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[Non-Sponsored] Meet and Greet with Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadence


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"Well you could lower it to half the price it currently is. This would allow more of the commoners to actually afford attending the Gala instead of having to take out loans or do multiple jobs in order to attend the Gala."  Nova Burst was a bit worried that if he had one of the surges the Alicorns or the other people here might actually hurt him somewhat.  It was something that concerned him. Of course he had another concern and that was his magic going haywire and hurting any pony here. He'd been working on trying to get his magic under control. 

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An embarrassed Haywire rushed all over the room grabbing up jumping, frightened frogs as fast as her little legs could carry her.


"I'm real, powerful surry bout all this, y'all!" the rust colored filly neighed as she continued her frog 'roundup.'  As she galloped from place to place, chasing the frogs she had so carefully gathered hours before, the blonde filly looked up and saw how the Princesses were using their magical powers to gather up some of the misguided amphibians.  Haywire rushed over to them, opening her left saddlebag wide, since the right side saddle bag was loaded with frogs she'd already recaptured.


"Would y'all mind puttin'm back in here fer me?" Haywire timidly asked.  "I reckon after all this, yur gonna want me ta leave.  I kin understand that.  These here kinda things er happenin' ta me all the time."

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Matron Yuchou chuckled and took a deep breath, then let it out in a gout of lukewarm mist that washed over the area and its inhabitants. The mist itself smelled faintly of the same herbs that the smoke she was already emitting, but woven into it were spells meant to evoke a sense of home and belonging. Experience told Yuchou that most ponies, Qillin and Longma included, could no longer smell the mist after a moment, and instead tended to experience whatever scents were associated with the Home of their youth.


Of course, the poor frogs were smaller than even the foals around, so they'd likely be harmlessly stunned, which was the actual goal the Matron was aiming for. She turned her attention back to Princess Cadence and answered, in the calm, even tone of a patient mother, "Power wants discipline.", she said as the mists closest to her swirled and thickened. "Therefore great power requires great discipline. If a foal has great potential, or even great active power, then you must teach her that it must answer only to her, and not the other way around. If she is very young, of course, you must blunt that power until she can understand what it means to use it, but with love and patience she will grow to understand. Be careful, though, not to teach her to fear her powers, or that fear will consume her. No mother wants to see her child come to harm, but a far greater harm comes from fearing or hating part of oneself. Consider, too, that magic comes from emotion and seeks to fill desires. If the emotion driving the magic is negative, then so too will be the effects wrought, but if love and harmony fuel the spell, truly great things can be accomplished."


As she finishes this last bit, the mist disperses, leaving three apple-sized pearls as well as a circular charm made from jade floating in the air, each one with a red shimmersilk thong allowing it to be worn as a pendant. She had conjured them from their storage chest back in Longri-La, where they, their sister, and the chest had been specially crafted for this visit, and each was clearly oriented and positioned closer to either Celestia, Luna, or Cadence. "But you might want to try these for now. The jade charm is yours, it will absorb magical bursts and release the energy over time, I am told. And one of the Pearls for each Princess. These will shield you from unnatural ill fortune and attempts to meddle with your minds, and should you wish they will allow you to send a message to Ao Ailong or a member of the Serpent Council. Each also holds a more...unique enchantment meant for its intended recipient. Merely keeping the Pearl close will grant you its passive effects, and focusing your will upon it will call forth the others and show you how to use them."

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Once the frogs were rounded up Celestia couldn't help but let a smile rest on her elegant muzzle. It was truly delightful to see so many different ponies and other creatures together. All were completely unique, adding their own special accents to the world they shared. It showed something of the great balance in the world that the ancient princess has always loved to see. Times like these were steady and good. She cherished every moment from the advice given by the matron serpent, to the frogs, to the wonder and exclamations of the young ones. 


She allowed the gift of the pearl to move over her head and horn and come to a rest against her strong chest. She could instantly feel the warmth of dragon magic moving from the object. There was nothing to fear in the gift. It was an offering of peace of which she was happy to share.


The leader of Equestria dipped her head in respect to the dragon and nodded to her sisters before speaking.


"On behalf of my sisters and I thank you all for being here today. This time of fellowship and friends is dear to each of our hearts! Each of you are a precious addition to the tapestry of life and we are happy to know each of you!" She glanced down at the pearl that seemed to be radiating a dim pink light from within. It seemed to bolster the wisdom of the centuries into the mind of Celestia. She had great wisdom and the pearl made it even easier to delve into that vast knowledge. That must be the personal touch added to her pearl!


"I thank you for the wonderful gift, we shall treasure these always!" She smiled at Yuchou. 


"And now I shall present a gift from this moment to each of you!" The princess' horn glowed softly and soon small points of light appeared. One drifted to each of the guests where it hovered within their reach. "These are the memory of this moment in time together. You may look into these crystal shards whenever you wish to see and hear the time we shared here today. May it remind you of the bonds of friendship always!"

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The little blue Pegasus pony had been so involved in pointing out all the princesses, and V.I.P’s that she almost missed all the frogs that sprung from Haywire’s saddlebags. "Erm.", she grunted as the slimy little creature hopped about her hooves. While she did not dislike the little amphibians, she was no fan. And they were a rare sight to see when she lived in Canterlot, there were a great deal more of the little guys in her new home of Ponyville. The little village was not that far from a swamp, and their croakings always seemed to increase after a long rain. She was told by her parents that she would eventually get used to it, but those pesky, ever-hopping slimy little whatzits did their very best to keep her up at night.
"Yes....Yes I am.", Fast Track's head nearly popped! The Princess knew his name? How did she know his name? Did she know the name of all of her subjects? And was it true that she could enter pony's dreams? After realizing he was forgetting one thing, the little colt bowed, "And thank you for coming, your majesty!" It took another moment for one fact to set in. Wind Walker obviously mentioned his name when she spoke to the Princess Of The Night. Duh. Goodness she was so pretty! Fast Track could just stare at her all day! But that would be kind of rude. He also wanted to give her the biggest hug, but he would probably get tackled by a million guards and tossed out of the castle.
"Oh wow. Thank you Princess Celestia!" the pair of young ponies gasped almost together as Princess Celestia, using her magic, sent over a magic crystal to each of the guests. This reminded the colt of one thing.
"If you don't mind.", Fast Track managed to set up his camera so it would snap a pic of the group in thirty seconds. While he would have preferred to snap a few hundred pictures of his favorite princess, he wisely decided to go with a group photo.  "If we can get together for just a moment."
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