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Chromatic Blaze [Ready]


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Name: Chromatic Blaze

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth

Eye colour: Orange

Character colour: Light Blue

Mane/Tail/Other: He has messy dark blue hair and has a turquoise scarf that he always wears. His right ear is pierced on the top and bottom with a gold chain connecting the two earrings. His left ear has an earring and a golden ear cuff.

Physique: Blaze is shorter than most ponies his age and doesn’t have a build, mostly because he doesn’t like sports or working-out.

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: A music shop owner and music instructor.

Cutie Mark: a dark blue segno sign (wanted to make a ring of fire around it, but was too lazy to do it)

History: Ever since he was a foal, Blaze wanted to be a musician. He loved to play musical instruments and loved to sing as well. He showed off a lot because he was really competitive and didn’t want other musicians to steal his spotlight. Blaze joined as many competitions and as many events so that everypony could know who he is. He won most of them, but it wasn’t enough to get the attention of producers. When his family moved to Canterlot, Blaze found that it was harder for him to play his music. He found no interest in classical music and could not play his music as it was distasteful to the ponies of Canterlot.

It carried on for months until a producer met him and offered to help him launch his career. Blaze agreed and he left his family to move to Manehattan to start his career. He joined many bands in the same company until he found one that was suitable for him. But as soon as the band was formed, Blaze and the other band members couldn't become successful and they could not sell their music. This broke the band up and Blaze was forced to go solo. His years as a soloist helped him realize that he only enjoyed making music when he does it on his own will. So when the contract with the producer was finished, he decided he wanted to stop making music as a professional and live a simple life in a small town. Blaze soon moved to ponyville and became a music shop owner there. 

Cutie Mark Story: When Blaze was a little colt, he loved to show everyone that he was musically talented. At first, Blaze saw his talents as a tool for him to get popular and show everypony who was the best at it. Because of this, he started to get bored of music and did not have the interest in continuing. But one day, he saw a street performer singing on the road. The performer was not singing for money or fame, but was singing so that he could express his thoughts and feelings. It was then that Blaze realized that his talent was not a tool for him to become popular, rather a form of expressing one's emotions. Before he could think, Blaze joined the performer and sang along, promising himself that he would aim to become a professional musician when he grows up. This was when his cutiemark appeared on his flank.

Character Summary: Chromatic Blaze is a very expressive pony. His emotions change very often and his expressions can be dramatic. Blaze is always happy and likes to see the bright side of things. Although his musical skills are great, he is terrible at sports and is very dense. When he has nothing to do, he goes to the playground of near the school house and plays on the swing as he doesn't care about his image. 

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Note: Polyblank is just a pig, not a mod-wig

The Bass guitar is an electrical instrument, hence why It wouldn't exactly work out in equestrian lore...

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Vinyl Scratch's music shouldn't exist without electricity either, and yet that's a completely canon thing. Unless you're absolutely positive about a worldbuilding fact and you've got undeniable proof, it's best just to keep such thoughts to yourself in other peoples' apps. :P 

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