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I am upL33, but you can also call me Stone. I don't own a driver's licence so I ride a unicycle around everywhere I go. I pass the time by drawing, 3D printing, juggling, editing videos, and playing D&D/other RPG systems. A friend linked me to the sight and after looking around a bit I decided to make an account. I got into the show around the start of season 2. I was watching a lot of Yogscast at the time and their "Sunshine of Israpony" had me wondering what all the fuss was about. My favorite pony would be Applejack, but only when she isn't the main focus of the episode. I've was rather disappointed with the majority of season 6 and I haven't been able to get past the 3rd episode of season 7. Still a fan of the world, but I'm not keeping up to date on whatever is happening in it.

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