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Yūrei Henka [Ready]


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Name: Yūrei Henka


Age: Adult


Gender: Female


Species: Changeling (disguises mainly as a pegasus)


Eye color: In her true form, her eyes are a piercing red. In her typical disguise, however, she has light brown eyes.


Coat Color: Aside from her orange back shell and yellow wings, her true form is the same black that one would expect to find. Her disguise has a sort of dark sky blue color to it. 


Mane/Tail: Her true mane is really nothing more than a bun on the back of her head, made from gray hair and with two black pins sticking out of it. Her tail is somewhat short as well, only reaching down to around her knees. 


In her disguise, both her mane and tail are a dark red in color. Her mane still holds the same bun, with the same two pins, but it also has much more hair, some of which falls over her right eye partially. Her tail is the same length in both forms, with a bit of black bindings making it start only slightly higher than it would naturally. 


Physique: She is a rather small changeling, shorter than most others her age with a very lithe and agile build. She wears light armor underneath her clothing, just enough to not hinder her movements. 


Residence: Her clan's home is located in the wilderness south of Polohama. 


Occupation: Head of the Henka ninja clan


Cutie Mark: Her typical disguise has a cutie mark of three golden horseshoes. 


Unique Traits: She has had extensive training in stealth, the use of her changeling abilities, the use of practically every type of ninja tool, and katanas. She keeps a number of throwing stars and smoke bombs hidden on her at all times for emergencies, and her hair pins can be used to fight with too if the need arises. 


Her katana has been passed down from generation to generation, and holds teleportation magic inside it. The blade is named Tiasupēsu. 


History: When Yūrei was growing up, her clan was made up entirely by changelings, meaning her childhood was safe from having to hide from others. She spent her entire young life in her home and the surrounding wilderness, playing with her friends and exploring. As she grew older, she was taught not only how to use her natural changeling abilities, but also the skills needed to become a ninja by her mother, who was the head of the clan at the time. 


Her training continued for many years, proceeding right along with the education she received from some of the other clan members about a variety of topics. These topics ranged anywhere from math to current events, and from politics to science. Regardless of her parents' attempt to put some book smarts into her head, she only seemed to retain enough of the information to satisfy her instructors. Her main focus was her ninja training. 


After becoming an adult and graduating from both her schooling and the training necessary before she was deemed a ninja, she began to go on missions herself, often with her parents. They were mostly recon or spying missions, her parents wanting to put off the more violent jobs until they thought she was ready for them. It was a mission that she wasn't on that did them in, however. 


When she was told, she refused to believe the news, waiting almost a month before she truly began to realize they were gone. It took her another week before she also realized that in their absence, she was the new head of the clan, and she then began to truly take up the mantle. 


After a few years of keeping things as they were, she decided it was time for a change and opened up recruitment to all races instead of only changelings. The Maine idea behind this is these other races would bring new ideas and abilities to the clan, with the added benefit of possible food sources coming to them instead of having to go out to get them. Of course, the changelings would have to be disguised most of the time, but that was nothing new to those that left the walls of their home often. This was perhaps where her games of hiding her status started, as a way of messing with the new members of her clan. 


Personality: She is a very secretive individual, loathe to share information if she does not need to. Despite this, she is very friendly, willing to make the effort towards friendship with most anyone. The main exception to this would be her targets or enemies, to whom she might offer a false pretense of friendship in order to get them with their guards down. She does not flaunt her position, enjoying confusing the rare visitor or contractor that come to her home with the apparent lack of anyone in charge. Yūrei enjoys playing games, be they harmless ones with friends and allies, or more malevolent ones played with targets and enemies. 


Summary: A somewhat playful ninja leading her own clan from the shadows, Yūrei lives her life to the fullest in order to live up to the expectations heaped upon her from various sources. 

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