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Shining Armor [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Shining Armor

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Eye color: Blue

Coat: White

Mane/Tail: His mane is a dark blue, with streaks of light blue running through.  His mane runs about the maximum length for a Royal Guard, just barely fitting underneath.

Physique: Still in recruiting-poster shape!

Residence: The Crystal Empire

Occupation: Prince Consort and Captain of the Guard of the Crystal Empire

Cutie Mark: A six-pointed pink star on top of a blue shield, with three small five-pointed stars above it; it symbolically represents his ability and desire to shield and protect other ponies from harm, physical, magical, and emotional.


He first got this cutie mark during one of his trips out to the park with his beloved little sister, Twilight Sparkle.  Naturally, her idea of having a good time was to sit in the shade of a tree and read a good book.  Unfortunately, some slightly older and rather larger foals seemed to take issue with that, teasing her for being a nerd and an egghead.  Her BBBFF, however, was having none of that.  Zooming from across the field, where he'd been with his own friends, he immediately threw up a shield spell around Twilight, knocking back the would-be bullies into the grass.


It was while he giving then a severe talking-to about bullying and extracting promises that none of them would ever harass another foal again that Twilight actually looked up from her book to see what all the fuss was about.  It was then that she noticed that Shining Armor had gotten his cutie mark!  The pair of them were quickly caught up in the celebrations, allowing the other foals to beat a hasty retreat.  They did end up keeping their promises, though, which only confirmed to Shining the life path that seemed set before him.

Unique Traits:  His magical specialty is defense, whether in shields, enchantments, or wards.  While he is, admittedly, much closer to average in terms of magical talent than his prodigy sister, in this field, he can equal her in terms of spellcraft intricacy and casting power... as long as he remains healthy, un-cursed, and un-enchanted.


History:  Shining Armor was born in Canterlot to the union of a noble scholar (Crescent Sparkle) and author (Twilight Velvet).  As might be expected from such parents, they took great care in the upbringing and mental development of their firstborn son.  As soon as he was old enough to understand, Crescent would talk to his son about the world around him, as well as little lessons about the way he should act in it, based on the Sparkle family traditions of hard work and service.  His mother, Twilight Velvet, exercised her own kind of influence, reading bedtime stories of her own authorship about brave heroes rescuing the helpless, protecting innocents against evil, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.


As influential as his parents were upon the young Shining's life, the birth of his little sister was as influential as any event in his young life.  The tiny purple unicorn would not only be his Little Sister Best Friend Forever, inspiring his protective instinct and assisting in unlocking his special talent; but also through her he was to meet Princess Cadence, the love of his life and mare of his dreams, when the pink alicorn was asked by Princess Celestia to babysit for the Sparkles.


Trouble was, she entered his life at a particularly awkward time for the colt.  As a young foal, his upbringing had been well-rounded enough; a little on the bookish side, but with as much of outdoors rough-and-tumble that any other colt his age would enjoy as well.  But when puberty hit him, it hit him hard.  His legs grew faster than the rest of him, bringing growing pains with them along with awkward movements.  It was bad enough for him to miss a year on the Hoofball team while his body worked itself out, leaving holes in his schedule that began to be filled with rather more "nerdy" pursuits: comic books, ant farming, and a regular Ogres and Oubliettes group.


Stereotypically, these were the sorts of things that could spell doom for a colt's amorous intentions.  But either the cliches were wrong, or Shining led a charmed life, because as it turned out, having an outlet for his heroic fantasies ended up encouraging them.  He could be a heroic paladin, protecting the weak, saving Princesses, and in some small way live out the stories his mother had told him.  His own charisma also enabled him to bring out the best in his group, making firm friends out of all of them.  And when they found out that he had an actual Princess babysitting his little sister, well!  They weren't going to let him get away with not trying, at least, to ask her out.


Shining Armor was, in turn, shocked to find out that Cadence actually admired him too!  She had seem him with Twilight, being the loving big brother that he was, and as she herself was quite fond of the little filly, that counted much for her.  And, perhaps, she was wise enough to see that this awkward phase of adolescence for him wasn't going to last forever, and that end result would be worth the wait.  If that was the case, she ended up being right!  Once his body had sorted out its new size, Shining began to develop very attractively, not the least of which because Cadence was encouraging his ambition of becoming part of the Royal Guard.


Soon, he had grown up into a fine young stallion, and was off to the academy.  Here, his O&O experience once again bore unexpected fruit, as the tactical experience he'd gained from his game time gave him an edge on many of the officer recruits.  He still kept in touch with his family, friends, and Cadence, though as the days got fuller for him, and for Twilight, they ended up visiting each other less and less.  Which was perfectly understandable, she was now personal protege of Princess Celestia; while he was advancing in the ranks of the Royal Guard, while also managing a relationship with Princess Cadence.


That probably still wasn't a good explanation for blindsiding her with the wedding invitation, when it finally came.  But given the absolute disaster that the wedding almost was, thanks to the Changeling invasion, forgiveness all around was the best order of the day.  And so, the Prince and Princess were wed, to live happily ever after...


Only, now Shining was to find out why his mother, in her wisdom, ended the stories with everyone living happily ever after, not peacefully ever after.  The honeymoon was barely over before the Crystal Empire returned, with him and Cadence now tasked with saving it from Sombra, and leading it into the modern age.  Thanks to all the friends they'd made, and a quick-thinking wife toss on his part, the Empire was indeed saved, rejoicing in it's new Crystal Prince and Princess!


And then, just when Shining thought the biggest challenges of his life had come, he became a father.  To an alicorn.  Well, never let it be said that love and courage ever backed down!


Character Personality:  Shining Armor is a stallion who tries to live up to his ideals, which include, but are not limited to, being as much an actual knight in shining armor as he can be.  He has a strong sense of family, the love of which is the anchor of his life; wife, child, siblings, and parents.  But he also has a lighter side to him, with a sense of humor that has proved necessary to keep sane in the midst of the nonsense and chaos that sometimes accompanies his calling, especially now that he's a Prince of an actual country!  


As those close to him also know, part of him has never really grown out of his nerd phase, enabling him to talk equally comfortably with his friends about geeky esoterica as he does with his fellow guards about maneuver, drills, and sports.  He argues that there's no real difference in kind between the two, only in the fields they prefer to specialize in.  Willingness and ability to span social divides like this has also proved quite helpful in his new political tasks...

Character Summary:  A loving, protective, idealistic, and humorous stallion.  A bit of a nerd, but one who has been courageous enough to actually try and live his dream.

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