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Tsuyoi Kazan 'The Bandit Queen' (Ready)


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World of Equestria

Name: Tsuyoi Kazan | 強い火山 (Roughly translated to 'Strong Fire-Mountain')

Sex: Female

Age: Older Mare

Species: Ryuma

Eye Colour: A deep and fiery magenta

Coat: Tsuyoi's coat is a rich clay red whilst the scales on her underbelly and wings are a sunny golden yellow.

Mane/Tail: The Ryuma's spiked messy mane is a thick fire orange streaked with aqua blue and a darker shade of orange.

Physique: Tsuyoi is an athletic and tall mare, even with so many foals knotched into her belt the old girl has kept a fighter's figure.

Residence: Neighponese Countryside/Cave Lair

Occupation: Leader of a Bandit Gang and self-proclaimed 'Bandit Queen'

Cutie Mark: A tall snow capped mountain being crested by a sunrise.

When Tsuyoi was a very young and rambunctious filly, she had been dared by her friends to do stunts and acrobatic stunts and shows of strength and agility to entertain them all. Being the boastful little ball of energy she was, she kept pushing herself further and further with each dare. Proclaiming herself to be the better of the friends.
It was up until one of her friends in frustration at her boasting attitude, dared her to climb the top of a great mountain that no young filly should've gone to without an adult. Knowing this however, the small filly was not to be deterred. But try as she might, every time she tried to get to the top of the mountain something would stop her. An adult. A gust of wind blowing her off course. A mischievous yokai. In the end her friends began to laugh at her.

Infuriated by her losses she went home to sulk, until after more stewing she only grew more determined and in the dead of the night snuck out to climb the mountain one last time.
Now, no matter how she tripped. Fell. No matter the bruises the scrapes, the filly would not be swayed away from her goal. Till finally, the filly made her way to the tip, hooves dug into the snow and watching as the sun rose and made the entire mountainside glitter like a diamond. So bright the snow in the sun, she barely saw the flash on her flank showing her cutiemark; to represent her determination and endurance in the face of great adversity in the promise of a greater goal...but also maybe a touch of how far she would've pushed herself and others to get to that goal.

Unique Traits:

  • Living up the name 'fire-mountain', Tsuyoi's breath magic is pyrokinetic and dangerous to boot. Sparking if slightly agitated to a full on engulfing flame that can be maintained for as long as her lung capacity holds out. However it leaves her with a scorched throat and hoarse voice for minutes, possibly hours afterwards - so wisely she uses it sparingly when she can.


  • Being a 'Bandit Queen' Tsuyoi has a fair amount of charisma mixed with a very iron hoof system, but this goes hoof in hoof with the fact that she has a rather tactical mind when it comes to her gang's attacks on travelers or even small villages. She even uses said tactical mind when it comes to her smaller dubious acts.



  • She is a fighter to say the least, a rough and brutal swordsmare she is known for her harsh training of her gang and even her children - but most of it comes with good results. Having gone blade to blade with many a foolhardy goody two-hooves and won.



Once, Tsuyoi was a generally happy Ryuma. Living in a small village in the Neighponese countryside with her trader mother, travelling between Neighpon and Long Guo, telling stories of her journies and was a well liked filly amidst her friends. The attention however soon got to her little head as she grew and became stronger, showing off to the other little ponies and becoming bolder and bolder with everything they dared her to do...but the more she succeeeded, the more her head swelled and the more she bragged making her friends become resentful of her attitude.

After her tantrum with the mountain dare she had little to no friends left bar the few she could hold in her hoof, but she had her cutiemark and her determination grew with her. She became a suitably charismatic, if hot headed mare who would help her mother in her trade of goods between the two countries and always managing to squeeze a few extra bits from those they sold to. Garnering her the playful nickname of 'the trade route dragon' for her love of coin and how easily she seemed to grow her hoard after every travel to Long Guo and back.
Of course this soon caught the attention of a fair few suitors, oh how she delighted in the attention, the expensive gifts, the flirting, but none seemed good enough in her eyes. None were up to her standards.

Until one night.

A clatter awoke her in her house, a thief! Grabbing her mother's sword she faced the bandit on the roof and the pair of them engaged in combat, swords flashing so fast and movements so smooth that the pair might as well have been dancing. After hours of fighting till the sunrise, the pair were exhausted and...laughed. One was too much for the other and visa versa and both admitted to a draw, it was the first that she had felt equal with anyone and needless to say both were quite smitten.
As the days rolled by, she got more and more visits from her handsome rogue, sometimes going out with him to enjoy the feel of the wind on their wings, sometimes even joining him in his thievery. It was an exciting life to say the least. But she felt so restrained in not being able to join him further.
Juggling her want to stay in a cushy life and be with the stallion she loved who she wasn't even sure loved her in return; her decision was finally made on the day he finally proclaimed that he couldn't go another day without her. Asking for her to run away with him, which ofcourse, she accepted immediately.
For as long as they were together, they lived happily. His gang respected their leader and his fireball wife, his queen. The couple grew all the happier for their foal that would soon grace them, life was good.

Or, it was. 

Near the due date of her first child and she waited patiently for her husband and the gang members he'd taken with him to return from a small raid on a part of Kyoma that they'd been planning for months. But when they didn't return, her worry grew until a few of his gang members returned, bedraggled and wounded and in a state...but he was nowhere to be seen.
The bandits told her that during the raid a Kaiju attack had happened upon the city, many had been lost to it...including her husband. The news rocked her to her core and her heart broke, all that was left in her world was her foal and the gang of bandits that now looked to her for leadership.

Once her foal was born and old enough, she took charge. Sorrow in her heart had turned to a bitterness that she took out on travelers she robbed from and the bandits in her gang that didn't meet her standards. Through the years she took many lovers without any real love in her heart for them, just something to while away the hours and increase the gang's numbers through the many foals she had through them.

The power had gone to her head, no longer the dragon of the trade route and no longer just a bandit's wife. In her head, she was the Bandit Queen and her authority over her kingdom was and continues to be absolute.

Character Personality:
Tsuyoi is a mean and conniving old mare, one minute she'll be as sweet as honey, but cross her and you the bee's sting a thousand fold. She's carried her boastfulness from youth to adulthood in the ways of almost cartoonish villainy, monologuing, bragging and condescending. When she isn't being that however, she is a ball of (sometimes literal) fire, seething and angry and loud, she expects perfection from her bandits when it comes to raids and attacks - lack to do so will get a chewing out from the Queen.
Not even her children are spared this rod, even if she tends to be more lenient with them.
The only praise she seems to give is when her children or a bandit do something she would approve of, something devious, or even ratting out their colleagues if they plan on dissenting their Queen or keeping some of the pilfered treasure for themselves. Often praising them with the pride a mother or tutor would.
There are hints at kindness and gentility when it comes to her children and her gang, but it's fleeting as any worry is quickly replaced with anger at the individual's stupidity.

Character Summary:
A fiery and ruthless Bandit Queen who nurses a long time hurt under a whale blubber thick veil of pride, anger and piracy. Happy to reign terror over small villages and travelling caravans if it adds more to her pile of pilfered prizes and goods.



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