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BOOM BABY I'm back!


-95 Post Empirical


A hundred years have passed since the return of the Crystal Empire, Ninety nine have passed since it was invaded by Equestria, and Ninety five years have passed since little under half The Grand Equestrian Guard came walking out. And with them, came the ruin of the old world.  


Magic: Arguably the Lifeblood of the Harmonic Age, or as it's now called the Empirical Era. There were always stories, cleverly woven tales of its great importance or volatile nature.  The latter was usually spoken of by veterans, the old 'Chrome Domes' of the war. But beside its uses, a new debate has arisen; the question of its existence. Seems the stories are getting old, and the minds of their elderly equally so. So, whether fact or fiction, the ears of the world turned deft to the fairy tales and penned a new history. This one, rich in both innovation and conflict.


Stepping back to the tail end of the greatest conflict in history, The Crystal War, the legions of both monarchs were battered. When the fighting finally came to a close, resulting in the deaths of both King Sombra and the Equestrian Nobility, leaders became scarce. A large portion of the remaining guard wandered into the East, mingling amongst (more squabbling really) with the Griffon populace. The remaining Equestrians limped back home and left a shattered empire and its people to pick up the pieces. The welcome home was not a warm one.


Almost immediately hostilities rose against the remaining Equestrian nobles, those who opposed them claiming that they were responsible for the last four years of devastating conflict. Within the year, Equestria found itself again engaged in open warfare. Due to the poor nature of its exhausted forces, rebelling forces in the South and East quickly overran Equestria's borders and through a series of treaties gained independence. Thus, giving birth to the three western Equine powers...


Saddleveil, The Eponnine Alliance, and United Equestria


In the East, things appeared more stable, at least at first glance. The Griffons and immigrant ponies, though different in many ways, did manage to remain one state.  With the influx of horse power the shrunken nation of Aquellia quickly regained territory lost in the Crystal War, even pushing North with the creation of small 'colonies'...not too far North though.


The former Crystal Empire did not recover as well as their Griffon counterparts, or their Equestrian cousins.  The pieces never seemed to find their way back together, with a large group of subjects turned isolationists fleeing to the North Eastern island of Whitescar and establishing a nation of the same name.  Those who did stay however, took to the wilderness. Scavenging tribes dotted the frozen North, continually fighting for control over the wilderness. Others took to a nomadic lifestyle: roaming from sanctuary to sanctuary in rather large caravans. The only natives who truly reestablished themselves were The Leota Clans, mainly setting up residence in the mountains of the region as to stay above conflict.


Throughout the molding of this new world, along all borders, conflict became a staple part of life.  Whether attempting to free themselves from the shackles of an ancient monarchy, or reclaiming lands held by their ancestors for generations, the new nations of the Earth began to see past the horrors of war.  Having been hardened by the past they approached the future a more determined, yet colder people.  Understanding and embracing that some had to be sacrificed for the greater good, these new territories traded humanity for advancement.


Days Ahead

95 P.E.  


Ok, so now that that's all said and done; this will be an rp based around combat (because what else have I ever posted).  You will be entering a world very much unlike the Equestria you know to solve an age old mystery while also trying to keep your unit alive.  This unit, which will be unaffiliated from any country above, can be made up of any species in the mlp universe whatsoever (with the exception of supernatural beings and probably dragons).  The fact that the group is not attached to any official military unit also means that gear wise, you can mix and match from all sorts of wear.


We'll be pulling our gear from late ww1 and ww2 styled aesthetics and weapons (as that's how I pictured this time period looking).  The world will also be heavily influenced by real history, with each country vaguely resembling a country involved or affected by the conflict.  Besides this though, the world will also have an industrial steam punk kind of feel to it, as this is still a world based in fantasy.  That being said, Magic isn't a thing anymore...that's just how the story goes.



As far as any other info about the world, this'll all be covered in the rp by observing ones environment.  I also encourage you all participating to add to the world, nothing to drastic, but definitely feel free to add to the experience.  Explain the reputation of a city in your characters eyes or describe some awesome steam punk technology around you, this won't be MY world it'll be OURS.  


Apps need to cover the basics of your character, don't worry about adding too much back story or personality as again a lot of character and world building will happen in the rp.  Don't add any gear to your characters yet, that'll be a whole other stage that we'll take care of once everyone's locked in and their apps are submitted.      




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(( I'll just use one of my OC's that I never implemented on this site before. Also assuming that if there's no more magic then there's no more pegasus flight too. ))


Name: Haste

Sex: Female

Race: Pegasus

Description: Light build, light Blue coat, Dark Red mane (short at front, but stretches down to base of neck), Faint Brown eyes, imprints from her goggles, loose feathers from lack of maintenance

traits: Legally blind without lenses (however, few know this). Monochromacy.

Role: CQC Scout.

Cutie mark: 




Basic Items: Thick prescription goggles, Lucky casing.

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((I'll submit here for now, still waiting for more people...but if no one else comes we'll just start.))


Name: Snap Shot

Nickname: Snappy 

Sex: Male

Species: Earth Pony

Description: Possesses a tan coat with a coffee mane and tail, the main being short and swooping up in the middle.  His facial hair consists of morning shadow coming down from his hair and converging around his chin up to above the mouth.  His tail is rather standard, its only exception being cut short.  As for eyes, they're a faded blue with a gradual developed squint.  He's normally built for the average stallion.

Cutie Mark: Classic Portable Camera     

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(This seems quite interesting, ill leave my oc here below, I'm a bit of a ww2 nut XD so this really stuck out to me.)


Name: Straight Toss

Nickname: Pin Tosser

Sex: Male

Species: Unicorn

Description: He has a dark green coat with a mud brown mane and tail, his mane being in a crew cut and tail being average length. he has no facial hair except for slight stubble which he trys to keep shaved. His eyes are a dark brown and are typically fully open and always seeming to be on the lookout. He's about taller then average but is a bit skinnier then average.

Cutie Mark: A base ball with a slight trail behind it.

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(I just realized I forgot the species XD)
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((Ok we'll begin to touch the topic of gear now))


Before we start, each character will possess two sets of clothing: casual and battle attire.  This rp wont just take place on battlefields, so our characters will need to be dressed for any occasion.  We'll start with the easiest...



Like I said before, the theme of this is 1940/steampunk wear.  The easiest way to come up with your outfit (if you even want one), is by inserting "1940s" or "steampunk" in front of any clothing item you desire on the internet.  This'll usually produce a number of pictures that you can base your descriptions off of.



Again, we're pulling combat uniforms and any gear from ww2/ww1.  The big countries you can use for inspiration are Russia, Germany, England, Scotland, USA, ect.  Try to avoid any Japanese stuff, as there aren't really any places on the Equestrian mainland that resemble such a country.  Also, feel free to mix and match wear that you find appealing.  None of these characters will be attached to any specific military units during the rp, so we don't have to worry about uniformity.  



Because none of these characters are attached to a unit, they wouldn't have been issued anything that a regular infantry soldier possesses.  So, before reaching the front any kind of weapons/explosives will be limited to handguns.  Military gear will also have to be obtained in combat areas, so anything beyond basic clothing (grenades, ammo, instruments...) will only be allowed after our first run in with combat.  if you have any questions feel free to ask away. 



  • Any kind of suitcases, satchels, or backpacks are okay (they're probably pretty logical to have at least sooner or later) 
  • When I said keep simple, I didn't mean boring.  Don't wear anything ridiculous, but jewelry or detailed clothing are fine
  • In terms of "battle gear" this can include things from your "casual wear"
  • if you want to get gear during combat, just rp your character finding, stealing, being issued, ect. it  




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Straight Toss's Gear


Casual Wear:

A white button up shirt and dark brown pants with Maroon stripes with Knee high thick boots (not sure if its called a knee on ponies...). He wears a brown suit vest with

steel buttons and a steel pauldron on his left shoulder (again not sure on equine anatomy) along with a pair of goggles he typically has around his neck.


Battle Gear:

A tan t-shirt with a dark grey jacket and the steel pauldron along with a pair of dark grey cargo pants and medium sized satchel he still has switched the knee high boots for traditional thick work boots for better mobility and comfort, as well as his pair of googles he keeps around his neck. the weapon he has is a passed down Colt Model 1917 (wonder why I kept the name here :lol:).


(this alright for gear?)


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(( I cant describe for shit. The colours can be whatever you want, because she cant see them anyway.))


Haste's gear





Casual Attire:

Striped Sweater



Battle Attire:

Combat Helmet

Dark Cargo pants. 

Button up shirt 

Trench coat under belt.



Battle Gear:

Berretta 1934

Father's combat knife.


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Snap Shot's Gear...


Casual Attire:

-Olive Flight Jacket (not leather, made of lighter material) also (possesses patch of old unit on left shoulder)

-Old field cap 


Battle Attire:

-Same flight jacket

-Same field cap

-any salvaged gear 


Casual Gear:

-Portable Camera, strapped around neck


Battle Gear:

-Mauser C96


-Chest holster   

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"And these dreams of yours, they've continued?"

"I take it by your tone that's not very healthy."

"You'd be correct Mr. Peak,"  It was early in the morning, the light of a new day just beginning to trickle in through the half drawn curtains.  Beyond them, the city began to rise with the dawn, which was made apparent by the steadily increasing amount of fumes beginning to plume upward from the factories far below.  The steady rumble of machinery could also be heard reverberating up from the first level of crisscrossing pipes.  As these sounds traveled upward, the commerce level also began to spring to life.  The winged denizens gradually began to uncover their stalls and unlatch their businesses, while also manning the many lifts that ferried their hooved patrons and assistants safely upward.  It was the clacking of these lifts and the wines of their strained wires that mingled with the rumbling below, further awakening Talonopolis.


Back up above, past the first of the residential levels and further up with the airship ports, sat the offices of Take A Peak Excursions co.  A fairly successful business venture taken on by Mr. Peak a few years back.  Already there sat three airships, moored to the catwalks outstretching from the offices, and a fourth vessel currently out over the surrounding wilderness that belonged to the company.  As his business prepared to take on a new day of customers, Mr. Peak lounged in his apartment directly above.  He had a visitor, a psychiatrist to be exact, who was currently bombarding the groggy griffon with a slue of questions...some sounding deeper than the grump would like to venture.


"And regarding your childhood Mr. Peak, any incidents prior to your enlistment I should know of?  Social anxiety, a hostile learning environment, perhaps domestic unrest?"

"The only 'Domestic Unrest' I'v ever experienced is coming from you, Shrink," the aged griffon grumbled as he covered his head with a couch pillow.  The two had been at this for an hour already, stuck in the large office of Mr. Peak's abode.  He was sprawled out across a sunken couch while the Griffon acting as his psychiatrist was seated behind a dark desk at the head of the room.  In front of him was the infernal notepad that he continued to scratch down notes on, occasionally taking a break to dip his quill in a bottle of ink while his patient complained.

"Mr. Peak, as your psychiatrist I must insist that you answer these questions...truthfully.  The mind is a complex and delicate organ, I need to form a picture of your complete history and any events that may have affected it.  Only after that can I be of any assistance diagnosing the root of your unrest,"

"We're about to find out how delicate you are boy," Mr. Peak's grumbled back rising to a sitting position.

"That'll cost extra Mr. Peaks," the psychiatrist stated bluntly, never removing his eyes from his notepad.  The Griffon was much younger than Mr Peaks, possessing sleek black feathers with dotted white markings.  Two of these spots, rather larger than the others, surrounded his eyes.  Shielded by glasses, they were jade in color, composed and never revealing any kind of emotion.  He moved in a mechanical manner, dipping and scrawling in a fixed tempo.  They professional also wore a green tie, presumably to match his eyes, which was neatly clipped to the collard shirt under his vest.

"Oh I'm good for it fella," the much grayer Mr. Peak threatened. 

"Than I can trust you'll be covering me for an extended series of appointments, since you don't seem too cooperative," the Griffon finally looked up from his notepad, finishing whatever it was he had noted about the elderly creature before him.


Mr. Peaks now rose completely from his couch, he stood in front of the desk with his talons gripping the ornate carpet covering the entirety of the room's floor.  "Listen here Shrink, the only thing I'm covering is your sorry ass when I'm done whipping it into a fine paste!  Now get the Tartarus out'a my office!"  With this the griffon quickly packed up a small briefcase and was gone, exiting through two large doors to the right of the desk.  And it was there Mr. Peaks stood for some time, heaving in deep breaths before moving behind his desk and picking up the phone.   

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(( Just to clarify, when you say that magic isn't a thing anymore, are you referring to unicorn magic specifically or all types of magic at all? Because most don't seem to realise that Pegasi and Earth have magic too (and pegasi magic is what enables flight.). Just need to make sure.))

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"Do you have the shit?"

"I have the shit right here if it's this shit you're referring to. I mean, it's pretty shit, why would you want it?"

"Listen, it's none of your business what I want to do with it. Now follow me, I'm not doing this business out here."

"Dude, **** off, I'm not going with you. What's wrong with here?"

"I know things you probably didn't want me to know. Like how your family is with the military."

"My family did a small sample of good things to me, but besides that, I left as soon as I could. There's no family in me. There's nothing you have to worry about."

"You're still coming with me. It's what boss said. We could always find another seller."

"Okay fine, I'm coming with you."

It was the early morning. The lights of the sun were just piercing onto the town below. But in the dank urban alley, it didn't really matter what time it was because activity here was basically restricted to the worst of the worst. The only thing that stopped total chaos here in this part of the town was the mutual love for their home. Despite this being her place of residence, Haste couldn't give any more ****s about the town. The Griffon led her further into the valley and through a couple of abandoned buildings.

"Is it easy to see with those goggles on? I'd imagine it isn't," The Griffon inquired.

"Let's just say it's my thing and we'll leave it at that."

The Griffon ahead of her stopped in the middle of a dark room an turned to face her. 

"What's a gal like you dealing for anyway?"

"I didn't take any of my family's wealth. But I took some of their other valuables. They could always make some more."

At that moment two more figures came out of the shadows. They wielded knives and began to surround her. Not exactly what she had in mind, but it wasn't that much of an upscale from other situations. 

"You shouldn't have mentioned that little pony. You're family's going to be in a lot of trouble," The one on the right said as he approached her.

"My brother makes it for himself. But you're not going to find him anyway."

"And why's that?" The one on the left asked twirling his knife around. 

At that moment, she kicked the buyer that was standing beside her before pulling out her Beretta and firing at the two backups. By the time the buyer managed to recover, they already had a gun against their head. 

"I can't let you go with that information."


She returned to her house on the outskirts of the urban region. Making sure she wasn't followed after the loud gunshots she pulled off, she made her way inside before throwing her loot on the ground, the amounts of cash indicating that the buyer could have somewhat purchased the drugs off of her, and the item of interest. She looked over at the wall where the drugs were stacked up, or where they would have been two years ago. That trade was the last one and she only now just realised it. Maybe the drugs weren't as bad as she thought they were and the last pack would be useful to her later. She looked at the few possessions she had and then over to the food she had stocked up in the kitchen.

"Well, ****, guess that's it then. No more lying around in this shithole. Got to find something else to do."

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"So....why did we come here this early exactly, last I checked It was a bit early for drinking"


Said the male dark green unicorn with a mud brown mane and tail who followed a female brown pegasus with a red mane and tale into a small little old style bar, once inside she turned on the lights and began walking to the bar.


"Well...besides the fact that I like this place and am a regular? Well Straight it's pretty simple the owner has been having a recent issue with some break in's so I was hired today to be guard of sorts."


Straight frowned at the mare and shook his head with a sigh as he checked his pistol bag before sitting in a stool next to her.


"So the reason you asked me to come down here was to just help ya watch this place? It suddenly makes sense why you told me to bring the colt with me but....you're ex military i doubt you'd need me to down a few common folk"


The stallion said with a slight smirk coming to his face as he began to loom around the empty bar although a bit old school it seemed quite cozy. She merely smiled and shook her head a bit before looking over at him with a smirk and her red eyes showing amusement.


"maybe one or two, maybe three if they're completely incompetent. But numbers can overwhelm even when firearms are in the equation plus, what if they got guns too, I'm only one mare, no matter how good I look, or how much skill I have but having a distraction might be the edge a mare like me can use....plus you're not to bad to be around compared to some ponies i know that come here"


She said with slightly cocky grin and batting her eyelashes a bit at him before giggling a little bit at her poking fun at Straight, who just rolled his eyes knowing he was a decent shot but....also acknowledging that such a plan was smart and would work much better then if she were alone plus she was the better shot and fighter due to experience that he just didn't have. Just before he said something a older blue earth stallion walked out from a back room with a large black earth pony  and nodded to her but raised an eyebrow at me and made a shooing motion towards the door. Which Straight was a bit disappointed with but accepted and got off the stool.


"Well it seems you won't need me this time, be careful Red wouldn't want nothing to happen to beautiful mare such as yourself"


"Aww thanks, to bad you're a little young for me, plus anyone lays a hoof on me it's not me you should worry about, maybe next time straight!"


He just laughed a bit before walking out the small bar and looking around the shady area it was in before sighing and starting to walk back in the direction of home.


"...I need to find something to do...bad"

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((SirWhiteToast, the bar at the end of this is the same one your characters have entered))


The room was dark, blinds covering the small windows.  Only tiny rays of light penetrated the apartments defenses, illuminating the particles of dust that floated up from the wooden floor.  Below came the sounds of chairs being put out and the gentle clops of early customers wandering in.  Despite the slight commotion however, the stallion continued to sleep, tangled in his blanket.  One of his hooves hung from the mattress next to the nightstand, occasionally twitching as the pony mumbled in his sleep.  Opposite the side it hung, was a small writing desk.  It was cluttered with crumpled documents, pictures, a few bottles, and a single ash tray (currently filled).  On its second level was a simple lamp and a phone.  


The stallion jumped from his slumber, discarding the blanket on the floor.  He whirled around in a plethora of directions before retrieving a ticking clock from his nightstand.  It was still early for the stallion and with a grumble he slowed himself, turning with an annoyed expression to the bouncing phone.  With some effort he leaned from his bed to the desk, and put the speaker of the device to his ear.  "Pluck his damned feathers already!" he answered with distaste.

"I'll pluck your infernal feathers if you don't get over here!" the voice threatened.  The stallion took a moment to acknowledge that he indeed had no wings, but resisted the temptation to correct the caller.  "Fired the shrink just now, said he was gonna start charging for more appointments," this brought a fresh wave of distress upon to the pony.

"Are you shitting me!  Birdbrain, what happened to digging in?!"

"There's a fresh set of talon marks in my carpet,"

"I'ma put a couple marks on you too!  How am I supposed to get close to this guy now!?" 

"Improvise kid, you're good at that...unless we no longer have an agreement," the stallion sighed, pulling the earpiece away for a second.  He stared at the ceiling, the gears turning in his head.  he returned promptly to the conversation.

"Well, you can count on that.  I've got a plan but I'm coming over," 

"Hurry up Snappy, It's a week day," with this static replaced the voice of the caller as he hung up.  Snap Shot did the same and rolled out of bed and went over to a sink hanging off the wall.  looking into a shabby mirror he rubbed his face and temple, mentally rearranging his schedule.

"it's gonna be one of those days then," he said to himself with defeat.  He cleaned up and headed out, grabbing his old jacket as he opened the door and headed down the stairs.  When he reached the bottom he found himself coming out into a local pub.


It appeared that the establishment was just opening.  Stools where being placed in front of the long golden bordered bar as chairs where being flipped off their tables.  The many caged lights that hung from support beams in the room were also slowly flickering to life.  A hiss could be heard from the machinery behind the bar as brass tanks where pressurized, the needles on their dials shooting up.  It was in these brass tanks that the ciders where stored, each possessed a lever and nozzle for easy access.  Fresh mugs had also been hung below the shelves of bottle beverages between the tanks.  After a brief look around Snap Shot's eyes fell on his emerald landlord and the owner of the establishment,

"A roadie for me Mick, and give 'er a kick; I've got a client!"  The stallion abruptly looked up from behind the bar, giving his long time guest a smile.  He possessed a balding orange main and neatly tied tail along with a bushy stash across his muzzle; all of which came in a fiery orange hue.

"At the top of the morning, Snappy?"

"Beats getting ripped off at a food stand, I want my wits around these feather dusters," Snap Shot leaned on the bar, avoiding sitting as to not stay too long.  The bar tender took a bottle from the top shelf of his store and poured the contents into a small glass.  Snap turned and took it, nodding to the bar keep before downing it, his face scrunched as a burning sensation erupted in his throat.  He then felt the same sensation erupt down his core and quickly disperse over his limbs as they tensed slightly.  His eyes dilated gradualy and he stretched, letting out a great yawn as he did so.  The concoction he was given was no normal cider.   

"You know the drill now, get caught I don't know you,"

"You're too good to me pal,"


((In regards to Szahli's question: YES, all magic has stopped existing so Pegasi are now limited to only short burst of speedy gliding and unicorns are limited to amplifiers which only produce drastically dampened effects))                         

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After refilling herself with some of her food, she looked at the amount of food she had left. Not much at all. She wasn't expecting to have to bring much anyway so it didn't matter. Some of the remaining food was expired anyway and basically useless. She'll just leave it here for someone to scavenge should they be desperate. She loaded her satchel with everything else she had and trotted outside. 

"If I'm going to get a real job, then staying in fake house would be a bad choice."

"A fake house you say? Looks pretty real to me."

Haste sighed and turned to the figure sitting on a ledge above from her. That was Clarence. Heart of Gold, or well, compared to most Griffons Haste's been dealing with. Guess that's what happens when you weren't from a low-end family and actually got raised properly. Clarence was just a Griffon who liked to venture out into this region and she never told anyone else about what she did.  

"In a fake town. I can call it a place of residence, but I wouldn't ever call it my house. Especially since I'm leaving," Haste replied half-ignoring the Griffon. Clarence frowned and jumped down in front of her.

"You're leaving? For what reason?"

"I'm out of supply and it was a shitty job dealing anyway. I might be able to make myself more useful if I move somewhere else. Ah well, it was better than joining the military, blindly following orders and the shit, not that they'd let me join anyway. But you know what I never considered until now? Why not become a merc?"

"A merc? You barely have any weapons though. And I don't have any weapons at all."

"Yeah well, I'm only just starting out and you don't need any weapons because you're not coming with me." She turned to look at the Griffon. "Unless you have a job for me?" 

The Griffon remained silent. "Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, I will be going through a rougher part of town so you probably don't want to stick around. We might meet up again someday." She held up her hoof to the Griffon and pulled it back after receiving the bump. 

"I guess you're right."


Walking through the streets, she could see the various people sitting around outside. Griffons, Earth, Unicorns. There might be pegasus wings under the clothing, otherwise, she couldn't see any other pegasi. She checked her funds. Not much expendable at all. She wouldn't be able to acquire a firearm much different from her own without risking her funds, especially considering ammo types. But she could stock up on 9mm ammunition. She'd probably have enough afterwards for a drink, just to ease her off. Weird times it is when you have too much and too little at the same time. 

"Give me two boxes of 380. ACP," She said to the owner of the gun store as she walked in. It wouldn't have mattered if gun control was a thing because no one would really be able to enforce it in this place. 

"380 ACP alrighty. What's a gal like you needing much ammunition for?" The old' stallion behind the counter asked. 

"Stuff, and other stuff. Really, do people think I'm a prostitute or something?" Haste replied sighing. "Sorry, just, shitty things happening."

"Really, if it wasn't for the goggles and the clothing then I guess you could be confused for one, especially for the worst of the worst people out there. I guess you should be using this much ammunition. Although, my eyes aren't what they used to be," The stallion explained while the exchange was being made.

"I guess I'll just have to fix that. Maybe get some more scars or something. You know of any mercenary jobs open?"

"With the supplies, I assume you have, no. The only jobs I know of I would never have done even when I was younger."

"I'll just have to keep looking," She said before leaving the shop and making her way over to the nearest bar.


She walked into the bar and plopped herself down looking at the tender. "Grab me some of your second cheapest drink. Whatever will make me feel good now, but probably more shit later," She asked before remembering. "And do you know of any open jobs here? Preferably one that is dangerous."









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After walking through the rundown neighborhood and past some rougher crowds or at people who thought they were Straight Toss made it home, or what he called home what looked like a house was actually separated into a upper apartment and lower apartment both in pretty bad condition, mainly the upper one due to the lack of shingles on the roof of the home.


"Red's right....I need to get out of here. Not that I can think of anything to help with that humph...most jobs around here don't pay enough..."


The green stallion looked down and sighed taking his hat off sitting down running a hoof through his short cut mane thinking and grumbled a bit before putting the hat back on and making is way up the set of stairs leading up to his place of living and walked into the kitchen on entrance before closing and locking the door once more. And look over at the few dishes that were cleaned from his breakfast earlier in the morning he put them away in the correct cupboard before walking into his room and despite the condition of the place it was fairly clean. All that was in it was a end table with a cheap alarm clock and lamp on it and a nice hand me down dresser made of oak and a small bed with a open safe laying on it.


"Right where I left you..."


He chuckled as he pulled out his Colt Model 1917 Revolver and looked at the safe which had 5 boxes of unused 45. ACP ammo and one preopened. He decided to count what he had and 5 x 50 is 250 rounds. Plus 20, then six in the pistol is 276 rounds in total. 


"Thanks Dad... I just wish I knew what...i could...do with it...hmmm"


He sat on the bed and rubbed his chin thinking deeply on the matter and thinking mostly about possible occupation which were slim, but one stuck out it was the same job as one of his best friends, Sister, if they got any closer Red as she prefers to be called Mercenary, gun for hire. It could work and thinking on it. He realized that she may have just tried to get him into the occupation without him even knowing. His lateness aside and all things considered he was a Moron. He looked at his casual clothes and frowned no wonder he got turned away his outfit doesn't exactly seem like he'd be much in that terms plus he had really no way of keeping extra ammo and etcetera. He got up and proceeded to change into a more suitable getup for the job He smiled as he looked in the mirror.


"Huh I think this look suits me... Oh well with this time to go find a job I suppose hmm let's check the local watering hole, the bar I just left....buck..."


He thought about it and decided he'd go there anyway and grabbed the rest of the box of used ammo and put the ammo into a inner jacket pocket so only he could get it, he also decided to grab some more and opened a fresh box and another 22 rounds and put them in the same pocket. 42 spare rounds and six loaded. Even amount. He put the rest of the ammo back in the safe and locked it up before walking back outside locking his apartment before leaving and heading back to the bar. When he walked in he took a glance around and already saw some ponies and other species drinking and chatting he walked over to bar and and sat down a few spots away from a blue pegasus mare and waved the bartender over and pulling out some money and placing it on the bar and looking at the selection a little bit.


"I'll take a ale, and some info on any possible jobs for a gun for hire in the area...or not it might be nice to see some new sights"

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Snap turned and proceeded to lean on his elbows (elbows on a horse...maybe?) while facing the dining area of the bar.  He looked over the rustic establishment before finally catching site of a group of three disappearing into the back room of the bar.  He noticed one in particular, partially because she was the only mare of the three and partly because her posterior was the first glance he got of her.  "Hiring are we Mick?" the stallion behind the bar turned to the newer arrival disappearing into the backroom.

"Over my dead body," the stingy barkeep chuckled in his thick Pieish (Irish) tone.  "They're just doing me a bit of a favor,"

"What kind?" Snap teased.

"Down boy.  If you need to know, I actually asked for some help with a couple o break ins," the demeanor of Snap changed swiftly, he quickly leaned over the bar, apparently looking for something.  Mick comforted him, "No worries, they were a couple o gimps that's all," he smiled smugly as he patted a particular drawer behind the counter.  Snap relaxed but remained stern.  "You think they were here for em?" 

"That, or there's a few out there that actually ENJOY your drinks," 

"Didn't you mention a client earlier,"

"Okay okay, I'm gone," Snap backed off with his for hooves raised.  He dropped back onto all fours and began to make his way to the front door.  he quickly snatched his hat off the coat rack nearby while doing so.


Suddenly, the door creaked open.  In came a single unicorn, rather built for his species.  The two exchanged a stare as they passed each other in the door, neither seemed to friendly towards the other.  It was this fact that caused Snap Shot to linger, just outside of the bar looking in.  The gruff  unicorn continued to advance, with a slightly agitated look on his face.  His glare bore into poor old Mick, who shrank behind the counter as the ruffian approached.

"Cider," he said flatly, crushing a bar stool under his haunches.  Mick gave him a quick look over before retrieving a mug and beginning to pull on the correct lever.  As the foaming beverage spewed from the tank, the party of three took notice of their new guest.  They seemed intrigued, with cautious undertones.  The three had stopped their mingling in the backroom and stepped forward as a group, nearing the exit of their makeshift lair.  They didn't get far.


Atop the unicorns head sat an antenna of sorts, wrapped around his horn it was comparable to a wrecked coat hanger or maybe even barbed wire.  A small spark quickly traveled up the amplifier, erupting with a small pop at the tip of the horn.  In response, from above the backroom's door a picture was shaken from its place on the wall.  Crashing downward it slammed into a mop propped against the wall, this fell and closed the door.  As it swung shut the three could be seen picking up their pace, before being cut off from the outside room with the magical click of a lock.  The stallion made his move, grabbing the unsuspecting bar tender by his bow tie and causing his drink to spill to the floor.  "Where are they!" he interrogated.  

"I don't have the faintest idea what-"

"I don't have time for this!" the unicorn pressed, another spark slowly traveling up his shabby amplifier.              

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(( Just realised this is the first time I've ever actually done combat in rp. ))


As she sat consuming her drink, she felt unsatisfied with the effects of the alcohol. Maybe they had a delayed effect. Maybe the alcohol content wasn't as high. Or maybe she was more tolerant of alcohol than she thought. It wouldn't have surprised her if this was the case considering her family and genetics and all, but at this time, she wished that wasn't the answer. She looked into her satchel, making sure everything was there. Sure, she didn't appear to be combat ready, but if she needed too, she could literally just change into her other gear. Her wings rustled under her sweater and she thought to herself that she probably should have tended to them a while ago. 


She noticed a group of three, supposedly hired mercs, go into the back room. Well, that takes this place off the list, she thought to herself. A pony who seemed to be acquainted with the tender left the building so she paid little attention to him. Around the same time, she noticed a Unicorn enter the bar who sat a bit away from her. Seemed he was in the same situation she was. Maybe they could group up together. The three mercs appeared to be one group to her and the ambush from two hours prior told her that forming a group would be better. "Hey man, hear you're in the same situation as I'm in. We should totally tag..."


Her sentence stopped when another unicorn, one who was totally way more buff than anyone else here, entered the bar. She adjusted her goggles to make sure they weren't messing with what little natural vision she had. The Stallion was most likely drugged up and stuff, although there was the chance that it was natural training. Luckily her drugs weren't the type to do so, so she didn't have to worry about being the one who influenced this. It would have been bad news anyway as the Griffons would be all buffed up too. The Unicorn also had a metallic construction on their horn. An amplifier, a pretty makeshift one at that, but she wasn't an engineer so she wouldn't know the effectiveness.


It was pretty clear that the tender had no good relationship with such unicorn. The Unicorn looked angry as hell. It was mostly directed to the tende- "What the ****?" The unicorn just eradicated that stool like it didn't deserve to exist. Who was this ****er? That was when all hell broke loose.


The Unicorn performed several actions at once, which Haste wasn't able to focus on all of them at once. The door to the back room slammed shut and she swore she saw a spark from the Unicorn's horn. The Mercs who she assumed were supposed to be ready here were totally not doing their job right now so Haste decided to intervene before the Unicorn killed the innocent (By her knowledge) tender.


She lifted up her sweater exposing her wings and grabbed two objects from her bags. One of the knives used by her ambushers, and her Beretta, loaded with eight rounds of justice. Seven rounds more than she would probably need. Using her wings for extra momentum, she launched herself at the pair using her knife to cut the tenders tie and hopefully graze the unicorn bastard somewhere along the way. She could totally go to jail for this if there was a big misunderstanding, but she didn't really care because she had nothing to lose. After landing on the other side, she fired three shots out of her weapon, one missed, the other one grazed a front hoof while the last one landed right on target of the other hoof. Probably would have been easier if she had a shotgun, but she had to make do.


"I suggest you should leave. I don't appreciate druggos ****ing with people living real lives."

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