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Nilaavin [Ready]


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[Do to what Nilaavin is I'd like to explane my self and why I feel he can be fun, engaging and most of all not over powering or a detriment. To keep this app to it's self anf not me talking about what I feel, it is posted below the app. So plase give it a look down below if you want to know why I feel he'd be ok for use in 'World of Equestria' RP. Thank you.]


Roleplay Type: World of Equestria


Name: Nilaavin


Sex: Male


Age: Ancient as he was trapped in stone. Real age is young adult / late teens.


Species: Sphinx


Eye colour: Green


Coat: Brown with darker brown fur as markings


Mane/Tail: His mane is loose, messy and black. The long fur at the end of his tail is much the same.


Physique: As a sphinx Nilaavin is tall and powerful like all his species. But overall he has a lean and powerful body that is smaller than the larger of his species. He is nonetheless tall around ponies standing at three average ponies tall. His small size for a sphinx is do to his age, being a young stallion if he was a pony.


jewelry: Two gold earrings, one to an ear. The gold bracelets around his four legs and neck are magic shackles that bound him to the amulet and the one wearing it. The shackle around his neck will display the cutie mark of the pony wearing the amulet.

Cathorse by WHKonigstiger


Residence: Trapped in the ruins of an ancient fort found deep in the heart of the the Petite Desert. Forever bound to guard the amulet of his long passed master at his resting place unless some pony takes it for their self. Wearever the amulet goes he must follow.


Occupation: Guardian of whomever has the amulet, bund by tricks and old magic he must safeguard the user at all costs and do whatever they wish. The only way out is for the user of the amulet to give the ‘Last Command’, that being for Nilaavin to be free. Something not even he knows can be done as his master never told him there was a way to free him or any pony.


Cutie Mark: As a sphinx he has none.


Unique Traits: ‘Guardian of the amulet’ is his cruse. Tricked with magic Nilaavin is a servant to the pony that has the amulet. The pony that has it can speak to him and understand Nilaavin back regardless of the native language spoken. But outside of this standard sphinx traits hold true. He must keep his word as he can not break promises. He often asks things in riddles or responds to something ask of him with one.


History: The history of many a sphinx is ancient with much of it’s past forgotten in sands. Nilaavin is no different as much of history has forgotten him. A young sphinx in ages past he wanted a land for himself, territory that belonged to him alone. After much searching he found the perfect land. Sadly the land was claimed by a king and his sorcerer brother. The king not liking Nilaavin taking home in his lands sent many troops and heros to remove him. Young and prideful Nilaavin refused to leave and the young sphinx found himself battling heroes more often than telling riddles. Something that soon came to bite the young sphinx on the flank.


As the time passed Nilaavin became very skilled at combat but lacking in his word play. His riddles were often easy, weak or uttlery made up on the spot do to his lack of experience in the matters as no hero bothered to play them against him. This changed the day the king's brother, a powerful sorcerer, took matters into his hooves. Sick of being overshadowed by his brother and outcasted he saw Nilaavin as the perfect tool. Challenging Nilaavin to a game of riddles and wordplay that lasted for many days the sorcerer tricked and fooled Nilaavin in to slowly saying what the sorcerer needed. That was, making Nilaavin say he was the servant of the sorcerer.


Working out too late what he did Nilaavin tried to slay the sorcerer but found his paws held back. For it was not words alone the sorcerer used against him. A powerful enchanted amulet was used in the trap. In swearing himself as a saverent he actaved the enchanted amulet, casting a spell that put golden shackles on his legs and neck, imprisoned with chains of magic to follow his words. Trapped by both magic and the customs of his species Nilaavin had to do whatever he was told. But he did learn the spell bound him to the user of the amulet, not the pony itself. Whomever used it was to be his master.


With the power of Nilaavin the sorcerer betrayed his brother and soon took over the kingdom. With a sphinx at his side no pony dared to move against him. The time under his kingship was one of fear and dark magic. But no evil king lasts forever, as more and more pushed against him until a full blown rebellion happen. One young sphinx was no match against an army and Nilaavin along with with the sorcerer were pushed deep in to the fort. Knowing his doom was coming the the sorcerer made one despiret last move. Using his dark magic and the amulet he turned himself and Nilaavin to stone. But fate did not favor the sorcerer. The troops found his hiding spot and destroyed the statue, but left Nilaavin and the amulet. Sealing the room away behind a wall to be forgotten for countless ages.


And there he stayed, forgotten by time and the sand outside of a few old stories about the sorcerer and the sphinx he controlled. But nothing is forgotten forever if a brave pony uncovers him and the amulet. From there a new story can be made for Nilaavin, be it at the hooves of another evil pony seaking power… Or a good hearted pony that can free Nilaavin and give him love and friendship. Only the sands of time may tell.


Character Personality: Nilaavin is young, prideful and energetic. But often this shows in aggression do too harassment he faced from heroes and troops all the time leading in to his enslavement. Being enslaved made him more hateful of ponies and view them as all greedy, evil and out for their self alone. The sorcerer that used him only made this worse by seeing Nilaavin  as nothing more than a tool and guard dog. Never allowing him to speak free or act without being told to do so. This made Nilaavin’s deep mistrust of ponies all the worse. By the time he was put in stone he saw all ponies as insufferable


But he is more than just a hateful sphinx, Nilaavin has a number of passions he enjoys. One such passion is music, old or new he deeply enjoys hearing it and seeing how a story can be told in it. But ‘pointless’ music that is just sound upsets him as a waste of the medium and storytelling. To go along with his love of music is singing, something he use to take pleasure in doing before he was enslaved by the sorcerer. He will often be encouraging to young singers, regardless of his views of ponies.


Another passion of his is fashion, from jewelry to clothing he founded the outfits of wealthy ponies interesting and beautiful with the more gold the better. He often laments on his size and how it makes it all must impossible to dress up in ways he wanted without large amounts of gold and a brave pony willing to make it. But like many of his passions this along with the others were suppressed under his service to the sorcerer where such things were not allowed.


Character Summary: Nilaavin is a young Sphinx that was bound and enslaved by a evil sorcerer to work for whoever wore an enchanted amulet, this came about after years of harassment by local heroes. As such Nilaavin grew to be very jaded and untrusting of ponies. But with the passing of the first user of the amulet Nilaavin was trapped in stone, sealed away in a forgotten fort deep in sands of the Petite Desert. Well holding a rather justified hatred for ponies he must work for whomever next puts on the amulet next. Well he hates such things it is a far better fate than being trapped in stone.

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First and foremost let me say thank you for taking the time to read this and letting me give my reasoning. Well the Sphinx we saw in the show was very big, powerful and intimidating I saw her as something of an alpha. Big, strong and craving power but most of all a very grown up and at the top of her game showing of her race. As such I put mine as a late teen growing up in to an adult. He is small and not even close to being as strong as a full sized Sphinx. As such he is far less of a handful, like a young or teenaged dragen. But most of all I do not wish or aim for him to start something or be some ‘barely held back monster’ but something sympathetic where other players can understand why he thinks the way he is but see a goodness in him that makes it worth talking to and exploring what he thinks and feels.


To expanded on this I put him in the spot he is with the amulet. This will, until he is let free, safely put him in the hooves of another. He can not ‘lash out’ or make a mess of things. In many ways he’d be a well behaved dog that gives grumpy looks. Well limiting at first I believe it can make for a good overarching plot and way for others to meet and see him well leading up to the heartfelt moment of learning he can be set free if he’d rather stay or go. This I hope can lead to creative and engaging RP and stories around him.


Well I understand the worries with such OC do to his race, I hope what trust I have around here can speak for me in regards of me not wishing to god-mode, cheese or hamper the fun of others. As such I am fully open to all feedback, worrys or questions. Or just a flat out no. I know I am pushing the line here and fully understand I may be out of line in doing so. I will not be offended at all with a flat no. With all that out of the way, I hope you like Nilaavin and see the same potential as me.

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