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Floats [READY]


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Roleplay Type:

World of Equestria.












Earth Pony


Eye colour:




Greyish Blue



Sea Foam (very blueish green; to sound less exotic).




Floats is a remarkably light pony. Her father would point out that a stout breeze could knock her over. However, she is not frail, and has been know to be hard worker and a fast racer (if one can ever get her down from the sky).




Grew up in Trottingham but, as a Filly, never stays there long.




She finds herself in a lot of different places in equestria. Because of this she finds a way to deliver pony’s mail and packages (though, mind you, this isn’t a concrete job). She also loves to drop into parties and events and aid in their set up or to simply join the fun (mainly to stock up on balloons, but THAT is another story).


Cutie Mark:


Float’s cutie mark is a single, large balloon (the kind you would see on a hot air balloon).


Unique Traits:


Floats is very knowledgeable about flying, she has study nearly every flying method available: Magic, wings, ships, etc. However, why do any of those things when you can use balloons?


Another unique trait is Float’s wingponies Thread and Bare. A duo of “sock” puppets (or the pony equivalent), thread being a little sarcastic and bare being a little shy.


P.S. I am clarifying here these are NOT magical sock puppets. At all.




Float’s mother was an athlete and her father was a postal worker. Her father would take her on his postal route sometimes. And the two of them would sit on look over all of Equestria from building, hills, and even mountains.


Float herself grew up competitive. She would race the other foals and was the fastest in her class. But didn’t pursue that much, since she got her cutie mark.


One day, as she lay upon a bench at school, dozing off, some of the foals decided to play a trick on her. As she slept, they tied a balloon to her and snuck away, snickering to themselves. And indeed, she began to rise, pulled by the force of the balloon. When she awoke, Floats found herself staring down at the ground below... the ground far below! There was a moment of panic when she realized this. After a second, however she looked around and noticed all of Equestria spanned below her. In that instance she knew! Her eyes flashed and a sudden rush of inspiration came over her. All the memories of her sitting with her dad came back. Is there any better way to view Equestria?


Today, Floats is riding through the sky on multiple balloons, perhaps not going as fast as any other pony. However she finds both an Adventure and a beauty in each trip. Whether from delivering packages to various villages or dropping into parties to celebrate an event (and mainly to stock up on her ever dwindling supply of balloons).



Character Personality:


Float’s has a breezy personality. Casual and cheerful, nopony seems to be annoyed or aggravated by her presence. She gets very bubbly when she’s helping ponies or competing.


In contrast to her own personality, her sock puppet Thread is very sarcastic and her puppet Bare is shy and keeps to himself.


Character Summary:


Floats is an easy going, bubbly pony who loves just that, floating. She finds herself delivering packages/mail to and from places, as well as dropping into parties for a quick laugh. And, though Floats may not make Equestria’s skies any safer, she can sure make them fun!

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Howdy there! I'll be happy to assist you in getting this app approved :D


Just a couple of adjustments and you're ready to go! This is a cute character and an interesting idea to have her float around on balloon. ;) 


  • Please change "people" to ponies since it is more canon and WoE style to write as such. "People" is used twice in your app. Once in occupation and once in character personality. 
  • "On the other hoof, thread is a very sarcastic “sock” puppet and bare doesn’t like confrontations (good thing she only needs her wing-ponies when she is about to take-off/land!). This sentence doesn't make sense to me... is there a spelling error or am i missing the point of something? Please update this sentence or provide further explanation. 

Once these edits have been made let me know here and I'll take another look!

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