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Heyo forums! Been a little while since I've done one of these, but here's another relationship planning thread for my two most recently approved OCs. As always, here's a bit of background on the both of them:


Yin - Qilin born in a small village in Long Guo. Attended the Fenghuang Monastery for a while in her teenage years, before ending up in Long Kong and joining the Triad "Divine Protectorate." Works as the Grass Slipper of the Triad, which is basically the negotiator and spokesperson for the group.


Kamikakushi no Shinrin - an Okami Yokai who's been around for a long while. Doesn't remember much of his life outside of what he deems "his forest," which is located somewhere between Polohama and Kyoma (more towards the coast). He has a habit of "spiriting away" travelers that enter his forest - basically kidnapping them and keeping them around away from prying eyes for periods of time - but they are always cared for and returned to the forest edge in perfect health. He also has a dual identity as a Neighponese model that goes by the name Okami, who is infamous for not signing any contracts agency and instead just showing up for jobs whenever he feels like it.


As for potential relationship ideas...


Foalhood friends (Yin) - Basically a character that Yin could have met and befriended when she was still small. Only stipulation would be that the other character would have had to visit her hometown from time to time, as part of Yin's personality is dependent on her having been cloistered in her hometown for most of her young life. So no traveling on her end until she left for the Monastery. Childhood friend works best, as Yin would've been too lazy to actively form a negative relationship with anyone (unless said character was mean or insulting towards her brother, then she would very definitely have negative feelings towards them).


Employers (Yin) - Even now as a member of a Triad, Yin will still take the odd job every now and then to pay the bills. Mostly, the jobs are used to get a feel of the area, learn all the current gossip, figure out how the shopkeepers and business ponies feel about the Triads, etc. Doing grunt work is a pretty good way to grab information from innocuous sources, after all. Basically anyone who has any sort of business in Long Kong, or anything that would require some light manual labor, could potentially be an ex- or ongoing employer of Yin. 


Victims (Yin) - The Triad is not a nice organization, no matter how it might get glamorized. I'd love it if there were some characters around who were personally victims of Yin's actions working on behalf of the Triad - as in, they got shook up because they'd failed to pay their "protection" fees on time, maybe some of their stock or stored goods got smashed up, or maybe their home ended up being "mysteriously" burned down after they stood up to the Triad the first time. Yin usually doesn't outright threaten others, and doesn't do the whole, "crack knuckles and chuckle ominously and grab shirts to threaten with a pulled back fist", or anything like that. She's entirely casual when she's face-to-face with someone themselves...but her actual retaliations can be felt and seen by everyone.


Rescuer(s) (Kakushi) - Yokai are sometimes hunted and captured and sold as valuable pets, and considering that he is one of the rarer types of Yokai, Kakushi has most definitely had some bad run-ins. He's especially weak against ponies that have access to anti-magical spells or devices, since he's a naturally magical creature. It'd be pretty neat if there was one pony or more who came across some Hunters and a trapped Kakushi and helped set him free - perhaps even helped nurse him back to health if he was severely weakened and far removed from his home forest.


Descendents (Kakushi) - Kakushi is old, old enough to remember a lot of the towns and cities before they became bustling centers of world-wide commerce. I'd love for some characters to be descendants of travelers that he had spirited away once upon a time, which could make for some interesting stories if/when the two ever meet. Maybe your character has a grandfather that everyone believed was crazy because he constantly reminisces about how he was kidnapped and looked after by a wolf when he was a wee lad traveling through Neighpon. Said grandfather could have also been from anywhere in the world and was just visiting Neighpon at the time, so it's not only a Neighponese citizen that could have met Kakushi. 


Kidnapees (Kakushi) - In addition to descendants of ponies he's kidnapped, there can be some characters who themselves have been spirited away by him. Basically, anyone who has any reason to have been his forest at some point (either just passing by, or trying to harvest some of the trees, or studying the flora in the area, etc) is up for grabs. He mostly spirits away ponies that hold some interest for him, considering he began doing it to learn more about the pony world, and then later on just for his enjoyment. They're usually kept in his forest for a couple of weeks, sometimes months if he finds them particularly intriguing. If you're interested in your character having been a victim of his at one point, let me know and we'll talk it over - he doesn't spirit away everyone that enters his forest, but the possibility is definitely there.


"Agent" (Kakushi) - Perhaps Kakushi first become discovered by one pony in particular, who either got him a modeling job him/herself, or encouraged Kakushi to get a modeling job. This person would probably end up becoming Kakushi's "agent", in the sense that he's the only one who knows how to get in touch with the model Okami, and gives him info on certain jobs he thinks he would be good for. This character could be almost anyone, whether directly connected to the modeling business (another model, photographer, agency associated, etc) or just a random stranger who ran into a disguised Kakushi, became friends, and first opened up the idea of starting modeling. This character may or may not know that Kakushi is actually a Yokai or not, but at the very least, they would have some sort of system to relay messages back and forth. 


...That's all I can think of for the moment. As always, if you have your own plotting ideas when it comes to my characters, please don't hesitate to let me know! I'm not solely confined to these ideas. And of course, if you're interested in having a character or two filling out some of these roles, also let me know! Happy RPing!


(Also, for anyone that's familiar with my Shogun recruitment thread, I'm not promising drawing of characters related to these two, that was sort of a special I had going on just for Ryuichi's associates. But I will say that I do have a tendency to randomly draw characters that I RP with often, just because I get to know them and become more familiar with them than what I just read off a profile. Sooooo...there's always that~)

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Hi! My main character,  Bright Spark, is actually traveling trough Equestria. After a small rest at Canterlot he will go to Long Guo for study how magic is used in this place.

Perhaps he can meet one of the two?

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Entirely possible! If he's going to Long Guo then there's potential for him to meet up with Yin at some point, since Kakushi is stuck in Neighpon for the time being.


This thread is more for planning existing relationships though, characters that mine have already met, rather than planning out future RPs (which we can still do, but I can't make promises as to if/when I'll be able to actually participate in said RP). It's basically a way to integrate my character into WoE without having to use "Hi my name is" with every single other character they meet. So, I'm sending out feelers for characters that mine have already met in some way or another. 

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Hmmmm, not counting prior IM discussions.........

  • I'll permit Yin to have been a failed assistant at Aunt Ci's shop for a very brief time.
  • Maybe sometime during his earlier samurai career, Yamabushi could have helped Kamikakushi no Shinrin out of a jam. My ryuma would be highly capable of defeating a pack of cowardly poachers single-handily.

Just some ideas, anyway. :)

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I think what I would like is for Shiroi's father to actually be connected to Kamikakushi, in a somewhat interesting way.  One of the Mangaka in the studio he works for would be one of his former kidnappee's as a young foal, and would later write a Manga featuring Kami as a character.  Heck, who knows?  Maybe Kami could even model for his manga counterpart!

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Since my (Secret) Yokai Yakuza Toboe is currently working out of Long Kong for a personal reason... and is a friend of the current leader of the Triad, perhaps Yin can be a regular patron since members of the Triad get fifty percent off drinks and maybe remind some of the more foolish or ambitious members the place is off limits. In general it might be fun to just see what this new generations triad members are like. 


For Kakushi, If he's been around a long while I had been wondering if he'd met any other OKami Yokai, specifically one who might have had a pup or two stolen when they were born. I was thinking perhaps Kakushi might recognize Toboe if he'd maybe seen her as a puppy at one point, maybe even recognize her scent or her real form if he ever say her again.


Food for thought.



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3 hours ago, PyroBlaze said:



1 hour ago, Bellosh said:



51 minutes ago, PrinceBlueblood said:







.......I am supremely okay with each and every one of these things. *squeezes all!*


@PyroBlaze Just lemme know which one you want to have had an ancestor at some point run into Kakushi, Sanda or Corva (Sanda seems like she'd make more since she's a pony and Kakushi's been more interested in pony kind than griffons). Kakushi will probably be able to recognize Sanda/Corva as a descendent of their ancestor~


2 minutes ago, Pretzelparty said:



Equally good things right here!


Yin is inspired by sans, so of course she's going to be frequenting bars to snooze the day away. Makes sense that she'd have a bar in particular that she frequents, and I see no reason it can't be Toboe's. Though, dunno about reminding the more foolish members, she'll probably be too busy eating and drinking and napping to do anything much about that, lulz.


Kakushi's been around for a long while, so it's entirely possible he might have met Toboe's parents and their pups (so long as they passed through his forest at some point - around that time he still stayed close to his forest, so he wouldn't have been out and exploring then). Whether he saw her as a pup can be up to you (again depending on if she was still with her parents when they passed through/visited his forest), and if he did, he'll probably be able to recognize her as an adult, though perhaps not straight away. 




*breathes in all RP ideas*


Yes, yes...my appetite has been whetted...bring me more...

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I have a necromancer, by the name of Grim Solace.  Rather than the archtypical use of necromancy however, he uses it to speak to and try to help tormented spirits, and banish those he can't help.  He tends to wander, finding places spirits are said to haunt and investigating.  The idea being that he's traveled all around, he could easily have visited Neighpon at some point, and while there he heard stories about spirits in the local woods.  Naturally, he would go to investigate, and have a run-in with Kakushi.


From here I could see things having gone one of two ways: either Grim Solace is a kidnapee by the curious yokai, or a rescuer.  I'm kinda partial to the second one, as I think it fits Grim's character to help, and he might resist the kidnapping until he realizes it's benign, but at the same time I will understand if you don't want to have him be rescued too many times either.

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10 hours ago, DerpRavener said:



That works for me! I'm fine with Kakushi needing to be helped out of a bind a couple of times - his inquisitive nature means that much more risk in getting captured, especially if some hunters started specifically going after his forest (which I imagine they might have, once rumors of a powerful spirit or Yokai began circulating around the forest). 


I'm going to assume that he's formed positive relationships with those that rescued him, @Bellosh and @DerpRavener (because why wouldn't you be grateful and partial towards someone that saved you from a life of servitude) but if that's not the case lemme know!

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