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Yù Liánhuā (Ready)


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World of Equestria

Name: Yù Liánhuā | 玉莲花 (Roughly translates into "Jade Pearl")

Sex: Female    

Age: Young Mare

Species: Longma

Eye Colour: Ocean Blue

Coat: Her coat is a soft lavender colour whilst the scales on her face, underbelly and wings are a deep polished turquoise colour.

Mane/Tail: Her long and well combed and washed mane akin to silk is a myriad of blues and greens mixed together in thick streaks, the greens fade nearer to the tips however.

Physique: Yù Liánhuā is a petite Longma, not as lengthy or as slender but like most of her kin has the grace to make up for her lack of size.

Residence: A resident Noodle and Dumpling shop in Kyoma

Occupation: Delivery mare to her parent's Noodle and Dumpling shop | Part time waitress at her parent's Noodle and Dumpling shop.

Cutie Mark:

A lotus with twelve petals floating upon water supporting a jade pearl in the center.



As a young filly, Yù Liánhuā was extremely shy and as most shy foals - had a 'comfort blanket' in the form of a small jade pearl, her most prized possession in life and something she cherished dearly; second to her family.

When the small family was starting off in Kyoma, the heart of Neighpon; it was hard to get a hoof in the door to properly start their business or even properly get situated for their house to become a home. With no proper income coming in, it looked like the little family would be moving soon.

Young Yù Liánhuā was sat one day by a pond, wondering how she could help her mother and father make enough bits to start their shop so they could stay in Neighpon's capital, as usual with her jade pearl in hoof. Pondering and wondering and thinking as hard as a little filly could, when she was about to leave to return home with no ideas in mind - a slipped hoof caused her precious pearl to land on a lotus in the middle of the pond.
Of course this caused the tiny foal to panic and fret at the loss of her comforting bauble, with no confidence in asking a strange adult for help and no power in her tiny wings given her age; no hope seemed in sight for retrieving her pearl. Hung onto the side she attempted to puff and blow the lotus blossom to the other end of the pond so she could pick it up...but instead found another way.

With a small puff of magic breath, the waters swirled and spun and lifted the lotus from the pond to the filly and washed the filly in shock and relief all in one sitting as she was reunited with her precious pearl...and then it hit her! Such a precious thing would cost so many bits, maybe enough bits to help her family start getting properly on their hooves!
Returning to her parents, she explained what happened and how happily she was willing to give up the treasure that comforted her if it meant her family could live contently and do what they love.

The next day, accompanying her father she saw her pearl get exchanged for enough bits to start a shop that would fill so many bellies and keep them housed and happy, seeing her parents so happy and content in their security made Yù Liánhuā feel warm to the core. And in a flash of light; her cutiemark appeared. A representation of how quick and willing she is to support those who are precious to her and how capable she was at making hard decisions at her own cost. But also a hint at her magical inclination to her breath's water manipulation.

Unique Traits:

  • Yù Liánhuā has an innate talent for hydromancy with her magical breath, being able to manipulate water to a limited degree; from floating blobs of water big enough to let koi fish swim within them for no more than an hour and being able to boil water or freeze water - however when the water gets too hot or too cold she loses all control over it. Making things like clouds and ice completely beyond her breath's magic. So she mostly uses it to boil water to the perfect temperature for her parent's cooking.
  • Because of most of her focus on magic, she isn't as strong a flyer but she uses her wings to make her lighter on her hooves. Using them to give her a little push in her running, or simply using them to freeglide after maybe a few bit of arduous minutes getting high enough to do it. However this lightness to her hooves also makes her a quick little waitress in her parents' shop and quite the dancer when she's sure nobody's looking.


On their travels from Long Guo to Neighpon; two happily newly wed Qilin by the names of Mr. Ruǎn Miàn (Soft Noodle) and Mrs. Cǎoméi Jiǎozi (Strawberry Dumpling) were pondering the dreams and ideas of sharing the culinary arts of their home with the Ryuma and Kirin of the neighbouring islands. They were excited and full of positive vibes for their travels.
As they made their way to the islands, the pair began to ready themselves mentally and started their trek to the jewel of the country and their main destination; the main city of Kyoma.

However as they took a break in making their way there; Ruǎn Miàn heard a distant, peculiar noise coming from the nearby river. Following the noise with his wife in tow, the pair found a raft made from a broken door wedged into the dirt by the water with a wailing bundled sat within a basket upon the driftwood.
Inspecting the bundle; they were both rather shocked to find a small infant Ryuma that thankfully hadn't seemed to be floating down the river too long to be starving - with nothing on her but a small jade pearl held within the tiny foal's hooves, that seemed to be the only thing that soothed her wailing.
For a week, the pair traveled the length and breadth of the river, asking any pony they came across if the foal was theirs and every answer they got was an apologetic no. And the further they asked, the more the answers continued to be the same. But also did their love for the tiny foal, eventually Ruǎn Miàn could not bring himself to take the child from his wife who had fallen completely for the tiny, winged babe that'd won not only her heart, but his also. After a long talk and both unanimously coming an agreement, they took in the foundling as their own child and gave her a name from their home country's tongue; Yù Liánhuā.

The little family soon continued their way, stopping place to place making their food and teaching their daughter the history of their own home whilst trying to also immerse their child in the history of her birthplace. Eventually, they all came to Kyoma; their original destination - but with a different set of troubles. As all new places without a bit to their name, it was hard to find a place and get properly started, along with making their shy daughter comfortable with all these strange new ponies.
It wasn't till Yù Liánhuā gave up her pearl, the one thing they found her with and her namesake did they find any real solid foundation for starting their home together. Yù Liánhuā's father secretly swore one day to make enough bits to reclaim her daughter's treasure in repayment for her selfless gesture.

Years passed and their daughter grew from a shy little filly, to a beautiful young mare that was always eager to help her parents in the kitchen and the shop as a whole, serving customers, delivering to those who couldn't get out of their home or were hard at work; both Noodle and Dumpling treasured their sweet Pearl. But they also knew that they had to tell her the truth about her origins.
One night, when the shop was all closed up, her parents sat her down and regaled her about where they had found her and the pearl they'd found her with - both filled with regret that such an important part of their child's past was gone for the sake of the roof over their heads. Yù Liánhuā however, was not sad, she stated that she willingly gave it over because she loved them and she knew now that she loved them all the more for what they'd done. That they were her family and saved her from no doubt a sad end to an early story.

A year later on the anniversary of her finding, a recompense for their child's dear birthday; her father gave her a gift. A pin. A pin with what sat atop made Yù Liánhuā's heart light and her eyes widen. Her pearl, her jade pearl. After years, both her father and mother had earned and saved enough to buy back the precious bauble so that their child could have her namesake back with its rightful owner. The mare keeps this special gift close to her, not simply now for comfort, but to remind herself that her parents love her and that she loves them with all her heart.

Nowadays, she is found in the heart of Kyoma; still helping her parents as they grow into their years. Delivering. Waitressing. Using her magic to aid them. And supporting them in every way she can.

Character Personality:

Yù Liánhuā is at heart a sweet mare, kind and gentle with a playful side if you get to know her; however some of her shyness and anxiety from youth is still prevelant in some of her mannerisms. For instance; when alone with someone new she can barely find a word to say - having made a few of her first few delivery jobs very awkward  when she had to do them without her father. Sometimes this may lead to a small state of panic, fumbling over her words, becoming overly apologetic for the smallest of inconvenciences even if they aren't actuall inconveniences. She makes mountains out of molehills in her mind's eye. But she atleast tries her best to come off as fearless in the face of her anxiety for the sake of work and making a good impression.

Those who know her closest and get past her shy exterior know that she is a deep romantic, wistful and daydreamy when on her own, thinking of fairytale dances and handsome chargers in armor saving her from Kaiju in said dreams. However she mostly keeps those sort of feelings for when she's pretty sure she's alone, with very close friends she trusts or when she has nothing to do, when she does - especially when it comes to her parent's shop - she is a tireless worker who deems no thanks necessary and content to do be the frontmare with her mother and father watching her back to step in and save her if she gets tongue tied.

Her most admirable, if worrying aspect, is her sense of self sacrifice. She puts all above herself. Her parents. The customers of the shop. Everyone. She is supportive to a fault, but neglects supporting her own dreams in doing so, often being playfully self-depreciative much to her parent's worries when people ask if she has higher ideals for herself. In her mind she would much rather see everyone else's dreams be fulfilled instead of her own, causing her to backseat most of her life for the sake of others.

Character Summary:

In the end, Yù Liánhuā is a beautiful, if shy young mare who cares for her family more than herself most the time. At her core she is a sweet, romantic day-dreamer and a hard working family girl with a talent for hydromancy in her magical breath and a light hoof, one can only imagine if she'll follow her dreams or continue making herself take a backseat to her family's happiness.



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