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Whaaaaaaaat's Goooooooood?


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Whaaaaaat's Gooooooooooood!?

What's real good!?


Howdy there folks, I'm Bronco.  I just got drafted into your little community by a friend of mine earlier today, anyone have any tips for a green horn like myself?  I'd appreciate anything you can throw my way: tips, tricks, hand grenades... the essentials for a beginner.  Also feel free to introduce yourselves, the company's welcomed.  Anyways, over to you.    

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Aye, welcone to Canterlot!


My vests are currently out of explosive ordnance so I'll have to throw my knowledge instead. Now ain't nothing merrier than "advice" from a guy that only has one post (now two) on the records! 


I can tell you a few things from my endless pool ow knowledge. Firstly, obey the rules and secondly...um...have...fun? Oh and write long Rp posts, people (ponies?) like that. Don't forget the grammar either, double tap your text before sending it so it doesn't come out looking like some glyph puzzle in need of decoding.


Heh...anyways, have a good one!



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