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Cemmoyāhua Tletl (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Cemmoyāhua Tletl (To Scatter Fire)

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye color: Deep Green

Coat: Maroon

Mane/Tail: Straight. Jet Black. Both mane and tail are kept long and tied up.

Physique: Stature smaller than the average Equestrian mare. Toned musculature of a strong and agile pony.

Residence: Her family's house in the Tenochtitlan basin.

Occupation: Pyromancer, botanomancer, emissary.

Cutie Mark: A two headed feathered serpent breathing fire.


One day, while venturing off into the jungle, she stayed much later than she planned. When night fell, she lost her way back to the city. In her panic, she decided to climb a tree in an attempt to see the city, which was illuminated at night. While climbing, she saw a group approaching. They had torches and spells casted to light the dark. She feared that they were a bandit group, looking to scout out the city for any potential targets for their dubious deeds. As they got closer, she prepared an ambush. When her trap was sprung, she hopped in the middle of the group and scorched a couple of them before getting knocked out with a spell. When she woke, she was home. Her father and mother hugged her as she waved hello to two of her father's friends, one with his tail burned off and one with his mane reduced to a few smoking hairs. Then, appeared her cutie mark, a two headed serpent.


History: Cemmoyāhua Tletl was born in the heart of the Basin, in the holy city of Tenochtitlan. Her unicorn father was a commoner who served his tribute of military service achieved the status of a landed professional soldier, a tecuhtli, by capturing multiple ponies in combat. His upward mobility in the social classes and prowess in battle made him a popular bachelor. Her earthpony mother was born a pipiltin, a noble of royal lineage. The mare was well renowned, both as a noble and as an epitome of beauty. Naturally, the mare sought a strong stallion to empower the royal family. When they met in the royal court, they clicked and fell in love. Together, the couple made a powerful relationship, paving the way for a life of relative ease. On their private estate, worked by serfs a bubble of comfort inside of the usually demanding lives of the Basin ponies.


When she was born, Cemmoyāhua was named because her mother said her new foal's coat shone as if it were on fire. As a foal, she was a hoof full. She would try and try again to walk to the point where she almost hurt herself. And as soon as she learned to walk she would wander off and even hide to the point where Cemmoyāhua's mother appointed two slaves to watch over the foal.


At a young age, she showed promise in the holy art of pyromancy. After school, she would often run off into the jungle with her friends and they would hold play battles, challenge each other to climb rocks and trees. Every time, she would refuse to accept anything but first place.


As she grew, she started to venture into the jungle alone and try to find a bigger tree or a more colorful insect, she came alone to become more connected to the jungle. Her curiosity of the world around her, and her amazement of the diversity of creatures in the jungle filled her heart with a burning passion.


As a young mare, to her family's excitement, she took after her father's example and payed her household's tribute of military service. She rejected the top quality education for nobility of the calmecac university early on. Instead, she joined the same warrior order as her father. The order quickly took her in, as her father was still a celebrity among the order for excelling so well in combat as an ex-commoner who married well. Cemmoyāhua received training in hoof to hoof combat and use of the weapons of Tenochtitlan's arsenal.


However, Tenochtitlan's subject states are always resisting the might of the city. She was forced to learn quickly the way that Tenochtitlan waged war. Over the course of a year, she managed to capture several ponies. She earned her title of a successful soldier and secured her place in nobility.


When her tribute of service was fulfilled, she did not choose to stop serving her king. Her curiosity of the world, and her prestige as a warrior motivated her to convince the court to let her venture out of the basin and learn more of the world outside the basin, as well as grow Tenoctitlan's influence in the outside world.

Character Summary:

A young mare whose curiosity for the world is matched only by her love for all life. Not only does she adore all life, but she needs ambient life for her promancies. She has learned to use the vibrancy of all beings to catalyze her magic. However, since she learned pyromancy in the jungle where living things are numerous. She has come to rely so much on the life forces of other living things to catalyze her magic, her pyromaniacs are weakened in places devoid of life.

She is also an able warrior. She is proficient in the use maquahuitl, yaochimalli, cuauhololli, tepoztopilli, atlatl, and tematlatl.

In many ways, she feels a part of her is missing by being away from home, but she knows that her mission is important.

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