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Five Score Divided By Four


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So, does anyone ever talk about Five Score Divided by Four, or is it just a quiet little story that people read and forget? I've heard plenty of 'discussion' over Fallout: Equestria, mostly because It's huuuge, and the fact that it's such a strange crossover throws a lot of people for a loop.. But what about Five Score? No, It's not a crossover, and no, It's not terribly long, but I read it and honestly.. It's extremely good. Sadly not as well written as Fallout: Equestria, but still, It is an incredibly well done fan fiction, that takes the time to talk about the mental changes and challenges of becoming a different species, and different gender. Or, more fittingly, reverting back to your original species and gender. The book is so amazing, and yet I hear next to no discussions, roleplays, or anything else of it, not even fan art.. Which is very depressing, considering some scenes would be very interesting to see. Have any of you even heard of this story? And if you have, where do you guys discuss it?? 

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