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A Changeling in Heart? (Sign ups and OOC)


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Hub thread is up!  


Halfway between Equestria and Chaosville, lies a sunny archipelago with a perpetually perfect climate.  Sure, the sky is a little greenish, and the seawater has a slightly fruity odor, but that really only adds to the exotic enjoyment a pony (or griffon, zebra, etc) can have in such a place!


The place has recently come under new management, as a down-on-her-luck Queen Chrysalis decided to cut a deal with Discord, trading away the remains of her Leota Hive tunnels for the deed to this place, setting up a resort to use as a kind of ‘love farm’ for her Hive.  After all, if war didn’t work the first three times, why not give peace a chance?


So, it’s all set up!  Various tropical activities, staffed and run by Changelings who adapt to their customer’s standards of attraction, all dedicated to putting the guests into a good mood for the island’s nightly feasts with the Great Island Queen!  Of course the rumors of said customers disappearing afterwards are totally fabrications designed to slander the completely reformed queen; don’t let such silly slanders enter your mind at all...





So, as you might have guessed, Queen Chrysalis has hatched up a new scheme!  In order for her to get this to work, naturally, she'll need help, first from some of her old loyalists who refuse to don the pastel chitin, and also from guests!  Lovely pony guests full of love and laughter!


So, who's up for a free vacation?



1. Yurei (PyroBlaze)

2. Sachadara (SteelEagle)

3. Vega (Vexus)



1. Fizzlepop Berrytwist (Dusty)

2. Lensblot (Switchback)

3. Nightwatcher (Lux)

4. Ratan (Discord)

5. Ice Storm (IceStorm)

6. Yu Xin (Dubstep)

7. Dunnie (Dunder)

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I wouldn’t mind throwing a guest in on this, seeing as I don’t really have any changelings to act as staff... Although, perhaps Yūrei could pose as one if the need arose...


dunno who the guest would be though...

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@SteelEagle  Sachadara does have to tone things down, at least on the guests that are allowed to return.  We need those good word-of-muzzle reviews!


@PyroBlaze Yurei is welcome, we don't seem to have many staff atm


@Dusty Sure, bring her along!

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Ratan, my Changeling, would come as a guest knowing not of what his kind are, but perhaps willing to learn. A tropical island and happy ponies is the perfect place to collect good materials for his glass blowing and something about happy ponies makes him -- happy!



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Excellent, excellent! 


Now that we've got a good number on board, how would you all like to organize this?  I was thinking multiple threads, one general "Welcome to the Island" one where all the guests can meet up and be introduced to their 'hosts,' and after that branching off based on what activities the guest would prefer/what plans the hive has for them.


Sound good?

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I'll throw Ice Storm in this. She would likely be there both for a get away of sorts and for intel gathering while she's there. You know, make sure that the rumors are just rumors and all.

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Now that most everyone's arrived, now might be a good time to throw out suggestions on the sort of sub-threads and activities your vacationers will want to partake in!

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