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Texty/Dusty Tomes [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: Slice of Life

Name: Texty/Dusty Tomes

Sex: Male

Age: Young Stallion

Species: Changeling/Unicorn

Eye colour: Blue/Yellow

Coat: Black/Tan

Mane/Tail: Blue/Brown


Physique: Rather short and skinny, whether in disguise or not.


Residence: Tends to move around a lot, has a small office in Canterlot


Occupation: Historian

Cutie Mark: A scroll with a black question mark on it, ripped in half.

Unique Traits: Is able to remember trivia about history very well. A genetic defect left his eyes so vulnerable to light that he's pretty much blind, except at night (and even then still requires sunglasses because of the moon). To counteract this, he learned a basic spell that gives his a sort of echolocation of the area right in front of him; This gives him extremely poor reaction time, however. He also learned a spell that can read out written Equestrian, though he has to be able to see the words. As such, he can only use it in darkness.

History: Due to his eye defect, he was abandoned from the hive at an extremely young age. He was discovered by a a survivalist hiker named Twin Peaks, who was camping along the Tenochtitan Basin (making sure to remain hidden from the locals). She took pity on the poor nymph, and took him home to Stalliongrad where her partner Rose Quill (a romance author with an impish streak) lived. They named him Texty, after some of the noises he made, and raised him as one of their own.


One of the challenges they encountered was keeping him hidden. Fortunately, as disguise comes naturally to Changelings, they were able to get him to disguise himself as a nondescript unicorn as they taught him Equestrian language and culture.


One Hearth's Warming, when he was being read the origin of the holiday, he grew a peculiar interest in history. He wanted to know everything about the past of the pony population, and absorbed the information quicker than most of his other lessons. Upon realizing his interests, Rose Quill gave him his name, and Twin Peaks designed his cutie mark, which he was able to see and add to his disguise that night.


Eventually he began attending proper Pony schools, though he had a lot of difficulties in class due to not being able to read or write. Another student, a filly named Oaky who had an interest in geneology, helped him out by acting as a transcriber and reading the text out loud. The two developed a strong friendship that followed into their adulthood where they moved to Canterlot in order to open up an office of Geneology together. The office is mainly run by Oaky, and Texty spends his time and bits traveling the world to learn about the history of each individual town. He still writes to his mothers whenever he stops by the office.

Character Personality: Despite his challenges and big secret, Texty is a very happy changeling, and eternally optimistic. He has a love of history and will talk about it when given the chance. He has a patience that is second to none, is pretty much incapable of rage, and when he's absorbing information it looks like he's staring at nothing and has a drifting mind. Texty loves documentaries, and dreams of filming one of his own one day. He wishes that he could just be himself and not wear a disguise, and wants to know more about Changeling culture as well. His biggest dream is to bridge ties between Equestria and the Changeling hives, though he doesn't expect it to happen in his lifetime.



Character Summary: Texty, abandoned at birth and raised by ponies, is a happy-go-lucky changeling with a passion for history. He disguises himself as Dusty Tomes, a brown unicorn. He goes from town to town, learning local history and making friends before leaving for the next city. He is effectively blind during the day, has difficulties with reading and writing, but has a wisdom beyond his years.


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This is a really good one, FiniteZero! And I'm not just saying that because I wound up going for the raised by ponies route for my changeling too! ;) If you're okay with this I'll be pushing this adorable little guy up to senior review!

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Hi there! I've given this a read for you :D


Overall this is a good app! Just a couple things to address:


I'm not quite sure why this character has trouble speaking. I understand why he would have issues reading as he has a vision disability, however this doesn't seem like it would affect his ability to speak and/or learn to speak correctly. Is there a second disability involved keeping him from being able to speak well?


Under role play type, Slice or life and/or WoE will be sufficient. Not sure how his disability would keep him from other types of role play.


Please add a bit more to the character's personality and summary sections. These seem a bit on the short side. Give us some more details :)


Your comment at the end of the app can be removed.


Please address these comments and let us know here when you are ready for another read through.

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Howdy! Ok so here's some updates:


Your role play type says "Alice of life" auto correct fun times :P


We try to steer clear of characters with mental problems. It's an overused concept for oc's being the main reason why. If you want him to have trouble speaking the best thing to do is just say he has a speech impediment. 


My opinion: either drop the vision problem or the speech problem or better yet, both. There's plenty of ways to make a character interesting and/or unique without them having disabilities. I only say this because vision and speech issues are kind of a tired concept with oc's.


I don't see that your character needs both of these issues to be accepted for use and be interesting to RP with.

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I'll go ahead and drop the speech problem. The vision problem is sort of needed to explain why the hive abandoned him.


If I switch it the other way around, so that he sees fine but has speech problems, I'd have to change his backstory completely.

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