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I Need Everything! [Chiasa Relationships]


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Chiasa is my precious ballerina girl who is just aching to meet new people and go a little footloose. Living the life of luxury in a noble family Chi’s been stifled all throughout childhood, but ever since her studies abroad in Canterlot she wants moar! Currently resides in Kyoma in her family’s estate so is pretty much restricted to Neighpon at the moment. She might make special trips to Equestria if it’s for a good friend or on family business. Coming from a noble family she is a bit out of touch with the common folk, often lost in her dream world with a more pleasant view of the lives of the commoners. She can sometimes come off as condescending towards those of a lower class, although she is rarely aware of it due to her upbringing. She is in need of pretty much everything but I’m going to post some specifics.


If you'd like more information on her you can read her profile here


Note that I will make a separate thread for house Kotakunoaru when I get everything sorted out with them, there are many things to draw.


Friends, Anybody from Neighpon, or even Long Guo, that is of a high middle to noble class. Chiasa would have had a hand-picked group for her to associate with, each individual carefully scrutinized by her mother and or father. If your character comes from a prominent family then there’s a good chance Chiasa knows either of them, or has personally met them. She would rarely be friends with commoners unless they are her dance students or estate staff. Other dancers, especially ballerinas, would also probably know her and be on friendly terms.


Enemies, While Chiasa doesn’t have any personal enemies (at least none that she knows of) there can be enemies or rivals of her house that she might know of. However, due to Chiasa’s rather indifferent nature hate is a rather strong term for her, if anything she might just slightly dislike them. She is fickle and prone to throwing little fits like many spoiled children do, but she turns around rather quickly and is back to her composed and amiable self in no time. 


Staff, Chiasa’s family estate employs many individuals to keep everything running smoothly, and it can almost be seen as its own small village. They have their own personal army of servants, cooks, ushers, stewards, and entertainers at their beck and call. Chiasa and her brothers would have also had a governess who oversaw their education and safety they she would be especially close to. Chiasa would be on friendly terms with much of the staff, as she would see them as an extension of her own family and thus (nearly) of the same social status as herself. Chiasa’s family does not discriminate individuals based on their species, so long as they can do their job well they’re happy to have anyone.


Arranged Marriage, Being of a noble class Chiasa is expected by society to marry within her rank or higher. To assure this her parents would probably arrange a marriage for her. Her mother and father were the product of one, as were their parents, and it’s probably the only way they know. Chiasa would mostly likely go along with the wishes of her family, since although she does have a slight rebellious streak she would never go against their wishes. Those who have worked their way up to a respectable rank might also be considered. Would most likely choose someone in Neighpon or Long Guo since they’re close by, but nobles or elites in other areas can be a possibility. Chiasa could possibly find her out suitor, but they would have to be approved by her family (and her brothers are the most scrutinizing people ever).


These are just the standard things everyone needs in their life, if you've got some interesting plots that need of bodies then I'm all down for it. 

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Well, I don't have a lot of characters that fit, but two do come to mind.


Iseiaisha, while not of noble birth, has achieved a large degree of importance and respect through her career.  I could also see her wanting to cultivate some higher society contacts, as an extra source of information on Neighpon's affairs.


An Xiang, is from a little farther away, and maybe doesn't have quite as much reason to be speaking with Chiasa, but otherwise is similar: wasn't necessarily born into nobility, but achieved some status through the position she achieved.


From there it gets a little more scattered.  Nosk isn't really nobility, but he does live in Neighpon and has played the role of a lord a few times before, and I've got a few wandering adventurers would could have (what starts as) an acquaintance with Chiasa.

They can all be seen in my character log, which can be found by clicking the button below my avatar, if you'd like to browse through them.

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Hey I meant to post earlier, but I kind of let it slip.


I have few far east characters, but of note are Qing and Merit.


Qing is the Empress of Long Guo's personal assistant. She may not have much in the way of contact with Chiasa at the moment, but it is conceivable they might have met during her academy days or through a third party during that time.


Merit may be a yokai, but he's also a real estate magnate in the Far East. Chiasa's family could have met with him or one of his associates if they purchased any land or built upon land sourced from him. Whether such a relationship is amicable or antagonistic could be discussed later.

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