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[Lore] Lake Huahuo


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Lake Huahuo - Sacred Lake of the Elder Serpents


The Ancient's Abode: a vast and expansive mountain range filled with craggy peaks, raging blizzards, abominable snow creatures , and perhaps even treasure if the tall tales one hears around Huangjing are true. Stories of lost civilizations, hidden temples, and forgotten artifacts surround these awe inspiring mountains. But one of its greatest treasures is one that few can find, but none may take.


Hidden within the Abode lies the beautiful and pristine Lake Huahuo. It is around this lake, and the adjacent utopia of Longri-La, that many Serpent Dragons establish their dwellings. Legend says that untold millennia ago, a school of koi found themselves at the base of what is known today as the Ancients' Fall; a truly massive and raging waterfall that feeds into the Lu'ma River. These koi fought for many years against the currents of the fall, determined to see what wonders lay at the top of the mountain. Through their perseverance, these koi were changed upon touching the Lake's magical waters, and became the world's first Serpent Dragons. Whether fact or fiction, the Serpent Dragons still guard and inhabit the lake and clouds above to this day.


Using their command over the weather, the Long of Lake Huahuo keep the lake and shores peaceful, calm, and warm with a beautiful view of the sky. The shores of the lake are graced by a veritable garden of beautiful trees and flowers, some seen nowhere else on the planet. The lake itself is deep and clear, its surface appearing so still and pristine that one could easily confuse it for glass, its waters blessed by nature to staunch any wound and ease any pain. Thus, it is no surprise that Serpent Dragons seek out secluded meditation retreats within close proximity to the Lake.


It is for these reasons and more that for millennia, the Serpent Dragons kept foul spirit-monsters and would-be explorers from coming near their most sacred of places. Storms and trials created by the dragons thwarted any who tried to scale the mountains. It wasn't until Long Guo's founders — Xi Hua and Xiao Huo — that any Long Sun ever made it through the mountains to reach the lake. Having proved themselves to the Serpent Council, the ruling leaders of the Long, the lake was henceforth renamed in Hua and Huo’s honor (the Lake’s original name is presumably a secret kept by the elder serpents).


At the center of the lake resides a serpent-made island in the shape of a large blossoming lotus flower. Upon this island rests the Serpent Shrine; an open pentagonal building which is expansive enough for several dragons to twist and turn through the air at the same time. Each side of the Shrine is adorned according to the primary elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water; the floor in the Shrine’s center is bare, save for the symbol of a black serpent and white serpent circling one another. Aside from an occasional appearance by a serpent caretaker, the Shrine is left empty except for a large gong outside the entrance. When the gong is struck by a non-dragon, the ear-piercing sound will summon the Serpent Council and its King from their lofty perches in Longri-La, allowing a chance for supplicants to beseech the greatest Serpent Dragons in all the land for their wisdom or blessings.

~Journey to the Dragon Kingdom

Ashley 'Ash' Ravencrest

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