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So I'm a bit of a connoisseur of canons. I know there are a lot of ponies out there who probably want a mane (hah!) character within their thread, so this is an offer for me to put one in there for you if you want it! Fellow cast members as well as OCs are both welcome! You can even request that I join a thread you've already got going and you've got a discrepancy in characters, if you'd like.


Characters currently available for me to play: 


(Note: There are canons that I plan on applying for that I have not gotten around to applying for yet. This list will be updated, and I will post in this thread, when I have officially applied as those characters, so feel free to check back if the character you'd like isn't here!)


Of course, rather than giving absolutely no guidelines for what to request, I'm going to be specific about the kinds of things I will play.


I can play, with discussion: 

  • Slice of Life, ordinary stuff
  • Hurt/comfort
  • Action-oriented (some details may need to be cemented first in more action-packed threads)
  • Group and 1x1
  • Long sprawling plots and character development
  • Humorous and silly stuff
  • Long and descriptive stuff
  • Horror (obviously within the site's limits, of course)


Things I will only play with fellow canons:

  • Romance (sorry, not big on OCs x canons)
  • Pre-established relationships


Things I will not play at all:

  • Anything that breaks the guidelines of the site
  • I'm...pretty much open to anything else, honestly.



My wishlist/idea log:

  • Here's where I sheepishly admit that I'm a massive TwiDash fan, and I'll happily accept anything related to it.
  • Scootalove is great. I love Scootaloo and Rainbow as sisters. This will always get a plus from me.
  • Definitely want a big actiony plot at some point. Big adventureeee.



Feel free to suggest anything you'd like! No idea is too outlandish, and if I'm not into it the worst that will happen is that I say no or suggest a similar alternative, so go right ahead! Don't be shy! And remember, I am OC friendly, so feel free to throw your OCs at me. Seriously, I'm totally cool with it.

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Posting to say that I now have Scootaloo available to play for anyone who would like to plot with her!


Also, you're free to PM me, send me a DM on Discord, or post here with any plots you'd like, whichever method you'd prefer.

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9 minutes ago, Scootaloved said:


I'd be up for that! Feel free to let me know when you're interested.



Sometime within the next week maybe. I'm virtually off school now for a bit.

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On 3/29/2018 at 7:52 AM, szalhi said:

I’m not sure where to start. 


I don't know your OC as well as you do, so you'll have to tell me what scenarios your OC would be in. Think of a setting, perhaps, and work from there!

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Update: Since I've begun to ship Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, saying that I won't play romance with Scootaloo would be...kind of silly at this point. That being said, romance with Scoots will only be with others around her age and will be more puppy love-ish than an adult relationship.

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