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[Lore] Spring Blossom Town


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Spring Blossom Town - Home to Nature's Bounty


Off in the countryside of Long Guo’s rural interior is a quiet, seemingly unassuming town on a riverbank. Named in honor of the plentiful orchids that bloom in the spring, Spring Blossom Town and its residents haven’t changed much in the centuries since the town’s founding by Qilin farmers. While Spring Blossom Town may not have the name recognition of prestigious cities like Huangjing or Long Kong, this small community is certainly one of the most valuable treasures of the Dragon Kingdom.


For one thing, the natural beauty of the local landscape is unparalleled. Spring Blossom Town sits in the midst of karst formations: pillar-like hills sculpted by erosion and covered in vegetation. A traveler, if inclined, can take a boat ride from the town all the way down to the Lu’ma River and marvel at the geography the entire way. Wild bamboo groves are a plentiful sight in the low-lying areas, filled with wildlife such as distinctive giant pandas.


Outlying rice paddies and cultivated bamboo groves generate much of the economic output of Spring Blossom Town. However, the real secret to the town’s prosperity are the Shimmering Silkworms that thrive only in the area. Unlike other silkworms found in Long Guo, Shimmering Silkworms leave behind cocoons made of magically enchanted shimmersilk. Shimmersilk is used to make garments that glitter when exposed to light, and billow at the slightest breeze. Naturally, only the rich and powerful have any realistic hope of getting their hooves on shimmersilk clothing. To receive such coveted items as gifts is considered one of the greatest honors possible.


Though Spring Blossom Town owes its founding to the discovery of Shimmering Silkworms, rice and bamboo timber also contribute a significant amount to its economic output. Once harvested, such agricultural products are then sold in the town’s markets to merchants, who then transport their goods by cart or boat to be sold in Huangjing or Long Kong. In the case of lucrative shimmersilk, it may end up being shipped as far as the other side of globe.


Spring Blossom Town additionally has all the other amenities expected of an agricultural hub. Villagers and farmers from outlying areas come to town for various reasons outside of selling crops: buying supplies and luxury goods, borrowing texts from the local library, petitioning government officials, and taking imperial examinations. As a place of importance, Spring Blossom Town is surrounded by a modest wall and four decorative gateway arches, one for each cardinal direction.


The townsfolk here are a friendly, if provincial, lot. Residents of Spring Blossom Town are generally content to labor hard and live out their mundane lives in peace and quiet. Many of them won’t ever step foot beyond their home territory in their lifetimes, nor would they want to. The locals comprise an extremely tight-knit community; any family can count on their neighbors in times of need... or on occasions for joyous celebration. 

~Journey to the Dragon Kingdom

Dr. Tong Zei & Ash Ravencrest

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