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Canterlot RP Mentoring!


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New to Role-playing?  Not confident in your writing skills?  Nervous about playing with more experienced RP-er’s? 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!   

Roleplay sites like ours benefit from a large and diverse group of players, but it can be hard sometimes, with well-established communities, for new players to get fully comfortable with everyone.  I know from experience that it can be a little intimidating to join a thread with someone who has roleplayed for years, much less inviting them to join yours. 

That’s why, here at Canterlot.com, we’ve set up an RP mentoring program.  This is a way of facilitating interaction and connections between new and established payers on this site.  You can ask us for help in joining or creating your first thread, have us play with you to break the ice, and poke our brains for writing tips and feedback! 

Reply in this thread if you’re interested, or PM one of our mentors below:


Have fun out there, and don’t be afraid!  We’re all here to have a good time, and are more than willing to help you do so as well.

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Friendly RP Help Tip #1:  Participate in Site Events!


Canterlot.com has special seasonal events, centered either around shown Holidays (i.e. Nightmare Night, Winter Wrap-Up) or Events (Grand Galloping Gala).  These are a great opportunity to mix with other site members, get to know them, and study their writing styles!  It's also the best setting if you want to interact with show cast members.  The Staff sponsor open threads that you can jump into at any time.  Additionally, for this year's Grand Galloping Gala mentors here are also running their own threads, if you want to participate!


Links to Sponsored and Mentor-run threads are below:


[Sponsored] The Empress from the East! (Palace Gardens)


[Sponsored] GGG: The Lounge


[Sponsored/Mentor] GGG: The Grand Ballroom


[Mentor] GGG: Rosebush Dates


[Mentor] GGG: Meet and Greet with Princesses Celestia and Luna!



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Friendly Tip #2 - The Ponysona! 


Not sure what kind of character to make for roleplaying? Why not make a ponysona? A ponysona is a character that is your personality, just as a pony! It's often easier to role play as yourself (just as a pony) than creating a character completely from scratch. 


Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself when making a ponysona: 


  • What is your favorite pony type or other creature from the show? 
  • What is your favorite set of colors?
  • What is your main talent that you could use as your cutie mark? 
  • How would you think or act if you were a pony (or Griffon, Caribou, Peryton, etc.)

Basically, be free to let your imagination run wild! 

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1 hour ago, rubicundreverb said:

Everything roleplay related 

I thought I was already helping you on Skype with this?

I'll go check my Skype :) 

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2 hours ago, rubicundreverb said:

Everything roleplay related 

That doesn't narrow it down very much; but do you need help getting started?  

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2 minutes ago, rubicundreverb said:

sorry for not having it narrowed down I just want to understand roleplaying 

Alright, so the basic concept is each player has a character which they use together to write a collective story.  Each player writes the words and actions of their own pony/griffon/etc.  The stories themselves can be anything from slice of life, to mystery, romance, and/or high adventure!


On this site specifically, you can apply for controlling members of the MLP:FiM cast, or outline an original character of your own.  After that, you can dive in and start playing!  We'll be here to help guide you through any steps you're having trouble with.

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