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Official Discussion Thread - S06E15 28 Pranks Later

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I'm sure she is planning something 100% innocent, just look at that face!


It has been two weeks and we are back to having another Rainbow Dash episode! So what is Ponyville's fastest flyer and resident Wonderbolt up to this time now that she is a professional, superstar athlete with a public reputation to upload for all the fillies and colts?  Pranking of course!  What could possibly go wrong?  Surely the pranks could never get out of control could they?  Nah, not in Ponyville, nothing exciting ever happens there! Well... Tune in the find out! The episode airs Saturday 11:30 AM EST on August 13th!! :) <3
This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk. :blush:

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Thoughts below, in spoilers, because that's how I do this now.



Wow. Honestly... this episode caught me off guard. I was legitimately concerned I wouldn't like it due to the 'zombie' thing.


But that just wasn't the case. This was a pretty decent episode.


Honestly... I actually thought some of Rainbow Dash's pranks were funny. But that's probably because they were done to others and weren't done to me. I can understand what the moral was for the most part.


Celestia in a sea of scrolls!! That was hilarious. :lol:


Rainbow Dash gets the wrong idea from what her friends were trying to tell her.


Pinkie antics are best antics that make episodes fun. Especially when she jumped at the cookies and then wanted more 'joke cookies' when she was 'sick.' :blush:


Sick Pinkie can only mean bad things... and... it was.


So... the 'zombie' ponies. Honestly... they weren't so much 'zombie' ponies as they were 'obsessed with cookies zombie' ponies.


When it started happening to Rainbow Dash's friends I was generally enjoying the episode. For some reason it was just funny to me (probably because I realized that they were faking it but that really didn't seem to make the episode bad for me) :lol:


Just a lot of hilarity in this episode and it wasn't surprising with the conclusion that it taught Rainbow the lesson she was supposed to be learning and one final 'prank' to end it.


This was actually a surprisingly fun episode. I quite liked it.





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There were two parts to this episode.  The episode was very well crafted.  As a tremendous fan of zombie movies, I really had to appreciate what they did with the episode as a whole.  They took a lot of very classic reveal scenes ... and did it with cookies and rainbow dye.  It was very well done as a zombie spoof.


That being said...


Using Rainbow Dash as the butt of the episode is just ... lazy.  That's like an episode shortcut.  If you're not willing to put forth the effort to craft an episode that everyone can enjoy, you might as well not write the episode at all.


It has the same problem I had with the Marvelous Mare Do Well.  I love zombies ... I love superheroes.  But in both situations, they had this great 'rest of the episode' ... except for making Dash hold the idiot ball, completely outside of her normal personality.  The biggest problem of both episodes is:  One side was totally and obviously 'right' ... and needed to teach Dash to understand them.  To encourage people to be preachy and self-righteous.  Instead, a better episode is one where both sides learn to understand each other - where neither side is 100% right.  They've had plenty of really good episodes like that.


I think the episode would have been a tremendously awesome episode with two changes:


1:  If she hadn't pranked Fluttershy.  Even back in season 1, she recognized, and agreed with Pinkie, that Fluttershy is not a proper subject for pranks.  The pranking back then was presented much for thoughtfully.


In fact, it would have been nice continuity.  They could be talking, and going, "Did she get you?"  Pinkie:  "Yeah, she got me goooooood."  Fluttershy:  "I ... haven't noticed her doing anything!"  Then they could have been asking Dash:  "Why do you prank all of us, but not Fluttershy?"  Dash:  "Because... Fluttershy ... well ... because it's not right to prank Fluttershy."  "Yeah, but why?"  "because she's FLUTTERSHY!"  Pinkie:  "Yeah, duuuuh."


2:  If, at the reveal at the end, instead of Dash going "That wasn't funny!" she instead would have looked like she was about to get it, then instead said, "That... that ... was AWESOME!  oh my gosh, you ponies got me SO GOOD!  I thought I was good, but that was amazing!"


Then her friends could go "how could you possibly like that?"


"Because it was HILARIOUS!  ohmigosh, I was so terrified, I'm so glad you're all all right, but man, if I wasn't me at the time... "


"You weren't supposed to LIKE IT, Rainbow Dash!"


"Well, that sounds ... mean ... then ... why did you do it?"


"To show you what it's like to be the butt of a prank you don't like!"


And she gets all confused.  "But you didn't expect me to like it!  That's... that's not how you're supposed to prank!  That's just bullying!"


"Yes, Rainbow Dash!  Just like - wait, you EXPECT us to enjoy being pranked?"


"Of course!  And what you guys did was an awesome prank.  Why are you all so angry?"


"Because you didn't learn anything!"


She thinks about it a bit... then her eyes open wide.  "Wait... you guys aren't angry after a prank because you can't take a joke... you're angry ... because ... you thought I was being a bully?  This was all to try to convince me to stop pranking?" She sits down, very sober.  "Huh.  You went to all that effort.  Geeze.  I'm sorry..."


It would have taken it from "Oh, look.  Dash needs to be taught a lesson ... AGAIN." to "Hey, look, different people look at things in different ways."  Same lesson could have been taught, but they could have taught a second lesson at the same time:  that different ponies look at things in a different way. That doesn't mean that one of the sides is *wrong* in how they look at it - but that both sides of an argument need to learn how to listen to the other, instead of one side just preaching to the other how they should be.

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My thoughts:



This episode had a lot going for it in the beginning.  Who doesn't like seeing random ponies pranked by RD?  Lots of fun action there!  I hate to overanalyze here, but the 'second half' of the ep was a HUGE let down for me for a number of reasons.  First, how could RD use prank cookies that would harm her protégé, Scootaloo?  If RD's prank had gone off as planned, all three of the CMC's would have been very sad, maybe even, mad.  Perhaps all this was a part of 'RD doesn't see the consequences of her actions' theme, but still, just seems 'over the top' cruel to me.  Secondly, the second half of the ep was.. sadly predictable.  I knew all along that the rainbow-mouthed ponies were 'pranking' RD.  Normally, MLP eps usually manage to 'surprise' me, this one, didn't.  Took a lot of the fun from the earlier part of the ep out for me.  And for this reason, third (and lastly), the ending was a total flop to me.  I really, really WANTED to enjoy this ep, I truly did.  However, IMHO, the writers just failed to draw me into the story.  This is by far one of this season's worst eps.  The ONLY thing that stops it from being the worst is the first half pranking fun.  On a scale of 1 to 10, this ep barely gets a 3 from me.  Better luck next week....


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On 8/13/2016 at 6:30 PM, Bramble Rose said:

1:  If she hadn't pranked Fluttershy.  Even back in season 1, she recognized, and agreed with Pinkie, that Fluttershy is not a proper subject for pranks.  The pranking back then was presented much for thoughtfully.






Mostly because Fluttershy was just to dang easy to prank.. And Rainbow was being EXTRA lazy in this episode, so she went for an easy target. One that will now have an very protective bear watching over her.


I -liked- this episode..It's not something I'd watch again...But it was still fun...Love the zombie movie references...But OUCH! I did not like the bit with the brick and Mister Cake. As someone who broke a tooth a tooth on a hard thing in my food...EHHH...That would probably get ol' Rainbow locked up for doing something like that.


The next episode...Oooh. Now that's the one I've been waiting for...



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