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The Even Better, Newest Version of Ready-to-Play Starlight Glimmer: Our Rp Log!

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((Note to self: Add banner with "Our Rp Log".  Add Starlight pictures. Add border with little Starlight's for décor.))   


This thread is for any rp requests, rp discussion, and rp ideas involving Starlight Glimmer.  I'm opening the thread to any members with an approved Starlight Glimmer to use.  Ideas will be cast out and typed below (in this same post), and I'll type out the name of which Starlight player wants to "take" the rp.  It'll be the rp log for all Starlights!


Starlight Glimmer Players (A-Z):




Ideas and Current Rp's:

Ex. (Idea/Rp-Status)(Name of RP with hyperlink) (OOC hyperlink) (names of members part of rp) (name of Starlight player in that rp)

(Rp-Inactive) Delivery! (n/a) (Imagination) (Lyipheoryia)

(Rp-Inactive) Finding Friendship (n/a) (Scootalux, QueenCerali, MetalBronyATL, DerpRaverner) (Lyipheoryia)

(Skype-Rp-Inactive) A Surge of Starlight (n/a) (Novaburst) (Lyi)

(Skype-Rp-Inactive) Interview, Another View (n/a) (Rackenhammer) (Lyi)

(Rp-Finished) Princess Luna's Night Court (OOC) (Lux, Novaburst, PrinceoftheNight) (Lyi)

(Rp-Inactive) For Fashion, Darling! (OOC) (Skipper, Eventide, Seajay, Na11) (Lyi)

(Rp-Inactive) In Ponyville (OOC) (LunarRelic, PhoenixHeart, Thunderbuck, RainbowPony) (Lyi)

(Skype Rp-In Progress) Somber Starlight (n/a) (Novaburst) (Lyi)

(Idea) Starlight interacting with Ponyvillians

(Idea) Starlight and (any of) Mane 6

(Idea) Starlight and Princesses

(Idea) Starlight and all other reformed villains/villains

(Idea) Starlight goes back to Our Town and interacts with Our Townians

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