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Xan Presents: This Little World of Ours (Intrest check / sign up / OOC)

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Welcome to an alterative Equrestria Prime, where the future has taken a slight turn, and power play is possible.

Meet the locals, take an adventure; all while finding out about the past events that led to all of this.



This world will allow any and all kinds of characters, powers or none. There will be plenty to explore and discover, many characters to interact with, and a story that spans multiple dimensions. (That's going to be my favorite part!) Find, or make your story! This really will become our own little world.


The big focus points in this rp will be:

Manehattan: Thanks to a certain pony, who has a company here under the name of Vintage Enterprise, robotics have vastly become the norm, ranging from automation body parts and synthetic skin, to cloning and androids. Beyond that, science has taken to this city by storm thanks to Red and Virus Lambet!


Ponyville: Not too much has changed, but there are a good bit of interesting ponies to meet and greet .


The Islands: This is where it all began. Every story that's out there now branched out from here. A large group of different families live here, calling it home. If any truly knew how this world changed to how it is now; it would be them as they were the ones who helped mold it into this. The past can be found here, the only problem is getting to this pony-made land. Attempting to teleport to it will prove to be not the wisest of decisions, and flying will tire you out before you reach it, making the waters below your new home.


A second island also exist, where life is so wild, surviving in it requires a true warrior's and explorer's sense. There is only one way of getting to either of these islands...


The Warehouse: This location is technically not marked on the map, or even talked about.s It may not even be real. Though if you venture out past Ponyville and Caterlot, there may be a building that sits alone. There seems to be not true origins about it, or a reason why it's out in nowhere.c If you go inside this place, though, you may soon find out why; and just as soon you may lose your memories of the experience. This place doesn't exist.p


The rest of the world: This world really is yours to explore. Many more stories are waiting to be unearthed by anyone who finds them. Some may change the world, while others will teach lessons that can be carried out to future adventures.


And now for the small character sheet:








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Name: Sunny Disposition

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 28 (ish)

Personality: Optimistic, Inquisitive, Kind

Talent: Being able to find the bright side of anything.

Powers: (none)

Bio: For better or worse, Sunny is always willing to give anypony a second chance. And a third.. And forth... She's not the smartest, strongest, fastest, or even the most clever, but when it comes to looking on the bright side she is unmatched. Her time is normally split between volunteer work and being a part time model for Sunny D. (The drink, not herself..) Everything has it's limit though, even her positivity and on the rare occasion when she is pushed past her limits she will often try to isolate herself, not wanting to discourage others.

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Name: Echo Locate

Age: 23 

Race: unicorn 

Gender: female 

Appearance: light brown coat that gets darker as it goes towards her hooves and snout.

Talent: She can detect everything around her within a 5 foot range. Unfortunately this is in the literal sense meaning she often suffers from headaches do to sensory overload.

Powers: none

Personality: Quiet, Tends to be pessimistic however, this only occurs whenever she has a headache, pacifist, caring 

Bio: Born into a middle class family, the first 9 years of her life were fairly uneventful. However, upon getting her cutie mark at age 9 this changed. She soon found herself plagued by sever headaches due to all of the things she could see, smell, hear, and feel all merging in her mind and overloading her senses. This resulted in her being fitted with a magical suppressor that blocks all but the smallest amount of her magic, allowing her to only be able to detect something if she happens to be focusing on it at the time.

Even with the suppressor she is still avoids crowds, and hates going outside, for fear of having a panic attack due to the stress caused by the threat of another headache.

Hoping to help their daughter overcome her fear her parents sent her to a small private school for gifted ponies located in their hometown of Manehattan. It was there, that she made a friend by the name of Vectoria.

This friendship did wonders for echo who began to gain a better handle on focusing her ability without the use of a magical suppresser thanks to several games that Vectoria began to play with her.

Now finally able to control her abilities she works as a diagnostic specialist in a hospital in Manehatten.

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