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Name: Thoren

Gender: Male

Age: Up to 23(around 16 for Equestria Girls RP)

Species: Human

Eye Color: Blue

Hair: Dark hair that mostly rounds off his head. A set of bangs form an "X" shape across the bridge of his nose.

Clothing/Physique: His typical attire sports the main feature that is his long black coat that nearly reaches his knees. He keeps the coat open, which reveals his white short-sleeve underneath. From the waist down, he is garbed all in black, from his pants to his shoes. Throughout all of his iterations, Thoren's physique is consistently tall, lean, and fit, at a height of around 5'11"(1.8m). He is no meathead, but is more than reasonable in strength that is balanced by developed agility and dexterity.

Residence: Wherever the author fate places him.

Occupation: Student(Equestria Girls)/Law Enforcement

Unique Traits: 

-Carries a single black-hilted katana that he always seems to find in every world he wanders into. He is unsure whether it is a different sword each time, or the very same one. Regardless, he often keeps it sheathed to his left side(except when he is at school, unless it involves traveling through the portal to Equestria)

-Aura Manipulation



Power to control and manifest his aura: an ability that allows him control over his own life force that exists within and somewhat outside of his physical body; often referred to as one’s “soul.” Thoren often manifests his aura as a concentrated mass of black colored energy that forms around certain parts of his body and/or certain items on him, such as the blade of a sword. Over time, Thoren has trained in being able to dictate the exact physical properties of his manifested aura, such as making the mass of energy bear a sharp edge, or make it harder than diamond while still being exceptionally sturdy. He does not sharpen the blade of his sword, rather, he uses the blade as a foundation for his aura to form around, so that its own formed blade can be as sharp as Thoren wants it to be--often preferring his aura’s edge to have the thickness of only a single hydrogen atom. Likewise, he could also use such a power to increase the effect of his punches or kicks by manifesting his aura over them, and making it much harder than his fists or feet are. He has also developed ways of nullifying gravity and thus enabling him to fly, but at the cost of personal energy.

Of course, a major drawback to such an ability is the fact that, if used too frequently, Thoren will suffer from “spiritual exhaustion.” The body is nothing without the mind, and the mind and body are nothing without the soul. If the soul itself is drained, it can actually hinder Thoren’s ability to have control over his own physical body. Finally, because of his aura being composed of mostly raw energy, Thoren can use his aura to repel or slice through physical and/or magical attacks by serving as almost literally a magic shield.

History: Thoren's very first iteration of existence(or what he believes to be the first) would set in motion a string of lives in which he never knows where he would end up from one life to the next. In the beginning, he developed his physical abilities while participating in a number of counter-terrorist operations. The end result of his career wound up in his first demise. Ever since then, it is as if some unknown hand had guided his freed spiritual essence into a realm entirely separate from that in which we as humanity are most familiar with. After being granted new life in a powerful realm(Gensokyo from the Touhou Project), its residents were responsible for guiding him in being able to control his very life force. Thus his aura abilities came to fruition, and he continues to train with this power to this day. Even when being a resident in any other plane of existence that he would inevitably slip into, he always makes a point to retrain his new physical form to be as it was in all of his lives. His body is far from indestructible, but once his physical form is destroyed, the resulting trauma would cause his remaining consciousness to remain dormant while he drifts aimlessly between realms; a phenomenon that he still hasn't quite gained control over, so it is impossible to say where exactly he would wind up from one life to the next. Whatever the case, the only constant that is consistent throughout all his lives is Thoren himself. No matter where he goes, he will always be the same in mind, body, and soul.




First and foremost, it can be said that Thoren is honest to a fault. Regardless of whom he interacts with, he has a habit of speaking his mind in full, especially when expressing his distaste or outright disagreement with someone or something. Other times, his expressions consist of little to no words whatsoever, but more so in his actions and simple facial cues. Anger him enough, and one can expect no words whatsoever. Instead, they could potentially be met with a truly furious expression, and possibly a physical strike to fully convey his anger towards someone--though such a situation does not occur as often as one might imagine from simply looking at him. Still, the aforementioned aspects of his character arise whenever he’s forced to engage in any sort of conflict, which is sometimes more often than he would so desire.

Contrary to what that may imply, Thoren does not actively seek violence. If there is a possibility in avoiding a physical confrontation, then he will most definitely pursue it as best he can while praying that he could sway the opposing party to follow suit. While he does carry himself with a calm, collected, and generally serious manner that is sometimes intimidating, he makes no effort on his part to make enemies, let alone spark conflict with others. He does not typically start fights, but if he must, he will finish them. Though, if nothing else, he would actually prefer the opposites of violence, anger, and other negative emotions.

In fact, should the opportunity arise, he could just as easily become a friend of someone, rather than their enemy. It is true that he is strong, decently powerful, and determined. It is also true that he is no less human because of those things. Like any regular person, Thoren would like nothing more than companionship and to have people to care for. In fact, he even craves it from time to time. Though, because of his tendency to delve into extremely negative emotions as a result of conflict, he does not often approach others, especially strangers, with the intention of simple socializing. He has a very subtle fear that he could very well push others away without meaning to, all because of something--which could be almost anything--that could very well trigger some outburst. As mentioned, it is not his goal to seek or spark conflict. He wishes not even to do so unintentionally, and so he more often than not will actively avoid interaction with certain strangers, usually out of fear that he would drive someone away and cause them to dislike him. As such, he typically remains anonymous and inconspicuous to the outside world, with obvious exceptions toward any friends he could possibly make.

Though, like any rule or guideline, there are exceptions.

In this case, what accompanies Thoren’s internal but immense desire for friendship is his sense of honor and justice. He does not take honor lightly, and will do whatever he feels is necessary to uphold it for himself and others. That and if someone needs him, or he feels that his action is needed, then he will try his best to help in any way he can.

"I asked you to leave me alone.. not fall flat on your face and hurt yourself."

Summary: Coming soon. Maybe

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The Physical description was nice - but holy hamoly., please paragraph your personality and special traits. also, characters with different show's works in their backstory tend to be either a bit odd or roleplay-specific.


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