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Cog Carver [READY!]


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Name: Cog Carver


Sex: Male 


Age: Young Stallion


Species: Pony, unicorn


Eye color: Red, but one is blind and thus a cloudy blue


Coat color: A shiny bronze-ish color


Mane and tail: Blonde


Appearance: Wears strange looking goggles, capable of various magnification levels, muscular, built like big mac. has a scar over his blind eye, which was wounded by a faulty gear that was in his first project, an upgraded oven, that could cook quicker and more reliably, it was a prototype, and exploded violently. he has since then learned to be more safe with his tinkering.


Residence: Ponyville


Occupation: Tinkerer/inventor, he refers to it as being an innovator.


Cutie mark: A cog being carved out of a piece of scrap. He discovered his talent by trying to fix his mothers stove, and before he knew it, he was trying to make it better than the top of the line model! He wound up getting knocked into a wall, and his left eye wounded permanently. Although, he now hates stoves.


He has the unique ability to be capable of disassembling things mentally, telling what parts went into making it from the ground up. He then can see what parts are faulty, outdated, or simply broken, and not only fix them, but improve them as well. Also skilled with disassembling machines magically.


History: Cog Carver was born in ponyville, he had a lonely, poor childhood, until Pinkie pie came along, then he was notably happier, his mother was a construction pony, and his father a miner, they were overjoyed at his choice in profession after their original... well... skepticism for its safety. They have been dead since he was a colt, due to his father dying in a mine collapse, and his mother falling off a building. He has had to take care of his younger brother Smoking beaker since.He lives quite happily with his brother, owning a joint business that while not renowned worldwide, is still quite profitable.He is a hardworking individual, often found in trouble standing true to what he believes in, to the point of stubbornness, he adamantly refuses to give a faulty product to a customer. As for the future, he hopes to find a nice mare, settle down, and have a family. He is actually not singly focused on ponies, he is actually quite open minded in that regard, as long as they are kind to him and his brother, and accepting of his business, he doesn't really mind.


Personality: As he is quite shy around the opposite sex, Cog Carver tries to talk to mares openly, but he often winds up talking himself into... unique, situations. Enjoys reading, tinkering, making people happy, and being a good friend. Dislikes bullies, stoves,surprises, and loud noises. Thus, he has a long standing wariness of Pinkie Pie, as her and sudden loud noises are quite commonly close by each other. He will openly oppose anyone who is cruel to his younger brother, as they are all he has now. Openly states his distaste for the Flim Flam brothers, who conned him out of an invention he was going to gift to Applejack and her family, as well as made it extremely garish. He also is a hardcore fan of hoofball, and enjoys playing Ogres and Oubliettes with Spike and Big Mac.

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