spell that everypony would finally understand the true meaning of equality.

It was also with this spell that she realized how important cutie marks were to the history of Equestria. It was with this spell that she renounced her old ways, willing to give friendship a try again, at last. This spell could have ended the world-but it didn’t. Instead, it gave her a new chance at life. Now, she resides in Ponyville with her seven new friends-one of them her mentor and a Princess. To be exact-the Princess of Friendship. She is to learn and understand magic in a more healthy environment under her new mentor, to further develop her spells. She hopes to lose all remnants of her “cutie mark fear”, to stand up tall and make friends-through it all!

Character Summary: Starlight has a very interesting personality, varying greatly from scene to scene. Her actions do not always match her words, and her words do not often carry out the thoughts she truly intended to deliver. She has a hard ponysona to swallow, hot and cold in different flashes. On one hoof, she is a hypocrite, a leader, and the “Evil Pony” stereotype. On the other hoof, she is vulnerable, weak, and laid to waste by her own choices.

As an “evil” pony, she is a scheming monster. She is very harsh and cold, often cynical in her actions. As well as being a hypocrite, she is very stubborn and ignorant. She refuses to believe what is best for herself, based on the facts that it was not her original plan nor intention nor goal. She takes pleasure in counting on the equality of others to bring herself up-after all, how much higher could you rise as the only one with a unique cutie mark amongst dozens with identical ones? She is a disciplinarian, careful to make sure not a thing is out of place under her watch. She is ill-tempered and ugly, unwilling to act in cooperation under the assumption that she has the ultimate power in “her village”. She is firm to her beliefs, as a way of coping with the uncertainty towards her own true intentions.
As a “good” pony, or reformed, she is willing to acknowledge her vulnerabilities and weaknesses. She understands that one sitaution shouldn’t ruin her entire life completely, and that being afraid of the past will never be good for the future. She allows herself to come to the realization that friends and cutie marks can go together, hoof-in-hoof. She changes her bitter personality to adopt a friendlier side-a sincerely sorry and remorseful side of herself. She finally understands that she has been upset for too long, and that she was never truly upset at Sunburst, Twilight, or her friends. She was upset at herself for never being able to get past her one fault. For not taking change of every opportunity to make friends, but rather shy away in fear that they would someday, as well, leave her. Now, she faces each rising day with a brave face and a friendly smile. She wants to make the most out of every situation, and will be the best she can be with the help of her new friends.



Prompt Response:

Starlight Glimmer


The doors to Sugar Cube Corner were warm and welcoming, their design sweet and colourfully pink-like the Bearer of Harmony that worked there.  The succulent smells of warm dough and baked cookies drifted to her nose, and she smiled in pleasure at the delicacies inside.  But-in order to satisfy her sensory-she had to enter the shop; that was the real challenge.


Starlight Glimmer walked along the simple paved roads.  The building didn’t tower around her like the ones in Canterlot, and they didn’t stand cold and hostile like the ones in Our Town.  The scent of Ponyville was very unique, with a whiff of magic and cunning bonds between each unique citizen.  The sky was bright blue and cloudless, too happy for time’s sake.  It definitely wasn’t the first time she had been to Ponyville-but it might as well have been.  All the times before-her purpose was to snatch back her weak thread of revenge and vengeance.  All those times before-her sole purpose was to spy on the so-called Mane Six.  All those times before-she had been blinded by her past and failures.


The ponies around her her of diverse natures: Zebras, Earth Ponies, Unicorns, Pegasi, Dragons, Dracqueness, teachers, spies, musiciens, masters of Chaos.  Ponyville had populated a bit since her last visit, ponies going hither and fro.  She spotted a few of the more abstract ones: the cross-eyed mailmare, the two best friends-one with a lyra cutie mark and the other with two candies dotting her flank, the pony that loved punch, the two musicians whose music were so loud she could hear them from miles away, the nicknamed “Doctor”, the carrot mare, and the dentist mare.  She passed them as she trotted around, some smiling as a friendly stranger, others barely giving a passing glance in their midst of daily activities.  She knew much about each of them-her old studies and spy techniques proving her a cautious member of the Ponyvillian society.


She walked by Rarity’s boutique, the carnival-reminiscent design hinting to her own memories of her recent Canterlot visit.  The shop was ever-welcoming, but it’s doors were closed and windows shut.  Not that welcoming.  She wanted to charge into the store, to beg her newest friend for comfort form the guilt and turmoil that treaded inside of her.  She wanted to cry, to laugh, to scream as loud as she could-but she could not; she was afraid.  She was afraid that she would be judged, afraid that, somewhere inside that most generous pony, there was a part that despised her, hated her.  She walked, slowly into the path that led into the store.  She stopped.  Fear.  She closed her eyes and turned to her left: the rising summit of Princess Sparkle’s castle.  She turned to her right: flyaway specks of Sweet Apple Acres.  She turned around-and walked on.


The castle had been her refuge, but the Princess had sent her travel in Ponyville and to learn more about the cozy little town.  The crystal walls sparkled against the sunlight, and she fliched as it blinded her.  The farmpony was one of the first to accept her as a friend, but there was something very haunting about the very large farm.  Perhaps it was too neat and orderly, the apples planted row by row.  Perhaps it was too formal, the true country heart of Ponyville.  Perhaps it reminded her too much of Our Town, and all the things she had become as a result of it.


She continued until she reach a familiar intersection-the stop where Sugar Cube Corner lay.  The road was smooth, the sky blue.  Everything seemed to be at rest.  Ponies walked along the streets, she grimaced at their every welcome.  This was not something the old her would have agreed to.  It was too warm, too soft, to...perfect.  She sighed...was that not the entire goal of her town?  To make things perfect?  Yet-though with all her hard work and all the unique-ness in this town, it was still more perfect than hers ever was.

She looked into the store from outside-the nauseating feeling of fear and guilt piercing through her once more.  She decided to be brave.  Better yet-act brave.  Her eyes sparked with a newfound glory, the same one that brought about Our Town; the one that showed her variations in Starswirl’s spell; the same one now-to reach out and maybe...make a step.

"Pinkie Pie-are you there?" she knocked, "It's me-" Starlight Glimmer...

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