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The idea is to give the Changelings dome roleplay to do and other job!types. Not enough jobs for scholars, journalists, etc.


There comes rumor to different hives as well as different locations within Equestria about a special target/prey item meant to lure various changelings. The story of the target is different in different areas, ranging from a lone caravan of travelers that spread parties and joy across Equestria, to groups of tough Outlaws that spook lone settlements for their enjoyment, to tempt as many Changelings out of hiding as possible. The goal is to study Changelings from different hives: how they get along with strangers, how many variants appear from a single region, and overall variation between them.


We'd need not only Changelings from different hives (or the same) -- but somepony to study them. 


This thread will be pushed along by me in a steady pace. The PO will cycle and if three days have passed and you have not posted, it moves along to the next player. You will have a chance to post until the GM post. 


• Do not double up on posts (meaning unless the GM has posted you cannot post a second time)

• Consent; always and forever

• Plot, connive and cause trouble with each other if you wish. No hard feelings: IC =/= OOC.

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I had a silly thought.  Naj could be lured there, based on someone dropping the rumor that a number of changelings were gathering.  She'd want to investigate to make sure it wasn't a threat, or sign of something ominous.


Otherwise, I figure either Naj could have been hired by the researcher as an changeling expert of sorts, or Slim Chance could come along, as she's always up for trying a potentially dangerous idea.  The latter would also be amused by the idea of turning the tables on changelings and spying on them for a change.

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Alright to those interested in such an RP, I will be working on an Opener soon. It will be open entry. Where you enter in the PO will be your spot from than on in, no skipping unless done so by the GM/DM (me!) and if you are pinged for your round -- do your round within a reasonable span of time (no more than two days) as we wish to keep this going.


Now we do need a pony to observe the swarm and head the social experiment, but if none come forward I will partake in the role of that individual. So if any others are interested, sign up!

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Thread will be posted after Oct 31st. Those who have posted with interest will be alerted when it is up.

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