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Official Discussion Thread - S07E01-2 Celestial Advice/All Bottled Up

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Staring best pony! Oh and her best friend Starlight Glimmer too.


Rejoice! Rejoice! For Season VII is finally here!  With the ponies we all adore and love! The time has come for Princess Twilight to accept that her young padawan, Starlight Glimmer, is now a Jedi.  I mean, that she has learned all the friendship lessons Twilight could teach.  So what happens next?  Will there be more Starxie shipping fuel? Is that what you even call that ship? Tune in to find out! The episode airs Saturday 11:30 AM EST on April 15th!! :) <3
This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk. :blush:

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Confession time, folks.  Honestly, I wasn't all that excited about the beginning of Season 7.  I haven't been doing much 'MLP stuff' for years, and I thought that my interest in the show was starting to wane.


HOWEVER, that was BEFORE I viewed these two episodes! 


The writers on this show are AMAZING!  Seriously, I found both episodes very intriguing and thought provoking!


Add in some fun 'background character action' from Discord in the first one, and Granny Smith with Bulk Biceps in the second, and these two episodes made me smile! 


Maybe there's hope for me after all!


Great season premier!  Not the best I've seen, but much better than I expected!



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I liked the first episode..There were some fun bits.. I enjoyed the second one even more.




Especially when they throw in three random ponies to be possessed by the hate plaque...."I didn't know you had a Dark Past, Granny Smith".


Or the bit with Bulk and his nuts. I do like when characters ask questions I already have..


Bulk Biceps: Yay! My nut cart!

Jeweler Pony: Uh, hang on. Don't you work at the spa?

Bulk Biceps: [gasps] I'm late for my other job! What? I wear many hats.


Loved Trixie as she was an arse....And wow...She says one bit in the second episode.. Trixie: "Listen, I'd take that over the boring pony you were becoming any day. The Starlight I love is passionate, lively, and yeah, sometimes angry. Those are my favorite parts of you. That and the fact that you forgive me every time."


TrixLight? Starixie?




Also, the name 'Somnambula' was dropped somewhere. I did not notice it...I'll have to re-watch it, as I watched the shows after work, and I was already half-asleep...But she was a character from one of the older MLP generations...Probably one...She was a human witch...the younger she got, the more powerful her magic was...And she could steal the youth from others...Curious if she will pop up later on in the season..at least in some form or another.





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A very neat set of eps. I don't even mind the lack of a two-parter premiere, as the extra bit of resolution for the previous finale is refreshing and didn't need the space of two eps for its slice-of-life tone.



That shipping tho


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