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Agent Coltson [ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Coltson
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Sapphire blue
Coat: Light Grey 
Mane/Tail: Both his mane and tail have the same dark brown colour, kept trimmed moderately short, though it is up for debate whether his mane is just receding or not, his tail is definitely trimmed short however.
Physique: Coltson is moderately tall for a stallion, although nowhere near the height of a Saddle Arabian, he is noticeably taller and slightly more muscular than the average stallion.
Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Agent of S.M.I.L.E. Totally just a book seller.
Cutie Mark: A full looking file. Coltson got this cutie mark at a very young age, where he was finding the school experience highly difficult, unable to remember all the things he needed to remember for exams the normal way as he was a very slow reader. After having to commit all his time solely to trying to study he was finding himself getting very tired one night, and in a half deluded state of boredom and inspiration, levitated a book with his magic, as he read he started to try and translate those words with the feelings of his magic and slowly but surely, his magic started to scan through the words, the process getting faster the more he practiced it until one day he finally managed to ace an exam, a feat more impressive because of the fact he studied through all the material in the minutes before the exam took place.
Unique Traits: Reflection Deflection: A S.M.I.L.E. classic, a spell that erases one's memory of encounters with an agent, although use of the spell is extremely limited, even more so for extended removal of memory, so most agents live in the hope it will only be used to get rid of quick minute encounters.
Case closed: Coltson has an ability to quickly sift through information in books around him via magical scanning of texts, allowing him to get through paperwork quickly and back to action.
Beam Team: Coltson has a major magical specialization on beam spells, able to shoot powerful beams of magic from his horn that can have a range of affects based on the spell used.

History: Coltson was born in Ponyville, his parents nothing really special, his mother a housewife for the father, who owned a very lucrative antique store on the outskirts of Ponyville, monopolizing off of the reputation of the town, while his wife tended to their home and child, and sometimes went along to help lend her eye for detail to some of the rarer items her husband would get in for the shop, working together to figure out just the right price to sell it at.

Their son, who seemed very unremarkable in all ways seemed to struggle at school with the academic side of things, being very socially able and an expert on making connections, but who only ever seemed to remember anything when it was written in a comic book, making them both somewhat worried for his future, as even though his father wanted him to take over the shop; he also knew that his son would not be able to, as he was far too attached to antiques to just sell them on. It came as a welcome surprise to them both when he showed his talent for magic based reading, as it opened up a whole new world to him; a world of literature. He would spend many moments in a day just scanning through whatever books he could find to read, being one of the most widely knowledgeable ponies of his age group, and seeming quite content with his knowledge.

A few years later he would find an employment opportunity, when the secret anti monster agency S.M.I.L.E. was recruiting for new agents to join them with a more cheery outlook to get better connections with possible witnesses and be able to negotiate information out without blowing their cover, and it was with this criteria that Coltson would attend his recruitment interview, acing the exams and personality test he quickly earned his suit and sunglasses, being a valuable agent for many operations, getting to the point where he was tasked with rebuilding a Ponyville base of operations, allowing him to return to his home town after being out on an 'extended business venture' returning with enough bits to buy a decent sized building, and stock it with all the ancient books he could get his hoofs on, many from his father's store, rare and expensive books lining the shelves he then went about adding a slightly musty atmosphere to the place, with dark woods and ladders to reach shelves, the way into the secret base being hidden in the back rooms, underneath a rug with hoof recognition, the panel made to look like the door for a floor safe, leading down into the S.M.I.L.E situation room, an area of the building unknown to the public, just knowing the pony as a book seller with a fashion sense, who seemed to never really part with many of the really special books, mostly selling ones where he had multiple, but allowing others to read the ones in store.

Character Personality: Coltson seems like a pretty open book to the public, as a rather typical book collector and seller, being very inquisitive, and curious about the details of anything that is going on, with a strange knowledge of everything that is going on around him, even if it is a secret, he comes across as nosy sometimes, being a bit too keen on the lives of others, something explained away by most as the book collector's relatively dull existence surrounded by dusty tomes of times long passed. He is a pony who seems to know everything about anything, no matter how trivial or useless the information may seem, and regardless of its place in the past or present, most likely due to the fact that he has read every book in his store at one point or another, leaving others to wonder how long he spends locked up in his home.

Unknown to most is that this pony is actually a daring secret agent of a anti monster agency, set with the task of setting up a new base in the town of Ponyville, now deemed to be a hotspot of activity regarding their agency, as such he can retain quite a bossy tone if a fellow agent tries to directly go against his orders or thought out plans. He is incredibly talented with his magic beams, however the direct nature of the beams means he is usually up close to his target to make sure he does not miss, or at a long distance up high, both meaning he is incredibly patient, but also quick thinking, a feature that can lead him to think about too many situations at once and overthink a scenario, needing others with him to keep him on the right path when that happens.
Character Summary: A charming secret agent with a deep cover of a slightly doting book seller, with a skill for beam magics, and mind erasing spells.

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