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Jinsoku Hanabira (Ready)


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World of Equestria

Name: Jinsoku Hanabira | 迅速な花びら (Roughly translated to 'Swift Petals')

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Ryuma

Eye Colour: Royal purple.

Coat: Jin's coat is a shimmering golden yellow whilst the scales on her stomach, wings and forehead are a deep sky blue.

Mane/Tail: Her spiked and braided mane as well as her tail are a deep rich blue highlighted by dusky gold and sky blue streaks.

Physique: Jinsoku is a well sleek and elegant Ryuma that is firm on her hooves, not as muscular as her mother but still strong in her own right.

Residence: Neighponese Countryside/Cave Lair

Occupation: Bandit | 'Heiress' to the 'Bandit Queen'.

Cutie Mark: Two swords crossed defensively beneath cherry blossom petals forming the shape of a heart.

As a young filly, Jinsoku faced a harsh training regiment put in place by her mother who demanded nothing less than perfection from her firstborn. On one particular day she was dealt with 'deflection' training, every chance to deflect the stones slung by her mother ended up with a scraped hoof. A bruised eye. Needless to say she didn't impress the mare whatsoever.

The poor filly was crushed. Her only solace in those early days was watching a tiny nest of birds that sat in a nearby cherry blossom tree as it started being filled with eggs, to being full of tiny chirping little balls of fluff and feathers that greeted her every time she fluttered up to them. A little ray of sunshine during her training.

The next day she continued as best she could, it wasn't till an errant stone flew towards her tree and disturbed the small nest of birds..nothing came of it completely bar the tiny chicks frettingly chirping, her mother however didn't seem to agree. Agitated by the noise, her mother she aimed a stone right for the twittering nest, causing the tiny filly to leap into the air, hoping to at least take the stone for the nest. However with a flick of her blade, she successfully deflected the rock away, saving the nest and herself a bruise.
It didn't get her in her mother's good books for quite a few days, but on that day she earned her cutiemark; Though not sure of it at the moment, it would eventually come to represent her skill with swords but also how quick she would come to the aid and defense of the weak or helpless.

Unique Traits:

  • As her name suggests, she is swift. Quick as a zephyr with her wings and light as a feather on her hooves; Jin is one of the swiftest bandits in the gang and is often or not the one sent on recon missions to check if a village or caravan is secure or not. Getting in and out in barely any time at all without leaving a blade of grass out of place.


  • From an early age JIn has proven herself as a skilled swordsmare, level headed and patient whilst also being quick with her cuts; she is indeed the gentlemare when it comes to fighting. Having a high sense of tradition and honor; being merciful to those who lose against her or those that cannot fight. 



  • As well as being quick, Jin tends to work as a public face for the bandits for subterfuge purposes, using stolen clothes and such to disguise herself as a high member of society to check out places that would be easy for the bandits to raid. Her usual guise is the beautiful daughter of a tradespony going by the alias of Taiyōkō Kawa (Sunlight River).


Being the firstborn foal of the Bandit Queen, Jinsoku already had some heavy expectations upon her shoulders from her mother. It didn't help that she also resembled her father greatly, a father she hadn't even had the chance to meet and had to go off stories that her mother regaled her with at a young age. 
As her mother took further control and became more steely, Jinsoku was leveled with further expectations, often being 'spoiled' with special training from the Queen and on one such day got her cutiemark - however not for being a brutal swordsman. But for defending a little bird's nest.

Growing up, she watched as sibling after sibling was born from her mother to different fathers, each treated differently from her mother and each often getting into different lots of trouble due to said mother. So Jin took it upon herself to look out for her younger brothers and sisters when she wasn't out doing work for the gang. Such as stealing books during a library so she could learn more on swordsmareship and learning nursery rhymes for her younger siblings to drift them easier to sleep. 
But through said learnings and readings, Jinsoku also gained a certain empathy, reading through history books and news clippings, learning of heroes and valiant efforts and knowing deep down in her heart that her mother's actions weren't right. Not that she'd dare say that to her own mother.

So it came to pass that during certain raids she would aid in some prisoner's escapes, free them from snares from her fellow bandits, she would even go out on midnight raids on the more uppercrust of the ponies with a group of her closest comrades and even some of her siblings within the gang to leave their winnings at the doorsteps of poorer folks. Even ponies that her mother had raided in the past. She had become Ryuma that stole from the rich and gave to the poor in a literal sense of the word...and all beneath her mother's own nose.

And to this day, as a young mare blooming into adulthood she still works the two sides of the coin. Acting as her mother's 'heiress', her spy, her forerunner whilst also stealing from ponies with too much to give to those with too little. Trying to find balance in her chaotic lifestyle and keep peace with her chaotic matriarch whom despite everything, she still loves dearly.

Character Personality:
Jinsoku is a quiet and loyal bandit to the Bandit Queen to those who don't know her, just another beaten lapdog to a mare who rules the gang with an iron hoof and seems as coldly detached as said mare. However that is just a first impression.
Those who know Jinsoku, know far better. She is as quick witted as she is swift footed, often finding the time for a sharp reply to those chasing her even if it is only meant as a playful gesture - maybe even to lighten the mood of a raid - and even comes off flirtatious to those she steals or fights. She puts on this facade even heavier when she is spying for her mother in her public alias.
Due to her family's state, there is a deep seated sense of sadness within the Queen's daughter, she feels that there is far more to life than stealing from defenseless villagers and terrifying them for no good reason other than to pilfer their earnings. Because of this she has instilled herself with a great sense of honor. Never harming those that are defenseless, such as foals, pregnant mares, or wounded fighters and never continuing a fight if the other drops their weapon or surrenders. Feeling it her duty to rectify her mother's mistakes and helping ponies that are down on their times in the only way she knows how.
Despite her rough foalhood she has grown into a mare that loves her family and tries her hardest to keep them happy and safe, being extremely protective of her younger siblings and even her friends within the bandit gang.

Character Summary:
Bandit-born and honor bound, Jinsoku is a rose amidst her mother's thorns, beautiful mysterious spy by the daylight roaming the streets to seek out another hit for her bit hungry mother and by moonlight thieving money from those too wealthy to give to those her mother had wronged. All the while wishing for more in her existence than the life of a bandit.


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