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Crystal Lily [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Crystal Lily


Sex: Female


Age: Young Mare


Species: Reformed Changeling


Eye colour: Green


Coat: Powder Blue that fades into Cornflower Blue and a purple main body


Mane/Tail: N/A


Physique: Slightly taller than your usual changeling by no more than an inch or so with a slender build and a medium sized horn. Her shell that covers her wings are red with darker red spots and has a red gossameresque "tail". Also has three jewel like stones on neck


Residence: Canterlot


Occupation: Currently unemployed but is looking!


Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique Traits:

Sculptor: After her transformation she's discovered that she's quite good at sculpting and pottery. Making vases and small figurines, she's tried bigger projects but just never turned out right to her but that doesn't mean she's given up on them yet!


Cook: Another favorite for her to do is cooking meals for all ponies big or small she can't cook large buffets or feasts but she knows enough about pony culture to serve at most a small family of ponies.


Traveler: Crystal Lily also has a fondness for travel hence why she's never in one spot for more than a moon or so, but Canterlot will always be her home base.


History: Before her transformation Crystal Lily was a shy and timid changeling always wanting to be loved and give love back, but making new friends was a scary new territory that she just wasn't ready to face. So she got by by stealing it from ponies who would go out of town for a few days and would replace them temporarily. It was great fun too! Being able to have friends even if it was for pretend and the ponies didn't know who the real pony behind the disguise was which always made her make her stay short because she wanted somepony to like her for the changeling she was not the pony she pretended to be. One day Crystal was trotting through the woods when she met a lost colt, of course he was afraid of her since she was a big bad changeling and everypony has heard how mean they can be. But Crystal tried her best to befriend the lost pony and help him back towards his home. She tried singing, dancing, opera, tricks, and all sorts of other things just to try and befriend the pony but none of it worked. She was about to give up when as a last resort she asked about the colt's cutiemark and how he got it. This light up the pony's face and he gladly told her the story of his adventure of getting his cutiemark.


She was such a great listener he just couldn't be afraid of her. What kind of mean changeling would listen through someone's backstory and actually engage in conversation with him? So they became good enough acquaintances that he was willing to let Crystal Lily help. Excited she lead him through the forest talking more and more about random subjects that just happened to pop up. He asked her about her name and she told him she didn't really have one, at least one that she liked so together they came up with the name Crystal Lily. For the color of her carapace looking like crystals and her favorite flower being a Lily. As they talked and chatted and something inside her felt . . . different she felt. . . happy? Genuine happiness! It was such a fantastic feeling that she felt something inside and outside of her change. Her black and green exterior became a blueish and purple instead. The sudden transformation stunned the stallion but had to admit that he liked the new look better. Feeling light on her hooves she escorted the colt out of the woods and back to where he belong. He insisted she come with to meet his friends and with the new look she gained she decided it was great idea! So she was not only introduced to the colt's friends and family she was introduced to the magic and wonder that was canterlot which then became her new home.


Character Personality: As stated before her personality used to be shy and timid but after her transformation she became more outgoing and pony friendly! She's always eager to learn more about pony culture and all the wonders that comes with it. Crystal Lily is also always open to new adventures and new ponies and creatures to meet! In her down time she creates things for the friends she's made be it trinkets or small vases maybe even a figurine. Either way Crystal has become a life loving pony and enjoys every moment of it.


Character Summary: Crystal Lily has learned to appreciate life and all that it has to offer. After her transformation she has learned the importance of friendship and all that comes with it. She loves living each day to the fullest be it cooking for somepony, making pottery or figurines, exploring the wide world of equestria, or just sitting at home with a good book. Crystal loves meeting new creatures and ponies and hopes to make at least one friend in every region of Equestria and more!


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