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Gwynne Silverbeak [Ready]


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Name: Gwynne Silverbeak
Sex: Female
Age: Older Middle Aged
Species: Griffin
Eye colour: Blue
Coat: Rust red feathers and grey fur
Mane and tail: Gwynne isn’t particularly concerned with appearances, and prefers to keep anything she can trimmed short so it won’t get in the way while she’s on active duty.
Physique: Athletic
Residence: She has a combined room and office at her family home in Talonopolis, although most the time she resides aboard the Swift Claw
Occupation: Airship Captain with the Aquellian Military
Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique traits:


Gwynne has extensive training and experience with unarmed combat and flintlock weapons, as well as a passing familiarity with a wide variety of weapons in general.  Though her age does slow her down somewhat, her experience in combat generally makes up for it.

Gwynne also has a minor, natural talent for tinkering, which she has never fully developed, but never let fall completely to the side either.  She has been known repair devices in the field, or even create minor gadgets on the fly, though such things rarely last for more than a use or two and are dependant on what materials are in the area.




Most Silverbeak children are encouraged from a young age to tinker, and Gwynne was no exception.  Even from a very young age she showed a knack for building small devices, and this activity was encouraged.  Over the course of her youth, she made a number of little things, including little toys for herself or her friends, and little devices meant to be useful.  That none of them worked quite as intended was seen as beside the point, the desire to create useful things and the will to see her projects through were the more important aspects.


It was expected that she would continue down this down, and in doing so carry on the proud traditions of the Silverbeak family, however fate would have other plans.  When one day Gwynne learned that one of her friends had been stolen from, and despite her friends insistence that’s not a bit issue Gwynne refuses to leave it alone, and in the process learns that this is not an uncommon occurrence.  Successfully tracking him down, Gwynne tried to confront the thief, but she lacked the skills necessary to bring the thief down and after only a brief scuffle she slunk home, with mild injuries.


Where another might have seen that as a sign to try a different path however, Gwynne was not done.  She was convinced that the cause was sound, dispensing justice and and protecting the less fortunate seemed all the more important, but rather it was she herself where the weakness lay.  She became convinced that she would need to become stronger, if she was to fulfil her new purpose.  Her habits changed.  Though taking some convincing, her parents eventually allowed her to take martial arts.  And her tinkering took on a decidedly more combative-bent, with practice armour and weapons being among the projects she gave herself as things to make.  The next time Gwynne encountered the thief, a year later, she was prepared to send him packing.  The thief left town afterwards, and Gwynne never heard of him again.


That did not mark the end of it for Gwynne herself however.  The passion to protect and to combat evil remained strong.  She enlisted in the Aquellian military as soon as she came of age.  Though eligible for a basic level of officer’s training, at her own insistence her first year was spent as a basic infantry, after which her commanding officer successfully convinced her to set her sights higher.  She qualified to become a low level commander, and while her performance tended more toward adequate than exceptional, she was well liked by soldiers placed under her command both for her desires to keep her troops safe and her willingness to take to the frontlines alongside them.  Her career from there consisted of a slow, but steady advancement.


Gwynne’s latest post is something she did put a little more effort into achieving: captain of the Swift Claw, a vessel in the Aquellian Air Fleet stationed at Talonopolis.  Captaining a ship has given her a unique outlet for her tinkering, which remains as a hobby.  She has enough clout and history in the military to have autonomy over the ship, which has allowed her to implement a number of components and devices built by Silverbeaks, a number of which Gwynne herself has helped develop.  Though as she is ver safety conscious, she has put each through very rigorous testing.




Gwynne is a soldier, both in terms of profession and in terms of mindset.  Though her perspective and attitudes have changed over the years, she never lost her conviction for protecting those that can’t protect themselves, and stopping as much harm as she could from occurring.  She is a stalwart griffon both on and off the field, refusing to back down from a point she commits herself to whether against enemies in combat or friends in conversation.


Gwynne’s military mindset can be both a great strength and a great flaw.  She can react and analyze a situation quickly, but her thinking tends to have a combative leaning.  She has a subconscious tendency to think of everyone in terms of allies and enemies, even where more nuanced social roles might be appropriate.  Her inability to accept sacrifices, born out of her desire to protect others, has limited her potential for advancement as a commander.  A cunning opponent can potentially force her to make a choice she can’t face, or manipulate her into worse strategic positions, though she is intelligent enough to avoid obvious traps.


Additional Notes:

Gwynne is the adoptive mother of Bevel after her parents' passing.  The griffin tried to do her best for the pony but a) couldn’t stop seeing her as weak and vulnerable and b) is a military griffin at heart and doesn’t really know how to raise a child, let alone one of a different species.

[Last I checked, I have permission for this relation to Bevel]

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