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Ishi Masayoshi [Ready]


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Name: Ishi Masayoshi


Age: Young stallion 


Gender: Male


Species: Qilin 


Eye Color: A very faint yellow. 


Coat: His coat is a dark midnight blue, with the scales he sports and his horns being the same faint yellow of his eyes. 


Mane/Tail: He likes to keep his mane rather long, reaching down to partway down his chest. His tail hair, on the other hand, is a somewhat short length due to the rest of the tail that precedes it. Both are fairly wavy, and primarily colored a reddish-orange with some streaks of a light red close enough to the other color that it could be mistaken for the same thing if one does not look hard enough. 


Physique: He is a little plump from his immobile work, though he is by no means fat. He is still inside the range of a healthy weight for a stallion of average height like him, just closer to too fat than too thin. 


Residence: Palace Castle in Kyoma


Occupation: Ōmetsuke


Cutie Mark: A white feather and a katana crossing to make an x shape. This represents justice to him, offering both kindness and retribution depending on the circumstances. 


The day started out like any other, with the colt walking around the palace. What it became though, was anything but normal as he stumbled upon some guards leading a pony towards the jail. He was drawn to the case for some reason, the pony not looking guilty to him. He asked around and eventually got his hooves on all the available information. It took him a while, but by a week later, he found something that led him to believe the pony was actually innocent. He brought it up to the Ōmetsuke, who graciously took his findings and the office discovered he was right within a couple days. His mark appeared the next day, after helping to free the innocent pony and watching the guilty one be brought in. 


Unique Traits: Owns a pet golem in the shape of a jackal, which is around the size of an adult medium-sized dog. He calls this golem "Shibō", as a bit of a wink at Anubis. It was given to him the day before his mother left on her fateful trip. 


He is adept in the earth form of dragonbreath, and has some practice in the healing portion of the wood form. 


Carries a simple katana, though most fighting is done by his golem. In fact, part of the reason he is so solitary is that Shibō often is the one retrieving various documents and such that he needs to look at while working. 


History: His childhood was much the same as his brother's, though being born about a year later meant he didn't quite get the same level of attention. He was the second child of the shogun, and while she loved him just as much as Ryuichi, he was left out of much of the grooming and training his brother received on the way to becoming the next Shogun. Still, he didn't mind, usually being nearby and watching the training. This may be one factor contributing to his eye for detail, watching all these things happen. He got a bit of training, of course, in case he suddenly became the heir for whatever reason. Thankfully, that never came to pass and he enjoyed a quiet childhood. 


His eventual time in the military was a simple one, as the only combat he saw was occasional sparring. He was actually stationed as an investigator, to deal with any crimes and such within his unit, which was located on an island as a defense point that was thankfully never attacked. When he returned, he decided to keep with the kind of job he had been given in the military and joined the office of the Ōmetsuke so as to help deal with the crimes of the government and other important ones. 


He enjoyed his work there, punishing the guilty. He worked his way up the ranks until he was second-in-command, which just happened to occur a few weeks before his mother was to leave on a trip. As a gift for his progress, his mother commissioned the golem that he received a day before she left, making it the last thing he ever received from her. Between that and the fact it looked like a jackal made naming the golem easy. 


While Ryuichi ran into a forest to escape his grief, Ishi grew obsessed with finding answers. He closed himself into a room, pouring over every report and testimony of survivors to try and find someone he could actually punish while at the same time drowning his sorrows in food and drink. As far as he could find though, the only one to blame was the monster, and he eventually came to accept that. At least on the outside he did. 


The Ōmetsuke that had served his mother retired just before his brother returned to take the throne, leaving the position open for him to take. And take it he did, glad for the opportunity to support his brother more directly through his work. 


Personality: Despite what his figure might suggest, he is not a lazy stallion. He is actually quite a hard worker, not resting until he has all the facts and determines if someone is actually guilty of the crime his office discovered. The fat comes from stationary work as well as a tendency to eat during these times. He is very passionate about justice, though he is also passionate about being fair in that justice. This desire for fairness is why he prefers to have all the facts, so that he is much less likely to condemn an innocent person. Friends are not above suspicion, not even his own family are above it. 


In general, he is a very nice individual, giving off an air of approachability despite his status in the shogunate and his status as the Shogun's brother. He is willing to become friends with everyone he meets, wether or not that happens usually depends on how the interaction went. 


Summary: A somewhat pudgy qilin that loves justice and fairness in equal measure, he will not rest until the truth is discovered. 

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