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Grand Pear (Ready)


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Roleplay Type:  Mane RP

Name:  Grand Pear

Sex:  Male

Age:  Stallion

Species:  Earth Pony

Eye colour:  Brown

Coat: Mostly yellow-orange

Mane/Tail:  Tail is gray, Mane is gray with a streak of burnt orange

Physique:  Elderly

Residence:   Ponyville

Occupation:  Business pony/pear grower

Cutie Mark: a single pear sitting upright

Unique Traits:  He has returned to Ponyville after a long time away.  The father of Pear Butter/Buttercup who married Bright Mac who were the parents of AppleJack, Big Mac and Apple Bloom


History:  At a young age, Grand Pear became the patriarch of his family that settled outside of Ponyville on farmland that bordered Sweet Apple Acres.  Soon the Pears came into direct competition with the Apple Family as each family sold their signature fruits.  This brought Grand Pear into an ongoing feud with Granny Smith, the matriarch of the Apple family.  The two leaders of their respective family groups were so busy trying to ignore/compete/feud with each other, neither of them noticed the budding friendship (that later turned into romance) between Granny Smith's son Bright Mac and Grand Pear's daughter Pear Butter.  The relationship really blossomed during the aftermath of the 'water tower' incident, when Bright Mac (preoccupied with staring at the beautiful Pear Butter), accidently smashed the Pear's water tower.  Enraged, Grand Pear first blamed his daughter for the disaster until Bright Mac stood up and confessed, taking full responsibility.  Grand Pear ordered Bright Mac to rebuild the water tower, a task the young Apple stallion gladly accepted because it allowed him to spend more time with Pear Butter.  The pair of lovers continued to secretly date despite the ongoing family feud.  Grand Pear forced his daughter to make a crucial decision when he announced that their family's plans to move to Vanhoover.  Through a private wedding in the woods officiated by Mayor Mare, Bright Mac and Pear Butter got married, much to the outrage of Grand Pear and the surprise of Granny Smith.  Forcing the newly married Pear Butter to choose between moving away with the rest of the Pear family or staying with her new husband, Pear Butter chose to stay.  This so infuriated Grand Pear that he basically disowned her and abruptly moved the Pear clan to Vanhoover the next day.  Pear Butter became known as Buttercup (the nickname Bright Mac has given her in childhood) and was accepted by Granny Smith into the Apple clan.


In Vanhoover, Grand Pear opened a Pear Jam store that over the years, became famous, known far and wide throughout Equestria.  However, despite his successful pear business, Grand Pear still was not completely happy.  Over the decades, long after the death of his daughter and her husband, Grand Pear found himself alone and very remorseful.  Too late in his life, he realized what a huge mistake it was to disown his daughter, whose only 'crime' was loving a member of the Apple family.  Swallowing his pride and wanting to somehow make amends for his past, Grand Pear returned to the Ponyville area, first coming into contact with Apple Bloom, one of his three grandchildren he had never truly met before.  As the three curious Apple siblings (Big Mac, Applejack & Apple Bloom) began to investigate how their parents had met, they discovered the entire story and the truth about Grand Pear's relationship to them.  A very apologetic Grand Pear received forgiveness from his very loving grandkids.  Later, in a very emotional  reunion, Grand Pear and Granny Smith met face to face and decided to make a new start, to finally end their long, long feud for the good of the grandchildren they share.  Their happy reunion was affirmed when the three Apple siblings showed both Granny Smith and Grand Pear the now fully grown twisted Apple-Pear tree their parents had planted a long time ago as a sign of their union.  Now Grand Pear is a welcome part of the Apple family story, and Grand Pear finally has the peace of mind so desperately missing all of his life.  


Character Personality:   For much of his life, Grand Pear was very headstrong and stubborn.  However, in his elderly years, the Pear stallion had become very loving, generous and kind.  He was still very sorrowful for his past meanness, but is very willing to somehow make up for all his past misdeeds.  Grand Pear is now a modern citizen, and especially kind to the Apple family and the grandchildren that had grown up not even knowing who he was.  

Character Summary:  Grand Pear had lived a very troubled life, allowing his anger to govern the life choices he made for his family.  But now, all of that is in the past as he and the Apple Family have set aside their past differences.  Grand Pear is still strong minded, but now all of his energies have been devoted to nurturing his once-broken family ties rather than ignoring them.  Grand Pear is a great example of how one's life can change for the better.  Anger should never be a motivation in life, a lesson that it took many decades for Grand Pear to learn.  Though 'Friendship is Magic', family ties can be even more magical!

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