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Is...Is this on?


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Hello! Always nice to see a new face on the site. c:


Speaking of which, while it's okay to be nervous, and I completely get it, I'm pretty confident that you'll soon find there's no reason to be. Our community is exactly what one should expect from people with our interests, and it's why I find myself always returning in the end. The only obstacle I could imagine you facing--if you could even call it that--is the effort of getting to know individuals here, which is almost impossible to screw up. They're good people who will treat you well. Count on it!


With that, I do hope you'll enjoy your stay. There is quite literally a whole world of people who gather here, and knowing them, they're probably eager for you to dive headfirst into this place along with them. There are more than plenty of places to explore, so it should be pretty easy to find your flavor here; and if you ever get lost or need help, just holler. ^^

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