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Goblin's terrible plotter


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So just saw Nara was accepted, yay! Now it's time to start plotting things out for this poor soul. 

Profile can be found here if you're interested in history and stuff. Image can be found there to cause I'm lazy and already have a couple on here I have to post. Nara is a little terrifying lady whose slowly taking charge of her family's business in smelting and forging. Despite her mother wanting her to be a high society lady, Nara would rather kick back with the poor and spend time at the forge than attend fancy parties. She's all about equal opportunity, and has begun using her funds to better living conditions and quality of life in the city. She uses her own family history as proof that anyone can make it big if they just work hard enough.


Friends; Any friends either in Neighpon or abroad since Nara did extensive travelling. Would most likely be merchants, miners, or anyone who works with the earth or what lies beneath. She would also have some high class friends, either introduced to her by her mother, or ones she has found agreeable on her own. She is also very familiar with those in the less well-off parts of Kyoma, and likes to spend time with them.


Apprentice: Nara has begun to open the family business for young citizens wanting to learn a trade in hopes of creating a better future. Any young character with an interest in smelting or forging can come to Nara and learn from her while staying at her family’s estate.


Suitors; Despite how she acts Nara is a part of the elite of Kyoma due to her family’s standings in society. Because of this her parents would have begun arrangements for a marriage. So long as they’re an upper class citizen that her parents (especially her mother) approves of they’ll get stuck with a rather grumpy bride. Much awkwardness and hilarity will ensue as Nara will get used to being tied down. Can be any pony like species and most likely a citizen of Neighpon, although they won’t mind looking elsewhere.



Family (images here!); So far I just have her immediate family, that now includes a brother I just threw in cause who doesn't love baby brothers?


Kohaku is the eldest son of Iwao, and the largest. This guy looks intimidating with his stature and stoic facial expressions. While he is talented with the forge, his expertise lies with smelting and working with gold. His magic makes it easier for him to find the metal, and had been a boon to the family business. His scales have a metallic sheen to them, a trait said to be passed down from his great-great grandfather. He rarely shows emotion, but has a heart of gold and can be very compassionate. Like Taki he only wants to best for his children, but it can come off as him being overbearing. He is the only one Nara is afraid to cross. Hus cutie mark is gold ore, showing his talents in finding and smelting gold.


Taki is rather small compared to her husband, but she is the hen that rules the roost. While Kohaku works the forges Taki runs the business by crunching numbers and rubbing elbows with the best merchants and blacksmiths. She comes from a well-known noble family, and has used her higher learning and lineage to make the business more prosperous. She is a stern bot doting mother, only wanting the best for her children. Her cutie mark is three stars in a purple ‘galaxy’ due to her family’s magic heritage, and her own strong ties to magic.


Arekusuii (Little Alexei) named after a griffon merchant that saved Taki while she was pregnant with Arekusuii, this little colt is spirited and adventurous. Being the son of Kohaku has made Areku a bit spoiled, but he knows better than to defy his parents. He hates being treated like a baby and wishes he can just grow up sooner. He does not have a cutie mark yet, but he is very interested in golems, including whatever else you want him to be interested in. He and Nara get along as well as any siblings, and she has given him the nickname Little Alexei, that is until he grows taller than her. Areku was very sick as a younger child, but has since gotten better, it’s up to you if you want to keep him in fragile health. More images will be made of him as he grows!

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I have a character that could be one of her friends. They both live in Kyoma, and she was the daughter of the previous high admiral, so they've likely met growing up. My character could've also gone to yours to make at least part of her armor or weapon.



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Woot, relationship planning!


Where exactly has Nara traveled? I've got a lot of characters based in Equestria and one or two other places, but without knowing exactly where she's gone it's kind of hard to think of any plotting with her for those characters. There's Fabled Archives, a noble of Kastrot who's been living in Unyasi for quite some time, and Riff Raff, who's living near Ponyville and quite frequently works the earth. 


As for characters closer to home, I've got a fair few. None are "poor", though - to my knowledge, considering Neighpon's relative wealth and the non-class discriminatory set-up that Kyomo's got going on, I don't think there are really poor or lower quality of life places in the city. Kind of like how you don't really see low quality of life areas in Equestria in the show. Granted there are most likely some towns and villages that are not as well off, but the capital of Neighpon most likely doesn't suffer this problem to the point where there are distinct 'poor' areas that have low quality living conditions. 


But in any case, onto those characters:


Rakuen Ryuichi is the current Shogun of Neighpon, and of course he resides in Kyoma. I can't say he and Nara would have ever met, but maybe her family has had some commissions from the Palace Castle, especially considering that her family has long been in the business of blacksmithing. In that case Ryuichi more than likely knows of her family and maybe her in particular, and might even have one or two pieces that was commissioned from them.


Kaede Katsuo is my wandering samurai who's currently in Equestria. He grew up on Ryushima, but it's still possible he might have had his own katana commissioned by Nara/Nara's family before setting off on his journey. He lives a very simplistic way of life, living day to day and off the generosity of others, so his plight might have appealed him to Nara - though it's not because his family was poor or fell into some misfortune, he simply chooses to live like a vagabond. 


Fuyu Tsuki also grew up on Ryushima, and she and Nara might make for an interesting duo. Tsuki is sly and mischievous, whereas Nara is blunt and forthcoming. Tsuki likes to approach problems from angles, whereas Nara seems to prefer a more head-on approach. Tsuki is an airbender, Nara is an earth - oops, wrong show. Anyways, it seems like they could have a relationship where they don't put up with each other's crap and are great friends because of it, or they don't put up with each other's crap and share a mutual dislike over it. I wouldn't mind either, I think either a friendly or negative relationship would be interesting to have. 


Of all those characters, I'm most invested in Ryuichi at the moment. All the others I haven't really RPed at all, so I can't guarantee that I'll be available for RP with one of them in the future. But it's still nice to have the relationship sorted out to reference in other RPs, I've found. Lemme know what you think - or take a look at my character log (link is underneath my avatar, click on the picture with all the pony heads) and see if there's another character you'd like to plan something with.


(By the way, I love your art style. Simplistic yet not!)

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Hm, this looks interesting!  


I have two neihponese characters currently; Akairo Hoshi (anti-Imperial Revolutionary) and Shiroi Boshi (Tech-Mage to the Shogunate court).


Akairo might work better as a foalhood friend, though that's only because both would have a tendency to shun the elite.  Besides that, I'm not sure about their common interests.  Shiroi might have gone to Nara's family for her own katana, though; a simple, but functional blade.  It's a bit of a stretch, maybe, but I'm interested to see what might come out of it.

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Hmmmmm..... lemme' think on which characters of mine your OC and family might be acquainted with.....



Yamabushi - A few years back, Yamabushi would have been one of the most highly celebrated samurai in Neighpon. If Kohaku & Taki had the talents, perhaps they could have been the ones to forge Yamabushi's magically enchanted blades. This is what he's equipped with:

On 8/14/2016 at 3:11 PM, Bellosh said:

Yamabushi's most dependable ally is his custom-made katana; the sword he's owned since his induction into the ranks of the samurai. Like most other samurai weapons, Yamabushi's katana is magitech-enhanced. When the katana's user blows a certain breath spell on it, the hilt sends out sonic pulses through the blade. These ultra-high speed vibrations allow the katana to shatter weapons and penetrate armor far more easily than the average weapon. Yamabushi's backup sword, a shorter wakizashi, is similarly enhanced.


Yuè - Daughter of the previous Emperor of Long Guo. In her early childhood, Yuè (and her twin brother Prince Lián) was taken by her father on a couple state visits to Neighpon. Maybe Taki had the clout to arrange what would pass for a high society "play-date" between her daughter and Yuè. Note: although Yuè is currently the reigning Empress of Long Guo, she would have not been designated as the crown princess in her youth.


The Magic Guild - Not exactly a character per se, but it's quite eager to expand it's presence outside Equestria to other friendly realms. Taki could be one of the very first international members of the Guild if she so chooses. Oh, and a unicorn noblemare runs the Magic Guild too.



That's pretty much it for the time being. Feel free to look through my RP Log if you want to see what other characters I have. ^_^

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Taiyou Hibana works for the Shogun in Kyoma, but would also source components from local smiths for her own projects.  It would be entirely possible for Nara to know her from either her excessively long order forms or any bars/eateries they would frequent after work.


Jin is an Equestrian-based Qilin of Long descent who is more culturally Equestrian.  He shares a lot in common with Nara, actually, and seeing as Nara is well-traveled, it's possible they've crossed paths in Canterlot or at some sort of crafters' conference before.


Daedalus is a Kastroti dark magic specialist.  While he mostly deals with magical matters, material components for spells and high-grade physical tools would have to be procured locally.  He, too, is well-traveled, though his foray into the far east has begun only very recently.  Like Hibana, Daedalus could have met Nara via custom forge work or by chance in a bar/eatery.


Bucephalus is a former soldier of Chrysalis' hive.  In the wake of the bombshell of the S6 finale, he's become something of a knight-errant or ronin.  A ronin is nothing without his weapon and Bucephalus would carry one or more with him for protection in his travels.  He would likely request custom-forged kit or reforging of existing kit to suit his ever evolving combat style.  Nara could know him via custom orders or chance encounters on the road in Equestria.  The catch?  She might not know him as Bucephalus, instead meeting one of his alter egos.

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