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Roleplay Type: WoE {I can do para, but I struggle with it. I usually do a few sentences at a time. It helps if I know when my turn is. I like D&D. Please no sexy or romantic RP, although I would like her to have a close BFF relationship like Lyra and Bonbon.}
Name: Shine Runner
Age: Mare
Species: Unicorn - her magic colour is gold
Eye colour: Dark Mint Green
Coat: Brilliant Mulberry (Purple)
Mane/Tail: Cyan and pink, fluffy mohawk and short wavy tail
Physique: Average
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Interior designer (night clubs, resorts, arcades, roller rinks, etc.)
Cutie Mark: Gold Disco Ball (surrounded by one large pink sparkle and one small blue sparkle)

Shine Runner got her Cutie Mark when she turned a dull silver disco ball into a rich gold one at her junior prom. Because of her colour-changing spell, the room was filled with warm, shining light that finished setting the mood for the Celestia's Sun-themed dance. From then on, she knew her destiny was "creating an atmosphere of inspiration and imagination" wherever she could.
Unique Traits: Almost always wears hoop or pompom earrings and eye shadow. Sometimes she wears fancy feather eyelashes and a punk rocker or swanky party outfit. She usually wears a sparkly tuxedo instead of a dress at formal events.

Her magic isn't that great, aside from changing the colours of inanimate objects and summoning party supplies from her house. It's very hard for her to teleport or use force fields, unless she's in a state of abject terror. If she's sad or feeling less than confident, she can't perform any spell besides levitation.

History: Born in Las Pegasus. Traveled all over Equestria with her salespony parents during childhood. Her parents are retired and live in Las Pegasus with their pink poodle, Peppy. Shine Runner had a pleasant childhood, and is on good terms with her parents. Shine doesn't visit them very often, but frequently sends and receives mail.

She also has a cousin named Squeaky Clean, who was her childhood best friend and pen pal. Even though they are very different, they like to visit each other.

Squeaky Clean provided the emotional support her cousin needed to get through design school.

Right now, Shine Runner leads a fairly fulfilling life doing what she loves; designing fun spaces for fun places. She also has various enjoyable hobbies, such as tarot reading, bottle collecting, indoor gardening, running in marathons, and stand-up comedy.

Still, she would like to have a close best friend, and to be recognized and admired by some fans.

One day, she hopes to open up a "disco carnival castle" somewhere in Canterlot, Las Pegasus, or any town that could use some "livening up."

She would also like to have a companion pet, such as an enfield or black cat, to travel with her.

Character Personality: Because of her style, poise, and tastes, Shine Runner is easily mistaken for somepony who is stuck-up and snooty, or rough and rowdy. Though she is both glamorous and tomboyish, her main trait is her hospitable nature. She values comfort, fun, and kindness above all else. Even so, she tends to be very snarky when she's annoyed, and can easily step on somepony's feelings if she's not careful. Her self-assured attitude can also come off as arrogant, especially when her fast-talking charm backfires.

Shine Runner has a phobia of bears, geese; if there were such a thing as a goosebear, that would be her worst nightmare.

Though she's not the fastest, she enjoys the feeling of wind in her mane. Roller coasters delight her!

She likes to eat dim sum (dumplings), pesto, jam toast, popcorn, plums, and smoothies.
Her favourite cake is limoncello cream.
Her favourite cookie is tied between gingerbread and oatmeal vanilla sandwich.
Her favourite ice cream is birthday cake (cake batter with rainbow sprinkles)
She does not like raisins, red apples, apricots, spicy foods, nuts, or chocolate ice cream.

Her favourite music is disco, and her favourite band of all time is Draft Punk.
She would be embarrassed if somepony caught her reading one of her favourite books:

-Ellie Elevator and Doris the Dragon (because it's for foals)

-What Sugar Lace Forgot (because it's a mystery romance)

-The Florist and the Flutist (because it's a sappy love story)

Stallions may find her attractive, but their advances will always be shot down with some level of sass (unless she can weasel her way into getting something out of them.) Secretly, she prefers the company of mares, but isn't about to tie herself down just yet. She prefers to remain mysterious and unattainable (or single and content.)

Character Summary: Purple disco punk unicorn who does interior design. Total extrovert. Would make a great gameshow host.




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