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By our age (not saying you're old, but we're old enough to all be above 13), most of us has gained a reputation title of some sort.  Wish to share?

1. Eccentric Maverick (1/2 was created by friends, other half by me)

2. *cough*  *takes deep breath* Sparkle-Princess-Pants-of-the-Glitter-Kingdom,-Over-the-Crystal-Glade (Can't quite choose between grimace or smile-but will always think of QL)

4. Pickle Berry Kumquat (C-lot title)

5. Little Miss Popular (my friend came up with this a few days ago.  <facepalms>  Still can't see how I represent it.)

6. The Questioner (Some C-lot people can see this in me-but if you don't:  I ask a lot of questions.  A.  Lot.  


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When I was very young, as in less than ten years old, I earned myself the title of "Pizza King". Because I ate it quite often when I was but a wee lad. I still eat it with some measure of frequency to this day, but in moderation with a considerable expansion in my preferred food groups. My parents still call me that from time to time, however; almost each and every time I would want to pop a small personal-size into the little mini oven that we have.

These days, I'm mostly given the title of Thor, and tend to be associated with either the actual Norse god, Marvel hero, or both. It's either that, or my slight tendency to earn a place in any one group of people as "The Author/Writer," since my brain tends to shell out fanfiction ideas like hot-cakes. Paper and word-processors tremble when I start brainstorming.

But yeah, there's a few more to the list of titles. Also my Canterlot title, obviously.

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9 minutes ago, Thorenthal said:

Also my Canterlot title, obviously.

I don't think "Blank Flank" properly defines who you are, so...~

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I was bullied a lot when I was younger, so I'll skip the offensive nicknames. >.>


1. "Yolo". Like I've mentioned before in another thread, I used to be called YoloAlex. However, I still have a few friends from college who still call me "Yolo" to this day.

2. "Squishy." I don't know why. A friend on SoFurry just randomly started calling me that, and I just went along with it.

3. "Rossy." This one was short for a character I created on Mizahar called Alexander Ross.

4. "A.J." The initials of my first and middle name.

5. "Specs." I was introduced into a group of nice new friends, but they already had an A.J. in their group. It's short for "Spectacles", since I was the only one that wore glasses at the time.

6. "Fairy/Fae." My roommate is the type of person to be attuned with the energies around him. He says my energy is a lot lighter and more pure, like that of an angel or a fairy. He chose fairy because I'm a femboy.

7. "Petunia." Again, because I'm a femboy.

8. "Angel." I don't think I need to explain that one.

9. "Seraph of the Gate." My friends noticed my Canterlot title.

10. "Altar Boy." Another friend from SoFurry. He wanted to make fun of my angelic awesomness!

11. "Mr. Dodgeballs Pro." This one's kinda self-explanatory. Then again, in all honesty, all I can do is dodge.

12. "Survivor." A friend once called me this, meaning that I seem to just bounce back from any crisis that life throws at me.

Aaaaannnnnnd I think that's about it!

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Don't have much but here they are:

1. "Grenade" My friends gave me this nickname because of my temper and because it rhymed with my actual name.

2. "Tornado" Same as above I guess, but they add an "o" after my name to make it work.

3. "Cracky" My tenor drum instructor gave me this nickname (although she doesn't use it much) because my left shoulder shifts in its socket when ever I lift my arm up, thus making a 'crack' sound.

4. "Principal of Hope's Peak" Canterlot title because of my profile pic (which i am afraid to change because it wouldn't match my title anymore)

5. "Hannah Montana" Ugh! I used to be called this by the teachers in grade 4 because I performed one of her songs at the school fair. 

So many flash backs because of this.

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"Pony Guy" I like dat pone. When writing down our contact numbers at work, I wrote (first name) "Pony Guy" (last name) as a joke. It stuck. My nametag says Pony Guy. I'm weird.

"Fish Boy" I was given this nickname in elementary school due to my unusually strong affinity for fish. It stuck for a while, and I began resenting it.

That's it.

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A long time ago, I've had this running joke about my user name which I made up. However, it is utterly inappropriate to say it unless you already understand the insinuation when saying my name... differently.

Other than that, here are a few from other people:

  • Nordig

Very recent nickname, it is actually a typo from another player on a game. It became a fun trend, which we all enjoyed.

  • Neodig

People often pronounce my username the first time saying this. I don't know how they read it with the letters "e" and "o" switched, but they do, usually the first time!

  • Toedig

A friend of mine making rhymes. All the time-- Is that a crime?

  • Nosedigger

I used to use this name to troll on servers that have a bad reputation for poor staff or a neglectful owner. Yeah, it's a gross name, but it is funny.

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I used to have a few, but I can only remember some of them.

The Chaos Generator/Probability Inverter. Both from the same thing, one that I came up with myself and the other given to me by Dio/Jin Shu. Weird things happen in games when I'm around.

One With the Iron Face. As an artifact of the one before, I end up surviving a lot of stuff I really shouldn't in games. Also that I crashed face-first into barbed wire.

I'll probably come back to put the others in as I remember them.

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9 hours ago, Mute said:



Enough said.

Enough indeed, oh my.


*ahem* Anywho, I've gotten some titles, or nicknames rather.  There were a few I actually enjoyed.  Such as Mr. Bean.  Due to this video a couple of co-workers were reminded of when I started dancing the salsa at a company outing.  I still get a chuckle out of that.  I've also been called Rose (despite being a guy) because an ex said I was cute to look at but hard to hold on too.

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