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My Hero Academia [Sign-Up & OOC]


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My Hero Academia [BNHA]



In a world where humans hold great powers, also known as quirks, and where heroes roam and use their quirks to fight those who followed the wrong path... Is where our story begins.


Musutafu is a large city known to hold the worlds most valuable and commonly known heroes, as well as extremely dangerous villains. Of course, it wasn't always like this. Long ago quirks were born, starting off with one person and slowly being passed down generation after generation until a majority of this world's population holds these unnatural abilities and dominates those who are (unfortunately) quirkless. Most believe people will use their quirks for evil or good, but that's not true, some choose to not use their quirk at all. 


Although this story isn't about those who are quirkless or choose not to use their quirks, it's about a certain group of students who are here to follow their dreams, their idols, and most importantly... Their hero instinct. UA High School is an academy that allows gifted students, who are chosen through entrance exams, to take the hero course and further train their astounding abilities as young heroes... Although, the school is also known for creating the greatest heroes we know and love today, those who are all over the news and magazines.


Those who don't make the cut for the Hero Course, are put into the Department of General Education (This department supports students aiming for college and other pursuits. It is possible for such students with exceptional grades to be transferred to the hero department), Department of Support (Students in this department focus on developing support equipment that will help heroes out on the battlefield) or Department of Management (This department focuses on all aspects of heroic business, from founding and managing hero agencies to executive producing heroes.)




General Rules



How Long Should My Post Be?


To keep the flow of the RP as well as an easy going and exciting storyline, I would like posts to be at least a paragraph if not more... Details are crucial to this RP since there will be very specific events within this thread.


Grammar and Punctuation?


Just like you would write an essay or anything important... Punctuation, grammar, and spelling are very important. 

i.e. "... she isnt hear rite now..."

"... u r w/ her..."

Basically, no abbreviations, incorrect spelling or grammar... You know...



Am I Allowed To Play More Than One Character?


Of course, although, you will have to post within this thread to sign up that character...

You are allowed to play the following roles:






-Minor Side Character (A parent, friend, student from the other departments... Etc; Suggestions for roles are allowed)


You may not I repeat, you may not in any way control another character's actions unless that is your quirk and you're within a combat scene. That means, if you do not have a body manipulation or possession quirk, you in no right are allowed to control another's character or their actions. That means, if you're fighting, you will have to post your moves and then wait until said person responds, you can't play as your character and decide the defeat of the other character all in one post.


i.e. Magenta Ace raced forward and landed a final blow on Kahoot, Kahoot fell to the ground defeated.


Chit-Chat, Planning, Questions?


For those who have seen the anime this thread is based on, please do not post spoilers within this thread nor speak of ships... This can cause arguments which aren't my plan for this RP. You may speak of the characters, help out those new to the fandom, and answer/ask questions. Everyone should be carefully implemented within this thread, I don't want anyone feeling left out and if someone does feel excluded, do not hesitate to PM me and I will make changes to help.




You do not need a quirk to be apart of this RP! 

Although, I know a lot of you would like your OC to have one, which is perfectly okay!

Let's make a few things clear... You may NOT have your OC use IDENTICAL quirks to those of the characters within the actual anime, especially One For All. You may have a similar quirk, though, in fact, my OC has a similar quirk to that of Kaminari Denki. If you have questions about quirks or are unsure about whether yours is okay or not, just PM me!


Relationships, Romance, and Fighting Scenes/Drama?


This thread doesn't welcome NSFW or mushy romance... Of course, your character may be in a relationship but that doesn't mean it will revolve around your OCs in love... Please refrain from constantly mentioning such, for it won't benefit the plot unless otherwise said so here... Fighting scenes will happen but killing and extreme gore are not allowed, no overpowering other characters, I will step in if one person will not accept the fact they have been defeated. Also, not every character likes each other, so... If you and another OC do not get along and will like to be named as rivals or enemies, just makes sure both I and the owner of the other OC are aware and agree to such.


Character Creation?


This is a chance for you to create your own ORIGINAL character, this means you may not choose a pony-version of the main cast or rip-off characters! Your character can't hold an OP quirk that is IMPOSSIBLE to beat, for every character has their weaknesses (which you will have to state in the 'Quirk' category for your character template.) 

Beware!! If I see a quirk that isn't fit or a character that seems to hold TOO much power for their role and such, I will have you modify it.


(Rules will be modified as the RP unfolds... If you feel something should be added, PM me)





Major Locations




Musutafu is the city where this RP takes place, it is home to not only the greatest heroes but the greatest hero schools, that including U.A. Highschool. Musutafu is a large concrete jungle that also holds nasty villains, due to the high population and number of tall buildings, life-threatening events are more likely to happen... That is if there weren't such things as heroes!


U.A. Highschool


U.A. Highschool is the birthplace of many well-known heroes today, that including the Number One hero. This school's reputation is outstanding and is known to educate many different fields, that including the hero course which is where the school's name comes from. Many hope and pray to go to such a school, let alone the hero course, but unfortunately, just like most schools, U.A. does have strict guidelines and standards for such. Of course, those interested could also apply for management or support. Not only does it shape students into real heroes, they are hands-on taught by actual heroes, giving them a chance to really embrace the need to save those who can't save themselves.

(U.A. is where the RP will revolve around most)



Image result for bnha plus ultra banner




(Please use this template)




(Add an image of your OC here if applicable)



Hero Name:



Character Description (Mane, Coat, Tail, other features such as wings, horns, eyes, scars, tattoos... Etc)

Cutie Mark:

Species: EARTH PONY (unless your OC has wings or a horn; specifically a magical horn, due to their type of quirk... If you're unsure about this section, just say so and I will help)



Relationships: (Enemy, friend, lover, relatives)


Resident: MUSUTAFU (unless you're a foreign exchange student, then just write your former residence and then Musutafu for your current one)

  Occupation: (Teacher; what school and department, Student; what school/department, Civilian Occupation, Hero, Villain...)

Quirk: (Describe in FULL detail... As well as use bullet points for minor subcategories for your quirk... Don't forget to give it a name!)

History: (Please make this as detailed as possible, we need to know why your OC wants to be a hero, villain, normal civilian... Blah Blah Blah... Do include when/how they got their cutie mark and quirk.)

Character Personality: (Try to make your character's personality complex and wide spread~)

Character Summary: (Sum up everything you've said for those who just need a quick reference of your character!)


(Here is an example: Magenta Ace)




Current Cast, Turns & Playable Roles


Cast & Turn Order:


(Class 1-A Teacher) Magenta Ace: First

(Class 1-A Student) Moonlight Dawn: Second

(Class 1-A Student) Hong LanFa: Third




All Done? Here Is The Link To The RP:



My Little Academia



Image result for my hero academia banner



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Name: Moonlight Dawn

Hero Name: Tidalwave

Gender: Mare

Age: Young mare

Character Description: Moonlight is lilac, a bit curly haired pony. Her skin is lilac, but just a bit darker then her hair. 

Cutie Mark: You can see that on every post I do!

Species: Earth pony

Likes: fighting, cats(but they are scared of her), ice cream

Dislikes: over sarcastic ponys, quiz's, being tired

Relationships: Single (Yep)

Physique: Average

Resident: MUSUTAFU 

  Occupation: Student, Hero course

Quirk: Water manipulation||Moonlight has the ability to manipulate waters state, (solid, liquid, gas) turning them into different states sometimes help her in fights and give her an  advantage.  Moonlight can collect water from many different places, being unable to just make it our of thin air. Even though she sees this as a flaw of her power, she always ends up finding water somewhere. She can change its state or form into whatever she is thinking. Sometimes she can create water animals and control them for fun.  She can create all sorts of weapons and turn them into ice to use in battle. Usually she creates whips that levitate from the ground, or a sword that does the same. Over using her power can sometimes cause her to pass out or get dizzy. This only happens if she is fighting for a very long time though.((If I miss anything i'll make sure to mention it during roleplaying))

History: Moonlight was born with parents that  were quirkless. She never really loved superheros has much as the other ponies do though. Although she admired them, she wasn't really too bold about them like other ponies. Moonlight stood out for this, but she didn't  get bullied about it. Ponies just pointed it out sand thought it was weird. Moonlight didn't mind this and just continued on with her life. Her parents were both earth ponies, and were quirkless. She gets her quirk from her grandmother who had dies years before she was born, as her mother used to say. Apparently her powers were similar to her grandmothers since her grandmother had the power to control elements. Moonlight had found her quirk as she was going to the beach one day. Her parents had let her swim more in the rough section of the sea ((sorry if this isn't accurate. I haven't been to the beach before.)) and had gotten chased by a shark. Her quirk had taken over and she shot the shark with a water sword, then passed out. Moonlight got saved by a lifeguard who was on duty at the time. Moonlight was thankful after that and got motivated. She had asked her parents if she could start training, and they surprisingly approved. Moonlight trained herself and found more ways to use her quirk, make weapons from water, control it, change forms, etc. As she was training, she practiced with a sword she was able to make with water manipulation, and found her talent. Sword fighting. Moonlight got her cutie mark from that and had a love for sword fighting ever since.  This motivated her into becoming a superhero later, and enrolling into U.A.. She became known as Tidal wave to many ponies and made her own outfit and other things needed to become a..superhero. 

Character Personality: Moonlight is a kind and honest pony; but if you mess with her you will never see the light of day again. Naturally talking to others, interacting, she sometimes can give off bad vibes for no apparent reason.  Moonlight can usually tell what others are thinking while focusing on their body language. This usually isn't the same with her, as others can't usually tell what shes thinking (apart from the ponies with the quirk of mind reading). She has her own friend group, which she interacts with everyday. Usually with everyday ponies she meets she doesn't really trust them that easily. It takes a while to gain her trust, but from how ponies turn out, they usually never regret taking time to earn her trust. Sometimes this can be a flaw, as some ponies can see her as stubborn and annoying. Moonlight just ignores those who do and goes on with her day. She is very motivated to help stop bad and/or evil ponies. This may sound cheesy, but Moonlight actually pursues this. 

Character Summary:Moonlight is a pony who can be kind and honest sometimes, but can be really rude and dark if you mess with her loved ones, or close friends. She grew up with quirkless parents But her mother says she gets her quirk from her grandmother who had died years before she was born.  As a foal, she wasn't too bold about loving hero's, and stood out for this but never really bullied. Just teased sometimes, but that stopped after a few years. Moonlight has the power to manipulate waters state or mold it into different shapes. Even though it takes awhile to gain her trust, most ponies who meet her never really regret it. They actually seem happy they took the time to know her.  Moonlight can sometimes have this seen as a flaw from some ponies, and can end up being judged as rude and unkind. This doesn't really bother her, but she tries her best to unconvince them of this.

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On 2/13/2018 at 5:25 AM, GigiThePug said:

Name: Moonlight Dawn

Hero Name: Tidalwave

Gender: Mare

Age: Young mare

Character Description: Moonlight is lilac, a bit curly haired pony. Her skin is lilac, but just a bit darker then her hair. 

Cutie Mark: You can see that on every post I do!

Species: Unicorn

Likes: fighting, cats(but they are scared of her), ice cream

Dislikes: over sarcastic ponys, quiz's, being tired

Relationships: Single (Yep)

Physique: Average

Resident: MUSUTAFU 

  Occupation: Student(idk what department ;-;)

Quirk: Water manipulation||Moonlight has the ability to manipulate waters state, (solid, liquid, gas) turning them into different states sometimes help her in fights and give her an  advantage. She can shape and mold water into any desired mold she is thinking of. In battle, when she does not have her sword on her she sometimes makes one from water. Moonlight also had figured out how to control water inside other ponies. Although she doesn't do it very often, she only uses it when she has to. She isn't able to create water from thin air, but she knows where theirs different water stored, or if its in the environment. Although she is strong, she gets tired and somewhat exhausted from using it for too long. Sometimes she even passes out, but this only happens when she is deep into battle.

History: Moonlight was born with parents that  were quirkless. She never really loved superheros has much as the other ponies do though. Although she admired them, she found the undependable. Moonlight thought that hero's waste their times fighting and don't actually care about the civilians. Most ponies think this is rash, but she has a good reason. That's where her quirk comes in. Moonlights parents were killed in a fire set by her uncle, who was jealous of her parents riches. Yes, her parents were rich, but Moonlight never really told anyone since she thought ponies would judge her and think of her as she, annoying type, or some other kind. Her uncle took Moonlight in and she was never really treated okay, but it was okay for Moonlight. She ended up awaking her quirk by getting into an incident with a villain on the streets. Moonlight sadly used water to drown the colt who tried to kidnap her and..do other things. Moonlight now deeply regrets this, but she wasn't able to control her water then so she can't really blame herself. Moonlight later discovered her cutie mark by good at combat with her sword. Moonlight later enrolled into U.A.

Character Personality: Moonlight can seem quiet once you first meet her.  She never really is that talkative, and can seen being alone sometimes. Although having not that many friends, she does seem to trust them a lot.  Moonlight can sometimes be smiling, but that's not always how her facial expression is. Most of the time she is either frowning, or just has a natural expression on her face. Once she gets to know you, she can often joke around with you, and actually smile. Moonlight doesn't think of herself well liked, and is more of a loner when her friends aren't around. She can sometimes give off a bad vibes towards other ponies, which is a flaw of hers. But, when you get to know her she is actually very sweet and trustworthy. But, that doesn't really happen.

Character Summary:Moonlight is a pony who is mostly rude and alone from her vibe that she gives when alone, but she is actually a very nice and sweet pony. Because of this, not many ponies seem to like her but that doesn't really bother her. She doesn't need friends. Right? Her parents were killed in a fire caused by her uncle due to jealousy of her parents riches. This forced her to move in with her aunt and uncle. She wasn't always treated right, but this didn't bother her. She took care of herself, and that's all that matters to her. She applied to the school as soon as she found out about it and learned how to use her powers, since she killed somepony by accident who  tried to do unwanted stuff to her. Moonlight got in and has gone there ever since.



It looks good for the most part but we have to keep in mind that while this type of RP may contain minor cases of violence and conflict, it is still a crossover with MLP and should remain a bit more friendly. The only problem I have is the with the amount of violence and death in your history, while a family tragedy/accident may drive someone to become a hero and doing good to make up for the loss... It's just too common of a motive. Everything else I suppose can remain the same, all you have to do is change your motive/History for this character. We also need to keep in mind that even if she may seem a bit off and such, there will be plenty of kind other classmates surrounding her...  And as for the department, you can choose from whichever... Hero Course, Management, or Support. I stated what they mean in the original post, add what you decide and just edit your original sign up post, when you do so, just comment again telling me so.


Also, for quirks like water manipulation, you don't need a horn so... Unfortunately, you'll have to be an earth pony unless you can add on to this quirk a bit. Also, the manipulating water within one's body is a bit too extreme, you'd basically have control over the person as far as I am getting from the description of your quirk... I'd like to keep the "person manipulation" key for those with psychic abilities and such if you understand what I mean... Like Pokemon almost, each type has specific "quirks".

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7 minutes ago, GigiThePug said:

Alright just edited it!


6 minutes ago, GigiThePug said:

Took a while. My hands are sore >-<


I just read over the updated parts, it's a lot better now~ I approve. Unfortunately, we will need a few more players before we can start, so just sit tight... Maybe recommend the thread to a few people to give it more views... If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions... Just go ahead and comment here or PM me.

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It's alright~


I suppose we could, I'd have to play a lot of the extra characters though until someone decides to join... And if someone were to join when we already started, It'd mess with the mentioned characters I'd be temporarily playing, I wouldn't be able to just suddenly drop the NPC into the dark abyss... It would be confusing if that makes sense.

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1 minute ago, SymphonicFire said:

Mind if I jump in? :P


I don't mind at all, just post a little description (using the template provided in the post above) and you should be set!


At the moment it's Gigi's turn, so... Afterwards, you can go and then it'll be my turn :) 

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