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[cast][pegasus][Tier 1]Rainbow Dash


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        Name: Rainbow Dash
        Sex: Female
        Age: Young Mare
        Species: Pegasus
        Eye Color:  Purple 
        Coat Color: Sky Blue 
        Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Dash's mane and tail are her namesake, being all the colors of the rainbow. Her mane is notably less volumous and also shorter many mares. Both her mane and tail are slightly crooked and spiky from cutting them herself. 
        Physique: Strong, Fast, despite some calling her "lazy" she is in peak physical condition as one of if not the fastest pegasus in equestria.
        Cutie Mark: White Cloud, outlined in blue with a Rainbow Lightning Bolt
        Origin/Residence: Born in cloudsdale, However currently lives in Ponyville.
        Occupation: Wonderbolt
        Unique Traits:
-Rainbow mane/tail (While there are some ponies with a partial-rainbow, such as Celestia, Dash is the only pony widely-known to have a 'full spectrum' mane/tail except her father, making some think it may be specific to her bloodline)
-Speed (Dash has demonstrated time and time again that she is one of the fastest ponies in all of Equestria)
-Agility (sometimes - While Dash often lives up to her nickname of "Rainbow Crash" when she can focus and keep her mind on what she's doing she can perform amazing agility stunts, such as dodging Quarrey Eels.

        Character Summary:
If you were to ask Dash to describe herself, she would sum it up as "I'm the most awesome pegasus in Equestria!" While there is some merit to this, there is far more to her than just "being awesome." Rainbow likes to speak her mind and she never sugar-coats anything, if she thinks your doing something stupid she'll tell you in no uncertain terms. However, once you get past her often callous attitude, you'll find a very kind mare who is always there for her friends or anypony in need, even if it means giving up on her dreams --- her friends are THAT important to her. 

        Character History:
It was a stormy night when two ponies received the gift of the most beautiful rainbow they had ever seen - their daughter. Rainbow Dash had a rather nice, if average, foalhood (likely the first thing that pushed her to always do her best and why today she lives in a veritable mansion in ponyville). Sadly it was not long after that her father became the primary influence in her life. He always did the best for his daughter, spending as much time with her as he could, taking her to sporting events and races, seeing her enthusiasm, he bought Dash her first pair of flight goggles before she ever learned to get off the clouds. He also enrolled her in flight-camp every summer, which quickly became one of the highlights of her life. Despite her seeming lack of aptitude for landings (or even flying straight at times), which earned her the nickname of "Rainbow Crash" --- a nickname that sadly fits to this day, though it has always been less due to a lack of skill than due to a lack of attention to what she was doing --- flight camp was where she made her first friends and had her first encounter with bullies. Both of these forever would shape her life as she learned "The Deffinition of Cool" from her friend Guilda, and later, learned about true kindness from her friend Fluttershy.

These two revelations came at a high cost, though, as Dash let her 'coolness' go to her head, she began bordering on being a bully. It was Fluttershy's kindness to one of Dash's 'victims' and her explanation of how it was not cool to push ponies around that made dash realize the error of what she was doing (though it did not completely cure her of being a bit of a plothole at times). Unfortunately, her greatest achievement of her foalhood came with a dose of absolute horror as she defended her closest friend's honor from the camp's real bullies. Ponies had cheered Dash's rainboom and the counselors even overlooked the damage to the grounds and poor treatment of the bullies, but none of this meant anything when she found Fluttershy was nowhere to be found. Completely disregarding both the camp's rules and her father's own warnings she flew down to the ground, hunting long into the night for her friend, only finding a single feather, thinking that Fluttershy had paid the ultimate price for dash's shenanigans. 

It was the next day after silently crying herself to sleep the night before (hiding her muzzle as deep into her pillow as she could so not a single sound escaped of her breakdown) she went to breakfast with bloodshot eyes and found out that the counselors had gone down again that morning and found Fluttershy. Since then the two have been as close as sisters, and Fluttershy was one of the few ponies dash would allow her 'mask' of ego and bravado to slip around, showing her softer, more tender side. As the two got older, Fluttershy moved to Ponyville due to her fear of heights, but they kept close by writing letters often. 

Fame was a double-edged sword for Rainbow, at first it boosted her ego and made her feel more special (and made her even more crazy with her 'stunts' she came up with, though thankfully being a filly most were either relatively safe or were too far out of her reach). However, as she got older and didn’t do another rainboom, ponies started dismissing it as a rumor and claiming Dash had made it up, the bullies were all too eager to feed into this, and while Rainbow never reached the point of infamy, the rumors were starting to wear on her. Her father, seeing that she was starting to face more and more trouble, arranged for a place in Ponyville near where her friend lived and as a birthday gift presented Dash with a first-class ticket on an airship to Ponyville. While it was sad to leave home, and in a rare moment for the mare, tears were shed, Rainbow knew she needed a change and accepted it. Once there she found work with the town's weather crew and, as she would say "The rest is history!"

While Dash's life was always somewhat exciting, it was the arrival of Twilight Sparkle that made the mare's world turn completely upside down. She was put through many trials, proving time and time again that she would always be loyal to her friends (even when her dreams were on the line) and with their influence she even began toning down her plothole tendencies and gaining some maturity (highlighted by her time at the Wonderbolts academy where she was paired with a pony who Dash would later say "...was a lot like me - the old me, before I learned what friendship was really about! Hey! Stop getting all mushy on me!") This maturity also made her finally realize the importance of a certain filly to her. Being able to protect Scootaloo and help calm her fears, earned Rainbow the title of 'sister' to Scootaloo, which, while it probably meant more to the filly than the mare, filled a special place in Dash's heart that she didn’t even realize was empty until then. While multiple encounters with her idols in less than ideal circumstances would have left other ponies disillusioned, Rainbow continues her pursuit of her dreams, though perhaps with a little more realistic view of them... (in fact she has though sheer coincidence been imparting more and more morals upon the team, and no doubt will one day be all the more proud when they offer her a position).




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Alright, glad to see a cast app!  Here's your RP prompt; once you fill it out, we can go to the evaluation:


How can you make the character unique, interesting, and expand on them beyond what we've seen in FiM? What happens after the episode ends? That is a question cast players are asked to answer. For your RP prompt, please give us a short example of the character doing what they do best. Be as creative and detailed as possible, and play them how you would in a live, opening roleplay. Be sure to finish your prompt with an opening for another character to realistically reply.

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