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Roleplay Type:

World of Equestria


Niradaña (Nira)




Young Mare



Eye colour:

Dark Amythest


Deep Violet Purple


Light Amythest


Very slender and tone. Very quick and agile both in the air and on the ground. Good at dodging with quick counters and reflexes.




Arcane Field Medic, currently serves as bodyguard for Prince Ishi

Cutie Mark:

A Blue Arcane cross in front of a white shield.

Unique Traits:

Niradana can channel and manipulate pure arcane energy. Using this energy, she can sustain the life force of any pony by tapping into the surrounding energies of the environment and funneling it into a critically injured pony, preventing any injury from being fatal as long as she can get to them before the final breath is taken. She can also us this energy to heal any wound of flesh, internal or otherwise. Her magic however cannot repair nerve, bone, or deep internal damage.


She is also immune from her own magic and cannot heal herself with it or draw energy to sustain herself. Her magic only works on others.



One bright, cold winter night many years ago, a brand new filly entered the world. A daughter to her mother Asatsuyu (Morning Dew) and father Inazuma (Lightning wave) Niradaña came to be. Upon entering the world, a series of shooting stars shot through the sky. At the time, her parents knew not what it meant, but held hopes that the fortunate sightings meant that there were great things in store for their new little filly. They would not be disappointed.


At an early age in her fillyhood, she discovered her magical ability. She began to make small sparks of energy periodically with her mouth, and she found that whatever she hit with the energy became rejuvenated slightly or had a little bit more energy than normal. Unfortunately though, despite trying to breath on herself several times, she quickly learned that she was not able to duplicate the same effects on herself. Over time though, she worked on harnessing and manipulating this arcane energy that she discovered that it could heal small lacerations and abrasions. This made her a popular Longma on school grounds as many ponies, longma, and qilin alike sought her out whenever they experienced any of these minor injures. After all, being treated by her magic burned a lot less than the cleaning solutions that the nurse used before wrapping the wound in a bandage.


However, it wasn't until she was an older filly that she discovered the true nature of her magic. Her and her friend Asyura was getting ready to watch the fireworks together. They had gotten a great spot and they could see the entire assortment from where they were. When they noticed that they forgot their snacks though, Asyura decided to make a quick flight back to her home and grab them. However when she took off, she was hit by a rogue civilian firework and instantly plummeted to the ground. She landed not too far from where Nira was laying and when she was hit, Nira was already moving towards her, as well as the ponies who shot the fireworks. Her friend had suffered catastrophic injuries, both from being hit with the firework, and from the impact with ground. Doing the only thing that she knew how, she took a deep break and exhaled her magic.


When she did, she could feel her senses broaden. She could feel the arcane energy from everything around her, including herself and she began channeling it into her breath. She also noticed that she could feel the energy from Asyura herself as well, it was faint but it was there. Refocusing her breath, knowing she couldn't possibly heal such extensive injuries herself, she instead merged the energy that she was sustaining with the energy that was keeping Asyura alive. She continued to do this until the fully trained medical ponies got to the scene and began using their magic to get Asyura into a non-life-threatening condition before transporting her to the local infirmary. The medical team told her that had it not been for her action, the wounds suffered would have likely been fatal. Once she knew that her friend was safe, she relaxed a bit, though she could no longer enjoy the firework show that was displayed. She returned home, which is when she discovered that she had earned her cutie mark. A blue cross over the front of a white shield. The cross looked a bit distorted though, almost as if it was symbolizing the energy that she could manifest.


Word of her abilities though eventually reached on of the generals of the Neighponese army, and he ponysally sought her out, inviting her into the military academy where they would train and refine her magic. To see where it's boundaries lie, and to hopefully allow many more soldiers to go home to their families when the injuries they sustained would otherwise be fatal. Because of this, she was trained hard, both physically and mentally. She had to become lean and quick while she was on the lines tending to wounded soldiers against what few battles sprung up across her homeland. She also had to be very quick to learn how to dodge and counter physical attacks, seeing as her magic had no offensive properties at all. She could only channel the energy into others, and eventually made her way to being able to heal many wounds, but could not heal anything beyond the soft tissue of the body, or anything that she could not visibly see.


After a couple years of peace, instead of training her for war, they shifted her training to more important matters. Defending the ponies of importance in Neighpon. Just because they were no longer at war, didn't mean that many of the leaders and their families had enemies. They started teaching her how to recognize and counter possible threats before they could become a real problem and worked on heightening her senses so that she would very, very rarely ever get caught off guard. After her training, she was assigned one of the highest honors that anypony in Neighpon could receive. She was going to be the royal bodyguard for a member of the shogun family. His younger brother, Ishi to be exact. Upon receiving this news, Niradaña was both estatic and nervous. On one hoof, if she did well, it would bring her family great honor, but if she were to fail at her newfound role, she would bring great dishonor to her family. She steeled herself quickly though, as long as she remembered her training, she would do fine.


Character Personality:


Nira's personality can be described for the most part in two words. Fiercely Loyal. Due to her training, it is actually very hard to break through her skin. She is naturally apprehensive about everything and will never open up until she is one hundred percent sure that a pony is not intending to either harm her, or use the friendship with her as means to go after the shogun's family. In fact, unless specifically requested by Ishi, she will not let any of her acquaintances step hoof anywhere near him. When he was present, she was on duty. Only with his permission would she relent, but only a bit.


Once a pony breaks through her outer layer though, she will do anything to make sure that pony is protected, and is willing to do anything for them, so as long as it would not put Ishi in danger by doing so.

Character Summary:


Nira is a young mare Longma, and devoted bodyguard. Her magical energy perfectly augment her role as such. She does not take risks, and is loyal almost to a fault. She doesn't hesitate to put herself in the way of danger, and regards herself as one of Neighpon's elite, though she's stoic enough to not show it most of the time.


NOTE: I have permission from Pyroblaze to use Ishi, in the character application and he has approved Nira to be Ishi's bodyguard.

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