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Quest for Canterlot


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H6pkfWa.pngWell simple as it may sound, I am looking to push up Discord's reputation. Despite being redeemed, it doesn't look at all to be helping him get the one thing he wants so I need help from VIP (Very Important Ponies), royals and the like, to help Discord on his path to getting his throne back. He is a being  of power and demands a cushy chair, but that is something he has to earn. Among a few other reconciliations he is trying to get his position back as a respected figurehead of chaos. Below are a few things he is looking for. If royals or other figures of considerable power want to aide him in his goal to get his throne back and seat the prince of chaos back into an active role of fun check out below!



Get his own Holiday: Even Luna has Nightmare Night. The noodle demands a holiday he can have the run of the day and cause all sorts of chaos! Fun twists and topsy turvy turns that would last a whole day without any pony hollering at him to get serious! the introduction of a Fool's Day for the King of Fools.


Get his Throne back: Every royal seems to have one except the prince of chaos! He had lost place for his throne when he lost his power over Equestria, however temporary both times were. He wants to sit among his friends equally and be able to help with friendship too, just in a more chaotic sort of role!


Get R-E-S-P-E-E-K: Trodden upon, laughed at, and treated as if he had the magical plague! The chaos spirit could certainly earn some respect from his fellows back with the odd errand here or there, but nothing beneath him. it has to be worthy of his attentions. So if your Timmy has fallen down a well, it is better to call somepony else! No, just kidding, he'll help Timmy.


All in all though he is still the spirit of chaos and generally holds a state of non-interference in most mortal affairs. He's only interested in the titles and leisure that comes with being a prince and having friends. Stars forbid he become as duty bound as sun-butt. All in good fun while he's around, right?

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