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  • About Myself Hello, I am a scot irish american... well, if I were a dog I'd be a mutt, let's say, and I am IN LOVE with MLP! I have watched every episode the second it gets to netflix, as my house doesn't really have MLP on its subscriptions, and my family doesn't approve...
  • How I found Canterlot.com Looked it up! I
  • How I became a fan of MLP:FiM I have loved the show since I was in middle school, I had been channell surfing, and got on to the show, I saw the animation style and found it interesting, so I watched the season intro, then the next episode, and so on, and so on, until I waas out of episodes to watch, I then realised that I loved this show, and I haven't stopped, 7 years later.
  • My favorite main cast/pony Pinkie Pie, i respect her goal in life.
  • And here’s the fun part. I love expanding on lore and making new species, it is something i just find irresistibly fun!
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