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Gail the Griffon {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WoE


Name: Gail

Nicknames: Gails, Speedy, Dork, Goofball, Goober

Sex: Female

Age: Young Adult

Species: Griffon

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian




Eye Color: A light blue. She has a whole lot of black eye liner on the top of her eyes and underneath.

Body Color: The lion part of her body is a light yellow like a lion while her plumage is grey, blue, and light blue. Her claws and beak are a lighter grey.
Feather Color: The tip of her lion tail is a dark orange, while her feathers on her head are dark grey.
Feather Style: She keeps her biggest feathers swept neatly to the back of her head. She has rather thick feathers, almost looking like a Mohawk. She also has extra feathers on the sides of well, so she sweeps them back as well.

Physique: She is extremely athletic looking. Long legs (making her taller than regular griffons), strong build, and more muscular than others. Her tail is a lot longer than other griffons, but her wings are smaller than average. She has a few scars that are normally hidden on her back legs and her long tail from weird mishaps. She has light grey marks over her eyebrows and beak. She also almost always has bandages wrapped around her two back legs (pretty much around her ankles) and around her tail. She is also A LOT fluffier than normal griffons. 


Current Residence: She doesn't live anywhere specific. She's a traveler. Buuuttt she pretty much sleeps on any comfortable cloud she sees.

Job: She does multiple sports as jobs, which are track (in the spring), soccer (in the summer and fall), and basketball (in the winter). When she isn't playing sports, she's normally traveling places.
Cutie Mark: Gail is a griffon, she doesn't have one.


Unique Traits: 

  • She sticks out her tongue when trying to be cute.
  • She is extremely quick footed and super fast in the sky, so she incredibly athletically talented.
  • She makes obnoxious facial expressions when trying to display her emotions.
  • She makes bird noises when nervous or uncomfortable, but also jumps in the air really high when excited.
  • She tries to act cool in front of ponies she wants to impress.
  • When she's upset, she'll be completely silent and make no eye contact with anyone.
  • She'll ruffle pony's manes or wrap her arm around their shoulder when she likes them.
  • She winks at random ponies.
  • She's ALWAYS chewing gum.
  • If you pet her stomach, she'll hiss at you, but then will roll on her back and purr like a kitten.
  • She's very flirty, but can make somepony uncomfortable very quickly. 
  • She's just very showing of her emotions. She uses a lot of body language.


History: Being born in a late winter day in the Griffon Stone hospital, her parents knew she would be something special one day. Of course they thought the same to her twin sister, but something sparked more with Gail. When her parents got to take her home, they noticed how fast she learned things. So fast, they couldn't keep up with her. They noticed how joyful she was. She rarely cried or made any fuss, so they decided to name her Gail, which means joy.

At the age of five, her family moved into a much bigger city called Cantorlot. Growing up, Gail didn't get the attention she wanted. Of course she got bullied by the average ponies for not fitting in with their "high class" opinions. They would make fun of her looks and why she didn't like to talk to anypony. She didn't care much about them though, and she took the experiences like a champ, learning to get a thicker skin. Over the years though, she started to get insecure about her surroundings.

Her parents found out that she was extremely smart in both school, and sports. They enrolled her sister in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but since Gail couldn't do magic, they ended up sending her off her the Juniors Speedsters Flight Camp, where she showed off her amazing flying skills to the other ponies. She was surprised that she could fly though, because growing up, her wings didn't grow as fast as a normal griffon's would. But luckily, because of her skinny body type, her wings could easily lift her off the ground.

Gail began to notice her mom throwing a whole bunch of girly stuff on her, making her to grow uncomfortable with herself. Blue bows were always put into her feathers, but she left them there to make her mother happy. She felt like she was more masculine than those girly bows.

In her early teenager years, she started to grow apart from her family's girly antics and started to become full tomboy. She'd put her long feathers in a ponytail, stuck hair ties in her tail, and wrap her paws in wrap to look cool. Lucky for her, she'd broken her legs before from her clumsiness, so she thought the wrap would be nice to have anyway. Ponies thought she looked out of place in their school, but she didn't care much.

One day she was walking down her school's hallway to see a whole bunch of fliers telling ponies to join all their sports teams since they needed more ponies to join. She felt her eyes spark, causing her to grab all the papers and fill them out. The first sport to start was track, which was that day. She told her parents she was going to be late to go home, and went straight to practice. To join the team though, she had to go through with racing the best players from the team. So, she did with all her pride and confidence, and raced against them all. Once she finished her race, she noticed that she won. She got 1st place against all ponies. And that's when she realized she loves sports. Of course the others complained that her legs are longer than theirs, but she didn't take that seriously. She knew tons of ponies her age that were just as fast as her, so Gail shook her head a proceeded with life.


Character Personality: Obnoxious, dorky, and hates almost everything in the world, Gail is one negative griffon. She's probably a head taller than most griffons, making her stand out immensely. She uses her tallness and quick reflexes to insult anypony who is shorter than her, (which is probably almost everypony). Gail is the one called "stereotypical bully" towards anypony weaker than her, and uses other's weaknesses against them once she's learned them. Though she normally doesn't mean to hurt anypony deeply, she does cause stuff like broken hearts to happen. It is extremely rare if she likes somepony, like so rare she keeps it to herself to seem tough (you'll normally know if she likes you because she'll say she hates you when she doesn't). She normally says the opposite of what she means, becoming really sarcastic at times, or pretty much all the time. 

If you've known her for a while, she breaks out of her shell and talks more. She can get very passionate about the stuff she loves, and says things as it is. She doesn't have a filter on her mouth, nor cares what she says until in effects somepony. She normally finds herself in a lot of trouble that she never means to cause, and she always feels horrible afterwards. Ponies don't know until they get close to her, but she is actually really sweet and caring. If she finds somepony special to her, she'll do literally anything for them. Her weird, dork-ish self will become more out there. She get's loud and giggly, even flirty (in special cases). 


She uses her body language as a cue to how she's feelings. Normally she's really calm and laid back, but you should know when she's happy. She get's loud and obnoxious and cracks more than enough jokes. She's normally seen as "the life of the party" when she's in the mood. Gail is very patient to those she loves, extremely stubborn, loyal, and hates to give up.

Gail is normally a very busy griffon. She's either practicing for a game, studying for school, or off on some unknown adventure. She uses her smarts for everything. If she doesn't trust her brain, then she won't do anything. She leads with her brain and follows her heart. She uses all her senses to detect any problems, which she learned when she was little.


Character Summary: A loyal and sarcastic griffon who likes to show off her quick moves and smart mouth. She's known for being loud, obnoxious, hilarious, cocky, and the biggest dork ever. Outside she's a horrible griffon, but in the inside she a large, sweet, loyal, dorky mess.


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